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Boston Week at WYDU

by Travis on November 6, 2007

Before the ass kicking known as the World Series went down, Dart Adams of Poisonous Paragraphs and I made a little wager. Dart being from Beantown and I being from the Mile High City, it was only obvious that something had to go down and I’m not one to shy away from a little wager. We all know what happened next, Boston looked like the ’27 New York Yankees and the Rockies looked like, well, the Rockies. The bet was: If the Rockies won, then Dart had to go through and re-up all his downed links (he had a lot of sendspace links from early on) and take a picture of himself in a Rockies T-Shirt and post it on his blog. If the Sox won, I had to dedicate a week (7 posts) of Boston hip hop on WYDU and take a picture of myself in a Red Sox championship shirt and post it up on WYDU. So you now have a week dedicated to Boston hip hop and a picture of myself in a Red Sox shirt here in the near future.
T.D.S. Mob – What’s This World Coming To?/T.D.S. Scratch Reaction
We start off day one with some goodies that Dart wanted to start it off with and first from the land of Beantown is T.D.S. Mob’s second single, “What’s This World Coming To? b/w T.D.S. Scratch Reaction”. I’m sure Dart could tell you a whole lot more than I could about T.D.S. as I was aware of them during the 80′s, but besides getting to hear them on a few mixtapes in the early 90′s, I’m not all that much of an expert on them.
The T.D.S. Mob consisted of three members, Kool Gee, Devon B and DJ Michael K. The trio would release their first single in ’88 on Race Records, “Dope For The Folks b/w Crushin’ Em” which is a rare find on wax and also dope in it’s own right. It’s this rareness that is a shame when it comes to a crew like T.D.S. Mob. They didn’t get their rightful shine as dope “golden age” MC’s that they might have with a full length release.
Their second single, “What’s This World Coming To? b/w T.D.S. Scratch Reaction” dropped in 1989. While probably not as good as their debut single, it is well worth the praise us old school heads heap upon it. The A-side is kind of a slow, lazy beat that reminds one of some old school goodness, but is really the b-side that comes with the craziness as the duo DJ’s kill shit that makes one really miss the element of live scratching on a record.
T.D.S. Mob-What’s This World Coming To?/T.D.S. Scratch Reaction, Race Records (1988)
A1 What’s This World Coming To (3:57)
A2 T.D.S. Scratch Reaction (3:06)
B1 What’s This World Coming To (Instrumental) (4:01)
B2 T.D.S. Scratch Reaction (Scratchapella) (3:06)
B3 T.D.S. Scratch Reaction (Bonus Beats) (1:13)
Ed O.G. – Dedicated EP (1996)
Ed O.G. could possibly be one of Boston’s most respected MC. Ed has been doing his thing well in to the mid 80′s on the local scene as a young teenager. By 1991, Ed would release his debut album, “Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto”, with his group, Da Bulldogs. The album would be a success with several singles that made noise, “I Got To Have It”, “Bug-a-Boo” and “Be A Father To Your Child”, with the later being number one on Billboards R&B charts and a MTV Raps and BET video darling.
They released a second album in 1993, “Roxbury 02119″ that did not do as well on the video shows and the written press. After their label, Mercury Records started to hit a snag in their hip hop promotion, Ed and the Bulldogs were dropped. Ed would take a year or so off from music to re-gather his thoughts and regroup.
In 1996, Ed would jump back in the scene with a independently released “Dedication”, an EP with six tracks that would be solely produced by the Vinyl Reanimators. By going the independent route, Ed would soon discover with a solid fanbase in place already, it was much more profitable to “do-it-yourself”. The EP sold solid numbers for an independent release in the mid 90′s and is a solid effort.
Ed O.G.-Dedicated EP, Solid Recordings (1996)
A1 Dedicated (4:05)
A2 What U Got (3:01)
A3 304′s (3:42)
B1 Acting (4:33)
B2 Showing Skills (4:31)
B3 Nights Like This (3:33)
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