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Travis Update: aka Moving Sucks….

by Travis on November 12, 2007

What up party people? I’ve been a little scarce lately and thought I’d drop a line letting everyone know what was up, if you give a rats ass. Most of my regular readers know by now that I’m in the process of moving across four states. Not fun at all. I’ve driven 2,900 miles the past nine days, so needless to say that is pretty much the reason I haven’t been around much. I haven’t gone more three days for over year without updating this blog, let alone the one post I’ve done in almost the past two weeks. I’m lacking in the new music that’s out there, the blog updates on other sites and a lot of other stuff. Hell, I didn’t even know that albumbase was down.
The good news is I’ve finally got all my things in one state today. The bad news is I have to unpack or at least get shit organized for my next move since my where I’m residing isn’t permanent. I have no idea where where my CD’s are (somewhere in a pile of boxes in the garage) and I have to do one of the things I hate most in the world, look for a job (anyone that has a decent job for me, hit me up…haha). I hope to have things back to somewhat of a routine by weeks end. If I’ve been lacking on returning emails, sending something out, a review, an interview, or anything that I haven’t done yet, my apologies. Thanks for everyone who has sent and email or wished me well on here, much appreciated.
I’m “home”, it’s where I was born and raised. It’s not exactly the most conducive to hip-hop, but I have more friends into the music and the culture (what up Dino and Wayne) and am surrounded more by it here and I hope to promote it more and help the scene. That being said, I’m going to miss Denver. This move wasn’t because I wanted to, it was because I needed to. Thanks to those people in the Mile High City that I will miss…..Alex and his wife Heather (you two will truly be missed, thanks for everything), Frank (going to miss the storm chasing), Cianca (going to miss those early morning work days), Ryan, “Coors” Chris, Spears, Andrea (thanks for everything), Dan-O (go Steelers), Katie (behave yourself, big bro hears all), Stephanie and Travis, Alisa, Kaylee, and anyone I’m forgetting….big up to my Denver hip hop heads, the almighty CH Commish and his Slushy Gutter Crew, especially T-Dub and Spotwood (fuck Bream!), my man Gnome (haven’t seen ya lately) and Thomas Evans and the whole Hip Hop Congress at the Auria campus (sorry I wasn’t there much) and Dayal and Notes (sorry we never met up).
Thanks to the guys that helped keep WYDU going during my absence, Soul Clap (CHECK OUT THE MIXTAPE!), the new and talented contributor Eddie, my man Hugo, and my right hand man Chris. It made me have one less thing to worry about, its much appreciated. I hope to be slanging up goodies on the norm again soon, thanks for bearing with me….
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