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The Week That Was

by Travis on October 26, 2007

As the weather outside transforms from summer to winter, my own personal life is in transition as well. I am currently in the process of moving out of state. Yes, I am leaving the city I love of Denver, Colorado. Its most definitely a bittersweet event, its not necessarily something I want to do, but feel I need to do due to some finical problems I occurred for an emergency surgery I had a couple years ago without any health insurance. The strongest nation in the world and they can’t even afford to fix bridges and provide decent health care for its citizens. Thats the way it goes though. Needless to say, I will be moving in the next week or two, its not set in stone so Trav could be a bit busy with the whole moving thing going the next two to three weeks. I’ll be moving back to my home town which is a bit cheaper and I have family and life long friends that I can on “lean” on while I get my feet back underneath me. So if you see a lack of me the next few weeks, that will be the reason why. I still have a shit load of interviews to do and I’m backed up on reviews something horribly as well, which I hope to hammer out before taking a week off for all of the moving things.

That being said, my time in Colorado is not over yet. I’ve already started the “Trav Farewell Tour”. This will be week three of the tour with the first week seeing Trav getting liquored up in an Old Chicago while watching the Rockies take care of the D-Backs. Last weekend, week two of the tour, saw my best friend come into town on Friday night and sobriety wasn’t achieved until mid day Sunday, which is unfortunate, because being drunk could have really numbed the sting of watching my Pittsburgh Steelers get beat on a last second goal at a cold Invesco Field. This weekend will consist of a Halloween party and helping a buddy fix a fence, which doesn’t sound to exciting, but him and I usually end up tossing back a 12 pack a piece before we do anything so it could be an interesting fence. Next weekend, the final weekend of the tour consists of a Dia De Los Muertos party that is “legendary” in these here parts. I plan on going out with a bang and hope to catch Del, Devin The Dude, Junk Science, and Iller Than Theirs at a show coming up next week. Watch out Denver, the Trav Farewell Tour is coming to a bar near you!

Also, the World Series is underway here in Denver this weekend. So far, it isn’t looking too good for the hometown nine as they are down two games to none. I’m not going to lie and say I thought they were going to sweep the mighty Sox, but I did kind of expect it to be 1-1 coming out of Boston. To make things interesting though, I made a friendly little wager with fellow blogger and Bostonian Dart Adams of Poisonous Paragraphs. The bet is: If the Rockies win, my man Dart has to do a week of nothing but re-uploading material that he has been putting off for two months AND he has to post a photograph of himself on his blog wearing a Rockies Championship shirt. If the Red Sox win, then I have to do a week of highlighting Boston artists AND I have to post a picture of myself on the WYDU wearing a Red Sox championship t-shirt. Its not that bad as I’m not totally against the Red Sox, I’ve even kind of liked them in the past and went as far as owning a Red Sox jersey when Tony Pena (my favorite player) was playing for them. So its not like he is forcing me to wear a Yankees, Dodgers, or Cubs jersey.

Goodies From The Inbox

My Wu-Tang connection was a busy man this past week, blowing my inbox up with lots of Wu related goodies. I hope to have some Wu related interviews coming up in the next couple weeks, fingers crossed of course.

Speaking of the Wu, for those of you who might not know, the Wu-Tang Clan moved their eagerly anticipated album back from Dec 4th to Dec 11th, apparently to in order to appease Ghostface, who the week before, kind of threw a fit the week before about the Wu dropping on the same day. RZA seemed pretty cool about the whole ordeal, and I guess he needs to be with the album about to drop. I thought about it, and yes, I know shits hard these days, but most Wu fans are probably going to pick up both so it might actually be a good thing. But who am I to say?

More RZA news from my “sources”.

It’s official. After scoring the movies”Ghost Dog” and “Soul Plane” and composing the soundtrack for “Kill Bill: Vol. 1.” The RZA, along with System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian, will be officially working with the legendary Hans Zimmer on the score/soundtrack for the new Vin Diesel movie, Babylon AD. It will be released February 29, 2008.

A dope RZA interview in a German magazine called Juice. A good read for any Wu fan.

This one I found on my own, but wow…..

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

that can be found on
with Y-Kim the Illfigure, which I’m not going to lie, I don’t know much about this cat but he airs out some dirty laundry on the Wu in this interview. He basically calls the new Wu album “garbage” and some other things which will be sure to cause a stir in the Wu camp. Sometimes he sounds like he maybe a little bitter, but I guess we don’t know the whole story. I must admit I’m a little worried about this new album dropping. No one seems to be on the same page. Ghost is pissed, RZA drops more bizarre interviews that Mike Tyson, and GZA spends his whole time rollin’ his eyes at all the stupid shit that RZA says. You don’t see Meth at all, U-God is still butt hurt. Rae is too busy making shitty mixtapes to do much else. This could be the biggest disappointment of the year.

Wu-Tang – Take It Back (courtesy of Spine Magazine)

Another Wu-Tang joint has leaked. I’m feeling this track more than the other two, so I guess there is still some reason to be excited for this album. I will probably actually go to the store and buy this shit that day. But then again, I know if it leaks, I’ll download it first. I didn’t buy the last Wu album for the longest damn time, just because I wasn’t that crazy about it. Its good to hear Deck sound like an animal on the mic again.

La Da Darkman & Willie The Kid – Hand On My Glock

I’m not sure what to think of this track. I usually like La Da Darkman but this track just….it has a twinge of Southern bounce to it, or maybe I just had too much crack this morning. Its not the beat that sounds southern like, but more like the vocals. I’m not real big on imitating other regions if your not from that region.

Brooklyn Zu f/ Chi-King – God Bless The Child (New Brooklyn Zu album, Coming Soon! – R.I.P. ODB)

Note Sent With Track: The Brooklyn Zu (ODB’s crew) is releasing a new album soon. Should have some new tracks son enough hopefully, but in the meantime they wanted sites to push out the joint “God Bless The Child“. It was released quietly last year, but the feedback was good that they want to push this as the potential single to the album…

Now I do like this track. I’m a sucka for strings in a beat and this has some nice ones. It incorporates the same sample that Kanye used on “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” joint which I always liked any how. This has that “Wu” feel to it as well. I’m not the most familiar with the Brooklyn Zu themselves besides what I’ve heard on stuff with ODB (RIP), and while not the most lyrical bunch I’ve ever heard they hold it down nicely. Buddah Monk probably stands out the most and I still think Shorty Shitstain is the best MC name of all time.

JoJo Pellegrino – Freestyle

More I hear from JoJo, the more I like. I just hope he doesn’t fall into the trap of trying to sound like every other NY MC.

Yung Budd & Judah Priest f/ Buddha Monk (Produced by Skarekrow) – Call The Goons

Not familiar with these dudes all that much except for the fore mentioned Buddah Monk. They talk a gang of shit but its kind of cool to hear this kind of trash talking. Not quite sure if they are dissing any in particular but it sounds nice. The beat is cool as well. Kind in the minimalistic Wu vibe, but its cool.

After the raving reviews for the song “Tearz” f/ Inspectah Deck and Lota Nerve and the strong selling underground street album “King of Heartz” (Heart Foundation), Staten Island’s own and Inspectah Deck protege, Fes Taylor is preparing his next album. You already heard the new joint Money, which is produced by Granddaddy IU. Well here is another brand new joint, straight from the new album, Taylor Made Part 2, which will coming soon! The song is called, “They Wanna Kill Me”, by Fes Taylor.

Fes Taylor – They Wanna Kill Me (New Album, Taylor Made Part 2, Coming Soon!)

This Fes Taylor dude is pretty nice on the mic. The beat doesn’t deviate much from the norm of whats out there these days, which is part of my problem with hip hop these days. But the “Pulp Fiction” sample as a nice touch to the album. I’m a sucka for songs using Pulp Fiction samples/soundbites though.

Fes Taylor (Produced by Granddaddy IU) – Money (New Album, Taylor Made Part 2, Coming Soon!)

An older song that I might have put already, but this has Fes Taylor riding a smooth beat by Cold Chillin’ legend, Grand Daddy IU. It’s a quality beat and a nice rhymes to go along with it.

Nut-Rageous (Produced by Seando of 12 Monks Productions) – Play Da Field

I know next to nothing about this group, other than they are out of Queens, NY. It was sent to me by my Wu connection although its not Wu related. But daaaaayum, I’m LOVING this joint. Sounds like some old 50′s music sample, which I’ve admittedly had a weakness for in the past and the subject matter is just humorous to me as well. Who, as a male hasn’t “played the field” before??? Its something that is kind of different but not too experimental, if you catch my drift. If you only download one of these tracks, make it this one.

Nut-Rageous f/ Semi-Auto – Ghetto Jam

This is an older joint from the Queens crew (duo?). I don’t like it as much as the newer joint
sent, but this has a cool beat that will have you noddin’ your head a long with it. It kind of reminds of some of the other NY MC’s coming up and thats not always a good thing. Regardless though, based on these two tracks, I’d check this group out some more in the future.

Smif N Wessun’s “”Can’t Feel My Face” f/Loudmouf Choir:

Second, “Handle Ya Business” from Infamous Mobb f/Prodigy. Infamous Mobb’s forthcoming LP, Reality Rap, will be released on 11-6-07.

Infamous Mobb’s “Handle Ya Business” f/Prodigy:
Last but not least, new audio, “Chitter Chatter,” from the Away Team’s sophomore effort, Training Day, which will be released on 10-30-07 on Hall Of Justus Records. “Chitter Chatter” features a guest spot from Black Milk!

Witchdoctor – Best Year

From his new album that is dropping soon. Nice track that is kind of cool on the beat. Witchdoctor is probably one of the more underrated artists out of the Dungeon Family and the south in general.

Other Random Shit….

Joe Buddens and Ransom going at it on tracks….yeah, I know…yawn. If you don’t know who Ransom is, join the crowd, but I guess he is a part of the A Team (original name) and runs with DJ Clue. Apparently him and Joey Buddens used to be boys. I like beef on wax, so here it is.

Ransom – Kid Brother (over Kanye’s “Big Brother” beat)

I’m not big on making dis songs over other people’s beats. If you are that pissed off at someone, go into the lab and take the time to make something original.

Joe Budden – Heart Of The City

This one is over Jay’s “Heart Of The City”. Budden sounds nice on this. Round one goes to Budden.

Jay-Z – No Hook
Another weak song IMO from the Jay album dropping. Jay and Nas are both artists that produce hit and miss shit in my eyes. The only Jay album I absolutely HATED was the Blue Print 2, but this one is pretty much 0-3 in my eyes so far. Listen to album snippets here.

Saigon – Saigon Meets Just Blaze
I’m slowly starting to anticipate Saigon’s “Greatest Story Never Told”. Dude has caught my attention recently and I must say, Just Blaze is probably my favorite producer going currently. Looking forward to this shit.

Ras Kass – BMF

Rassy seems to be trying to get his name back in people’s mouths. I’m alright with that. I’ve long considered Ras to be one of if not my favorite West Coast mc.


Here is a video for that “God Bless The Child”.

Video for Smif N Wesson with Joel Ortiz & Rock “Stomp”

Trav’s Top 5 Spins For The Week
It was kind of a weird week. I didn’t have a lot of repeat plays, most of the week was trying to catch up on some of the stuff I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to which in some cases is more of a choir than I wish sometimes. Regardless, I had my favorites….

1. Junk Science – Gran Dad’s Nerve Tonic
I f
irst heard of Junk Science at the end of 2005 on another blog that posted some tracks of theirs. I liked the tracks and looked for about six months for an album, but never could find it and finally gave up. Earlier this year, I ran across their “Feeding Einstein” LP and fell in love with it. It was just a different style, a different flavor that I vibed with easily. Needless to say I’ve been waiting for this album to drop for awhile now. It’s not number one because I love it so much. Some of it has been trying to warm up to it. Its not that I don’t like it, but it didn’t immediately appeal to me right off the bat. With that said, these past couple days, it has started to grow on me. I’ll save the rest for the review Eric and I are hopefully doing this weekend for the album.

2. Little Brother – The Get Back
Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about this album. I’m really trying to like it, but its damn hard to convince myself to do that. I really HATE some songs on this LP. I’ve been a LB fan boy since first hearing the advanced version of “The Listening” back in late 02, early 03. I don’t know how I got it before the actual release, but I did. Anyway, I do like some tracks on this and like I said, I’m warming up to it a bit, but its a challenge.

3. 9th Wonder – Dream Merchant 2
This album I do like a lot. I sat it down for awhile, but its jumped back into the rotation. There are some great songs on here and I think some of the stuff that I originally liked 9th for have shown up, but also he changed shit up enough that its not so damn monotonous.

4. Kanye West – The Graduation
I’ve never disliked this album as much as some of my other fellow bloggers. I didn’t think it was classic, but I didn’t dislike. I like it more than “Late Registration”. I’m actually starting to really like this LP lately. Not too much on this album really makes me weezy.

5. (Tie) Atmosphere – Sad Clowns 9&10, Cuninlynguists – Dirty Acres, Dr. Dre – The Chronic and 2001
I’m a sucker for Atmosphere lately. I don’t enjoy this Cunninlynguists as much as APOS, but its still damn good. With my buddy in town over the weekend, it was more than just Dre Day, it was Dre Weekend


Why did Phonte leak his own album? That was the question we asked, the answer might be that they are leaving ABB records. Leaving a label right when your album drops isn’t the best time.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that Nas stands to lose 84 Million dollars if he doesn’t change the name of his new CD. The album, named “N—a”, is drawing fury from parent company Universal. I usually say white people have no business using, but if Blacks feel they have to use it, then so be it although I don’t agree with it, but thats clearly not my place to have much of an opinion about.

Why is Royce Da 5’9 charging a mere 1K for 16 bars? Shit, if you are a struggling MC, go for it!

Why when do I look at the production credits for the new Jay album do I throw up slightly in my mouth? Diddy??? Fuck that shit. I’m cool with No ID and usually the no name producers Jay uses are pretty nice, but Diddy? I’ll say it again: Fuck that shit.

Why do I truly not give a rats ass about Co-Flow regrouping?

Why is December looking like a big month, but nothing really piques my interest.
Saigon-Dec. 4th
Ghostface- Dec 4th
Styles P – Dec 4th
Wu Tang – Dec 11th
Joe Budden-Dec. 11th
Nas-Dec. 11th
Beanie Sigel-Dec.11th
Lupe Fiasco-Dec. 18th
Lil Wanye-Dec. 18t

Already cats are saying this is going to be the greatest month in ages and greatest year since the 90′s. They said the same shit last year when Nas, Jay, Fat Joe, Game, Snoop and others dropped. Anybody still listen to that shit?

Why do I need to hear another Rakim album after reading this interview?

Why do I think we’ll see more Radiohead type album releases (giving the album away and having the fans pay what they think they deserve) in the near future? Record labels should be shitting their pants.

Why does an album by Oh No and the Alchemist sound pretty damn interesting???

Why do I feel the need to mention that I like Oh No better than Madlib again?

Why did I get the feeling that Royce is going to redeem himself after losing to Mistah FAB? Things are already in motion as Royce threw a little jab at him. FAB said he is coming with a full track about Royce. He does remember what Royce did to D12 doesn’t he?

Why can’t Foxy Brown just behave herself? Reports are now that she is in solitary confinement for 75 days. I don’t advocate violence (shut up Dino), but someone just needs to smack the shit out of her.

Why did I “preview” a shit load of new albums this week and nothing really “jumped out” at me. I mean, sure there is some decent stuff, but out of about 20 albums, I’d think something would grab me.

Why did I set and freeze my ass off to watch the Steelers lose to the fucking Donkeys?

Why do I feel the need to blow about $200 on CD’s here in the near future?

Why can’t a college football number #1 win to save their ass? I see Ohio State falling this week to Penn State. Sorry Brian.

Why do I say FUCK BLENDER MAGAZINE??? They named Common and KRS One among the worst lyricists in rock. Give me a fucking they quote a verse by Common on his “Making A Name
For Ourselves”, but its actually Canibus who spits the verse. If you are going to quote something or speak on something KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, JACKASSES. Then I won’t even get into KRS One, although they mumbled something about his conspiracy theories. I could give a fuck what he thinks if spits dope rhymes. Fuck Blender magazine. I won’t buy your shit unless Salma Hayek is in it.

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