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The Pre-Turkey, Mid Week, Lite With a Side of Cranberries

by Travis on November 22, 2007

In my attempt to get things back on track when it comes to WYDU, we’ll hammer another post. I’m not completely sure when it will be done, but I’m starting this one Friday, we’ll seen when I actually finish it and post it (Edit Note, It’s Wednesday….). Being off the internet more than usual (quitting a job that you spend more time on the internet than working will do that to you), I’m not on the up and up with what’s going on in the wide world of hip-hop. I feel pretty out of the loop and lacking any real direction right now with the blog. I need to get back into some what of a routine. I like to say I’m a creature of habit, but part of that habit includes moving to a different state every three to four years, whether I need to or not and jumbling everything up.

I had to go headphone shopping this week. Any true hip hopper knows the value of a good pair of headphones. I always have my phones on, whether I’m playing Madden, riding the train to school (in Denver) or just walking around. Needless to say, I go through headphones fairly quickly and for that reason I’m looking at buying new headphones every six months or so. I don’t know why I just don’t put the money out for a quality pair of phones although they might be a little spendy, but are higher quality and sound better. I am rather picky on what I buy though, usually sticking to Sony’s and I tend to go after the DJ style headphones. They probably don’t as cool when you are walking around the park with them, but they sound better than those “in the ear” shits and stuff like that.

Without a “for sure” job on the horizon, I gotta watch my last paycheck I’m living off of until I find work. I had two pairs of headphones I’ve been using to get me through tough times. One was the Sony DJ style headphone, the lower end kind of course. The right arm that held the ear cup was busted and you had to wiggle around the wires to get it to work. The right ear cup would pop out of it’s holder. Basically they were a piece of shit. I’d use them for work, because basically I only kept one cup over my ear while leaving the open in case someone wanted to talk to me. The other pair of headphones I was using came with my “ghetto MP3″ player, the discman that plays MP3 disks. They weren’t bad, they were your traditional headphones with clips that went over your ears. But they were falling apart. Wires were starting show on the cords and one of the cushions for the ear phones were falling off.

I decided it was time to get some a new pair of headphones. I was in Hastings doing some used CD shopping (more on that to come) and went to check out what they had for headphones. One important thing with headphones, they have to half way comfortable, especially since I usually put them on when I go to bed and fall asleep with them on. After looking at the selection, I decided to try some I haven’t tried before. I’m not riding the train any more since the move, so I figured I’d wouldn’t be wearing headphones as much. I ended up buying the kind of little clips that going over your ears. They don’t have the traditional head piece thing. I figured these would be easier to sleep with. Man, what a mistake. I get these shits and I get back and throw them into my computer to listen to some music. First, you need to bend your ears all fucked style to get them to fit on. I have normal, moderately sized ears, so I know it wasn’t my ears causing the problem. No dumbo ears here. I press play and I had to look and make sure my speakers and sound was set the way I had it, cause it sounded like shit. There is no bass with this shit. It sounds like I’m listening through a tin can. They are Phillips brand, which I’d never tried before. They advertised “turbo bass” on the front. Turbo bass my ass. I then plug them into my ghetto mp3 player and give a listen. Still sound like shit. Not bad to sleep in, but it just bugged the shit out of me. So if anyone has any suggestions for inexpensive (under $30) headphones that sound GOOD, let me know.

That’s my bitch session…..On with the music.

New Sites….

Press Play > Fast Forward >>

I’m a sucker for “celebrities” starting their own blogs. When I say “celebrity”, I don’t mean the Hollywood folk, I mean the hip hop players that I tend to follow. Just Blaze, Stretch Armstrong and Paul Rosenberg already have their own blogs going and the next player to join the ruckus is mixtape great, Mick Boogie. I know just about everyone reading this blog has downloaded a mixtape that the Cleveland Commish has partaken in its creation. The great thing about Mick Boogie, he has his hands in everything from Jay-Z mixtapes to Kids In The Hall, a very wide variety of music, which I find incredible in this day in age. This diversity is also shown on his blog as everything from fashion, to Davy D, to Sprite Commercials (courtesy of WYDU..haha) are covered.


The editors at are coming with an excellent blog that is chock full of interviews with hip hop artists and not just your Joe Schmoo flash in the pan artist. Everyone from Phonte of Little Brother to Ghostface bless the site with interviews that are conducted well and a good read. Check them out.

Brewed For Thought

Alright, so it has nothing to do with hip hop, but I know some of you got more that interests you other than hip hop….like BEER! If you read this blog enough, you know that I love me a good beer or 18. A friend of mine and some of his cronies have started their own blog on Beer and home brewing. Your likely not going to find anything on OE 800 High Gravity, but if you have some refined tastes when it comes to your hops and barley, you might actually enjoy this site. I thought I was a beer connoisseur (I guess Coors Extra Gold isn’t a micro brew), but I learned quite a bit from these home brewing nitwits (joke, just a joke). Check out for the refined B-boys out there.

T-Shirts Anyone???
First off, my apologies to my man for not mentioning this back when he hit me up about his shirts back in late October, as I’ve said, moving is a bitch (I figure I can milk this excuse for another couple weeks, haha). Anyway, Nawledge has been a visitor to WYDU for a long time now so I was more than happy to help him out a bit and plus he has some dope T-Shirts.

Checkity check out his blog for some of his shirt styles, which are very original and one of a kind or you can hit up my man’s myspace page as well for all the flavors he has going on. Dope styles to be had by all. Be a rebel, a cool kid, and a hit up the site.

Goodies From The Inbox

I’m going to jump right into what I have sitting in my inbox. Since I haven’t done one of these in a couple weeks, we are some what backed up. I’m sure some of this stuff have popped up on other sites, since I’m lagging lately. But it is what it is…..

Charles Barkley Impersonation

Someone sent this to me this morning that gave me a little chuckle. You can see the whole thing on TBS 11/10c

More Videos –

Myka 9,Dj Vadim, Yarah Bravo, Abstract Rude, Pugz Atomz

If you haven’t checked out Chi-Town’s Pugz Atomz album Conversations With A Chamelion
then you give it a listen. Solid album that has gone under the radars. The rest you should probably have heard of in some facet or another if you are into underground hip hop. Nice little concert footage that is worth a look.

It’s Sean Peeee!
“Goodfellas” and “Jackass Number 2″ off his “Master P” Mixtape

Making of “King Kong” Video (funny clips in here depicting Sean Price’s parenting style and a time where he almost got arrested for picking his nose in the airport and wiping it on the wall):

Witchdoctor – Best Year Video

Infamous Mobb – Betsy Bye Bye

Some Harmless Advertising…..

STIC.MAN of DEAD PREZ drops solo debut

Stic.Man is one half of the revolutionary conscious minded rap duo Dead Prez and his debut solo release, “Manhood”, has fans eagerly awaiting. Manhood blends rapping, soulful singing, diverse hard core beats, live instrumentation, style and substance. Official Press Release Below.

Join Stic.Man and M1of Dead Prez on Thursday, November 29, for the inaugural J.A.M. Awards in an effort to commemorate the life and legacy of legendary Run-DMC spin doctor Jam Master Jay and the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music.

The awards show, whose name is an acronym for justice, arts and music, will take place on at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and will feature a who’s who list of hip-hop personalities including Snoop Dogg, Marley Marl, Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Papoose, Raekwon, Q-Tip, DMC, Kid Capri, EPMD, Lord Finesse, Bumpy Knuckles, DJ Kay Slay and Jim Jones, among others. The J.A.M. Awards were set up in memory of Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay, to support music and arts education among urban schools, and will honor those displaying outstanding efforts in the areas of social justice, arts and music. Chuck D, Dr. Cornell West and Will Smith are the nominees in the Justice Award category, while Spike Lee, Robert L. Johnson and Lee Quinones are up for the Arts Award. Meanwhile Nelly, Wyclef Jean and Kanye West will compete for the third award of the night, the Music Award.

Stic.Man of Dead Prez, one of the most conscious street-respected, internationally-successful, rap duos in the world, releases his highly-anticipated solo debut album MANHOOD, Nov 2007.

MANHOOD, explores the mind of a self-determined, conscious, and committed family man on the grind.

Atlanta, GA Nov 10, 2007 – Following the success of his partner, M1′s solo project “Confidential” is the highly anticipated solo release MANHOOD by Stic.Man of Dead Prez. Officially releasing for stores November 30, eager fans are able to pre-purchase the album online at Dead Prez’s own WWW.BOSSUPBU.COM, the official one-stop, online shop into the world of Dead Prez for new music, videos, exclusive merchandise, .AMMO Magazine, books and news.

Alongside rappers Khujo Goodie, Dead Prez‘ M1, Young Noble, and vocalist Crystal Johnson and others, MANHOOD blends rapping, soulful singing, diverse hard core beats, live instrumentation, style and substance. MANHOOD delivers a mature and refreshing vibe and inspiring voice to what some may consider a “lost generation”. The album contains 16 substantial tracks and includes production from Hi-Tek (Snoop Dogg, The Game, G-Unit, Mos Def), Sol Messiah (Chamillionaire, David Banner, Scarface) and Jwells (Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound, Alkoholiks) and Stic.Man.

The CD takes listeners through an array of aspects of what manhood means to the diverse rapper. MANHOOD shows Stic.Man’s compassionate, soulful side with cuts like “Whatever Daddy Wants” and “Black Girl Shine” then finds complete balance by grinding into the gritty side of the streets on cuts like “Do It Big” with Khujo Goodie & “Year
of the Tiger”
with Young Noble. “Anything that we do, is inspired by life, and being able to make songs to inspire others is truly a labor of love,” says rapper, entrepreneur, and activist, Stic.Man.

Click here to listen to the MANHOOD Track listing and click here to purchase.

01. Year Of The Tiger feat. Young Noble 02:33
02. Do It Big feat. Khujo Goodie 04:03

03. Hold Up (Skit) 00:08
04. Get Yo Hustle Up 02:21
05. Black Girl Shine 03:20
06. That’s What Men Do 03:32
07. Ball Or Fall feat. M1 03:47
08. Traffic Jam feat. Crystal Johnson 04:58
09. It’s Nice Outside 02:06

10. Reparations feat. Taj 04:33
11. Coming Home 05:15
12. Whatever Daddy Wants feat. Maimouna 03:55
13. So Focused 04:58
14. Independent Hustler feat. Mykel 03:11
15. Boss Up feat. Mr. Sonshyne 01:34
16. Traffic Jam feat. Crystal Johnson (Radio Mix) 04:29
17. 68. Silence
18. Faithful Lover feat. Maimouna (Bonus) 04:00

Free Shit
A new mixtape from the well respected Chicago label, All Natural, from Femcee, Rita J. Rita has been around the Chi-town scene for awhile now, but this is her first mixtape that is setting up her debut album that should be dropped in April sometime. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it myself yet, but anything that drops on All Natural is usually pretty dope.

More goodies can be found here:

Wu Goodies….

C-Tera f/ Shyheim – Hood Talk
Fes Taylor & Lota Nerv – Blue Magic Freestyle
C-Tera – That’s Wuts Up

Ghostface f/ Beanie Siegel, Styles P & Solomon Childs – Barrell Brothers
Sav Killz – I Can’t Take It Anymore (Produced by DJ Snips)

Editor’s Choice Of The Week….
Nite People – Daily Livin’
Review Found on Okayplayer:


1. The People‘s Introduction
2. Might Be Down
3. Perserverence Track
4. Fourtwenty
5. Some Say
6. Murder Route (feat. Arablak)
7. Generation
8. BIG
9. White Clouds
10. Dead Famous

Every now and then, I get something in the inbox that really grabs me. This project happened to be one of them. I’m not sure if it was my mood when I sat down and listened to it, but I really enjoyed this release. Very fluid, but a complete project at the same time. A strong project that just contains 10 dope cuts of hip hop.

The WYDU Singles Chart.

I’m have this weird fascination for lists and charts for some damn reason. Don’t ask me why, but I always have. I remember sitting in English class my junior year in high school and making a weekly hip hop singles and albums charts back in 1990 (that explains my fucked up writing style haha). I have no clue why I haven’t done something like this, but I guess I’m kind of jacking Eric’s at WTR and DJ Low Key’s chart idea. Links coming soon, I’m bogged down on sloooowww as shit internet right now and want to get okays from some of the artists (aiming for Friday). This is going to be a new weekly feature. This one is actually a couple weeks old….hope to see a new one for this week up this weekend.

10. Dev Rocka feat New York Rhyme Exchange & Reef The Lost Cauze – Dutches & Phillies Remix (From the “Night Shift” LP)

Lex, from NYRE, is my boy, so its good to see him get some shine on this project. Besides that, I’m digging this LP, its gotten multiple spins from me this year. Quality hip hop, just as this song is a strong example of.

9. Kanye West – Stronger (From the

I genuinely like Kanye’s album. I mean I really like it. Like as in one of the best releases of the year kind of like. Weird, I know, especially someone like me who spends more and more time listening to off the wall obscure underground shit these days. Hell, you might even heard me trash this song on this site in the past. I hated it, and I mean really hated it. But, something happened to me during my first phase of my move. Pulling out of Denver, with the skyline in my rear view mirror this song came on the radio (I don’t have a working CD player, which SUCKS) and I started listening to the words. Low and behold, it fit perfect for what I was feeling. In my old age, I need and want music I can relate to. I was relating to this song at the moment and now it will always have some kind of meaning in my life.

8. Sly MC – Beautiful (from SoulClap’s Promo EP)

More of my internet “crew” of sorts. This comes from SoulClap’s EP (CHECK IT OUT!) and is from one of my favorite “unheard of” MC’s out there, Sly MC. Sly and I have been trying to hammer out some kind of mixtape to be featured here for a while with no success, but he hit me up saying he is trying to drop an album by the years end. Something about dude’s voice (I guess I’m supposed to say “no homo” here) that is ill. I have a lot of his older works on my computer and dude has some bangers. He had a track featured on my “Top 100 Tracks of 2006″ last year. This is one cat that I hope makes some noise in the year to come. Oh yeah, Clap has a great beat on this as well….haha.

7. Kanye West – Good Life (from the Graduation LP)

More Kanye??? I wasn’t lying when I said I liked his album. Another example of what 14 hours in a car with no CD player listening only to radio stations will do to you. I didn’t care much for this song either when I first heard the album. The lyrics are kind of booty on this, but for some damn reason, I know them by heart now. Don’t know how in the hell that happened.

6. Joel Ortiz – 125 (Finale) (From “The Brick: Bodega Chronicles”)

Another album that I’m sure will see on my year end list. This album single handedly gave me hope for the New York hip hop scene that has been lacking this year in my eyes and ears. This is just some smoothed out NY shit. You know what I mean, that smooth shit with the rough edges. I love this shit.

5. Public Enemy – How You Sell Soul To Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul? (From the LP with the same name)

I think Public Enemy is the second most important group in hip hop history after Run DMC. That being said, I’d be lying if I said I’d checked out many of their releases since “There Is A Poison…” dropped. This track though sounds like the PE I know and love. Well, at least “Apocalypse 91′” PE, which isn’t a bad thing as I loved that album. Gary G-Wiz produced this track, which is just some hard shit with Chuck spitting in his trademarked gruff voice and the fucked up society we live in.

4. (tie) Jay- Z – Fallin (From the “American Gangster” LP) & Atmosphere – Lyndale Avenue User’s Manual (From the “Sad Clown, Bad Fall Vol 10″ EP)

Seems like people either love or hate the new Jay album. I’m somewhere in between. I like it, but I don’t love it. “Fallin” from the LP is my favorite track from it, I can bang it anytime, any day and just bob my head along to it.

I pull no punches when I say I like Atmosphere. Again, it goes back to that music I can relate to thing. I guess my mid 30′s, drunken attitude, with horrible luck with woman lifestyle fits right into their music, so much so that shit might as be a sound track to my life at times. That being said, I didn’t care for this track all that much when I first heard it and posted a video for it up on here. But those damn EP’s he has released this summer and autumn is some addictive music.

3. Iller Than Theirs feat Masta Ace – The Same (from their self-titled LP)

I know what your thinking, it has Masta Ace, so of course Trav is going to have this in his top 10. Well, yeah, I love a good Masta Ace cameo, but this beat is pretty damn ill. This LP is one of the pleasant surprises of the last couple months. From the same camp as Junk Science, Iller Than Theirs possibly beats on the new Junk Science in terms of playablity in book. The track itself is armed with some killer horns and of course Ace does his thing as well.

2. Archetype – Think Of Me (from their “Bleed For Them” LP)

I’m sung my praises for this releases more than enough already. This track is just one of many that has made its rounds as my favorite off of it. I played it a lot when I was getting ready to leave Denver and gave it to a few people as a “token” of remembrance. My boy Dino and I tracked down the sample (more like he did and played it for me) which always adds to the enjoyment of the track as well.

1. Donny Goines – Do It For Hip Hop (from his “The Excerpt Pg. 1″ LP)

The former “The Source Unsigned Hype” artist, Donny Goines, drops a DOPE single that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of until it was sent to me. I have a review coming on the album, so I’ll save that. Donny is another cat that gives me hope for the future of New York hip hop. The production sounds something like a Primo beat and Donny rhymes rugged, yet smooth that gives me the head nods on head nods seizure. To top it off, my limited dealings with Donny and seeing him on other sites, dude is geniunely a nice dude, the kind of guy you want good things to happen to. With music like this, I don’t think he’ll have to worry about it too much. You can learn more about Donny by jumping over to my homey Scholar’s Souled On and check out his guest post.

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