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A little treat for the beginning of the week

by DJSoulClap on November 27, 2007

I just found this new Mick Boogie Mixtape. the info text says:
“The homie Busta Rhymes called me the other day following up on an idea I gave him months and months ago. So long ago that I actually forgot about it. He called me with four very specific words: “Check your inbox, son!” When I opened it, I found song after song of unreleased craziness from Busta and the late, legendary J Dilla. So after a week of figuring out our strategy, it’s done. Mick Boogie + Busta + Dilla = Dillagence. The album of the year…and it’s not even an album!”

I just dowbloaded it and it’s really cool, plus it’s FREE. I recommend y’all to check it out…

You can check out this Lebron James Mixtape too, it’s a little commercial, didn”t listen to it yet… It’s the Nike mixtape for his new shoe!

Get it on

Just a short post, haha, a longer one will follow…mybe tomorrow, the huuges Eternia post…


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