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Finna Blow?

by Juice Mannen Hugo on November 11, 2007

Max Minneli
Now I’m always interested in hearing new music, new hip hop. Music new to my ears that is, of course. This means I spent countless hours of my life listening to really lousy noises labelled as music, I know you feel me here. And yet you still do it, take that time to transfer mp3’s to your ipod or burn out new discs to bump. Damn if couldn’t just trust your favourite blogger and listen to what ever he says is jamming, hell I know that don’t work for me. At least nowdays you don’t have to buy each cd you curious about, just the ones you find yourself liking.. That being said every now and then I check my local retail store just for killing time, and dammit if you don’t always find some albums you know you’ve been bumping and simply, eh, forgot to order from an online store. So if you’re like me you do what you feel is right and cop that disc.

Like a week ago I was just killing time in digging for crates and very surprisingly I discovered Baton Rouge’s Max Minelli had an entire column with three different albums or something, and a just read somewhere he never even dropped an album distributed outside of Louisiana. I bought them all and of course went home googleing (that’s a proper verb nowdays right) him to discover he is supposed to drop his first nationwide distributed album anytime now. Apparently his on Koch and he’s dropping an album called “Pain Medicine”. I’m not gonna hype up that project just yet, I haven’t heard any songs I know will be on it and I’m not yet fully confident he’s able to pull off a great album. See all discs I’ve heard from him so far has had a couple of tracks really not worthwhile, but then again most albums released has that so never mind that. Cause on the upside he has always dropped some really dope verses, some straight bangers and a couple of thought thru tracks about the situation in Baton Rouge, social commentary and such.

Knowing how Koch works, and knowing Max Minelli is capable of creating some real club bangers, I predict there’s a chance he’ll be the Rich Boy of 2008. The way he made a name for himself dropping “throw some d’s” and for the new listener unexpectedly followed it up with actual smart records as “Lets Get This Paper”. So what I’m saying is, if this guy gets some radio time, give him a listen and don’t rule him off as a Lil Boosie weed carrier. In my opinion Max Minelli is a far better rapper then any other rapper I’ve heard rep Baton Rouge, except Young Bleed…

Young Bleed is great. Just listen to his debut “My Balls & My Word”, which happens to be the record Max Minelli has spit some of his most heard verses and got a name for himself. Since then he has released five solo albums and a couple of mixtapes. He has also dropped an album as a group called Lay Lo with some dude called J-Von.

As often with more or less unknown artist like Max Minelli it’s always a problem finding any real info on them. From what I can gather he was in a Baton Rouge exclusive group called Concentration Camp with Young Bleed, C-Loc, J-Von, and producer Happy Perez. From 1995 to 2000 the group released four albums and even though they didn’t do big numbers everything was real swell till C-Loc was incarcerated in 2000. C-Loc was the CEO of the label that had distributed the albums. Max Minelli, J-Von and Happy Perez went on and started their own label called Crushed Entertainment and continued on producing music. In 2001 Max dropped his solo debut “Me & My Hustle” and after dropping his latest effort “Serwed” in April of ‘05 he got contacted by Koch and in 2006 he signed a deal with them. And that’s where he’s at now. Just waiting for the album to drop… Koch has given Max plenty of artistic freedom and it seems he’ll use pretty much the same producers as he always has. That being Baton Rouge locals as Russel Lee, Happy Perez and more. It’s said the album will have guest appearances from more known artists like C-Murder and Paul Wall.

As a treat, here is Max Minelli’s debut record. This album contains some of his best work. For a debut underground record the beats are surprisingly dope. All over it a well produced cohesive album with a couple of stand out cuts. Even if you don’t give the entire album a listen make sure you don’t miss: Enter M. World, N’s On My Block, and the best track R.N.S.

1. Enter M. World (prod. Russel Lee)
2. Dats Hard (prod. Carlos Wilkerson)
3. N’s On My Block ft. Russel Lee (prod. Russel Lee)
4. Do Ya Thug Thang (prod. Happy Perez)
5. Whoa Na (prod. Happy Perez)
6. Immuh ft. Boo Rossinni (prod. Russel Lee & Happy Perez)
7. Mixed Up ft. Russel Lee (prod. Russel Lee)
8. Throw It Up ft. Boo Rossinni & Lil Boosie (prod. Happy Perez)
9. Game Tight ft. J-Von, Low-G & Rasheed (prod. Happy Perez)
10. Young Ni**a (prod. Russel Lee)
11. R.N.S. (prod. Russel Lee)
12. Alcohol ft. C-Loc (prod. Russel Lee)
13. Air Max Minelli (skit) (prod. Max Minelli)
14. Me & My Bitch (prod. Russel Lee)
15. Judgemen Day (prod. Russel Lee)
16. Nothin Comes Closer ft. Russel Lee (prod. Happy Perez)
Max Minelli:
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