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SoulClap Promo EP – 12 Free Tracks

by DJSoulClap on November 10, 2007

I’ve been making Beats for 3 years now. I developed a lot over these years and my style of production changed. I’m still working with Cool Edit and Fruity Loops, but that’s cool with me cause when you got talent it doesn’t matter what you use (my opinion). It is really the time to get something out now. I started working with BLO I guess in the summer/fall of 2005, he was the first thta asked me for beats and I will always be thankful cause I don”t know if I would be what I am without him. He will always be my man! I got your back homie! Over the time there were a lot of people requesting beats and they are some of the most talented MC’s out there (You can really say MC in theses cases)

A special thank you goes to Tony Tigerstyle who isn’t just one of the best MC’s out there but has become a really close friend. He is always motivating me to do the best I can and even a little more. I’m working on an album with him as “The Soul Occupants”. I’m working on albums with BLO, Dundee and Haji P and D’Cyple too. That will really be some stuff you need to hear, real music from people who love Hip Hop. Besides that, you can find all the people I’m working with in my Top Friends. I got stuff coming with Punchline, The Aquamonk (of Perverted Monks), Suzi Analogue and a few others. I will do some more with German MC’s too, like Esperado, Albino, AKF & Dreistil and Chezz.One. You can hear a selection of those bets on the beat snippet in the end of the EP.

Hip Hop is my life and I hope you can hear the love that I got in my beats, cause I put my heart in ‘em. I think the MC’s you can hear on the tracks fit the beats perfectly, not only with their voice and flow, but with their character and their passion. I got a lot of love for all of them. I wouldn’t work with anybody, they have to be good people, I’m not fu**ing with assholes, if you aren’t a nice person the chances of getting a beat are really low. Plus you ain’t getting anything for free anymore (except you are fam). Hip Hop music has become too clean in my eyes, people got computer programs and try to make the sound as clean as possible, I’m a fan of the Golden Age, a mix doesn’t have to be super clean and loud, I love the crackling of the needle on the record, every track on my EP is mixed like I wanted it to be, there are tracks that need to sound dirty. As long as it sounds good, it’s dope! Don’t kill all the dynamics, people! That’s what radoio people do, lol.

To come to the Point. This EP represents what I love. My beats are inspired by Primo, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Black Milk, Dr. Dre and even Timbaland. I’m not trying to go in one direction, I’m trying to be as versatile as possible cause I like a lot of different styles.I don’t care if anyone used a sample before cause I never try to copy a beat, I always try to flip it different. All my beats got my own flava. The Tracklist is:

01. The Soul Occupants feat. Souleez – Up again
02. Haji P – Aww Shite
03. Shaoo Zulu – Gashman
04. Dundee feat Haji P & Bru Lei – Champions
05. The Soul Occupants – Most Real
06. Stranger Day – Reality
07. Haji P – Broken English
08. Sly MC – Beautiful
09. Lox – Hip Hop is Universal
10. The Soul Occupants – My ChildHOOD
11. Esperado, Dundee, Martys, Superstar Quamallah, Stranger Day, Albino – SoulClap Theme pt.1
12. Tony Touch feat Large Professor, Pete Rock & Masta Ace – Out da box (SoulClap remix)
13. DJ SoulClap – Beat Snippet

All Tracks produced by DJ SoulClap except Track 07 Produced by Raw Sienna & DJ SoulClap
All Cuts by DJ SoulClap

I put that remix on there as a bonus, it’s pretty old but I think it’s still dope!

I’d like to thank a lot of people, which is a problem cause I don’t want to leave anything out… My family, who really support me, especially my mum, who’s always saying “My ChildHOOD” is a hit, BMC of the Soultecniques, who made me do this shit, I will always have a lot of love for you homie, if you need something, holla. all the people I’m working with,that I already mentioned above you know who you are, Matt and Claas for always supporting me and listening to my stuff, Detsen, Souleez, Anne, Eden, Tarika, Phee, Suzi, Anica, Stef, can’t forget about Caroline, Masta Ace, Strick, Punch & Words, eMC is gonna be off the hook, thanks for letting me do the mixtape, Nils for making me stupid, so i can get my head cleared from the music from time to time, the other Nils for being a dope homie, CC for being a real friend, I will visit you in the chi next year! Anima Beats, my beat exchange partner, Shaoo Zulu for the great time we had over here, Gashman will always be a special track for me! DJ Episode and Madeline Soul LLC, Supastition, of course Travis, the man with the dopest blog in this planet, Paw, my man eric that I met on after we haven’t seen each other for like 10 years, Raw Sienna, we made some dope shit together. FaTone, we will have a meeting on a basketball court next year! For anybody I forgot, you know where my head is sometimes, I love y’all.

Oh yeah special thanks to Albino, Matt, B-Base, Esperado, Martys, MadCap, Smarakt and Lars Minute for my first mini Tour, it was hella dope!

Feel free to send the link of the mixtape to anybody you know, if you’re feeling it, holla at me and leave a comment or message!

Here is the free download link:
Promo EP

SoulClap Myspace

peace y’all, and please leave a comment!

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