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Eternia – Female MC on a new Level

by DJSoulClap on December 2, 2007

Eternia is a female MC, a white female MC, I hate to mention that cause I never cared about “races” since we’re all people, but have you ever heard a dope white female MC before? I think I didn’t… She is from Canada and moved to New York 2 years ago. She released her critically acclaimed debut album called “It’s called life” back in ’05. It was a real personal album, she even included a short text about every track in the booklet, I always loved that, Kweli used to do it too. Since then she has experienced a lot, she was touring in the US, in Canada, Europe and Autralia. She just came back from a Tour in Europe with Reef the Lost Cauze, Pharoahe Monch and O.C. I’ve been to a show too, and it was crazy, she got a great energy on stage, I’d even go to a show to see her alone, no need for other headliners.
This summer she realeased the CD “Where I’m at – The Setup” with features by Wordsworth, The Polyrhythmaddicts, Torae, Kenn Starr and more! Producers like 9th Wonder (Sean Price, Little Brother, Boot Camp Clik), M-Phazes (Supastition, Royce da 5`9“) , Frequency (Snoop Dogg, Ghostface, eMC) were on the boards. So you know what you can expect! As I’m already talkin about it I’ma directly start with the review!

The Review of “Where I’m at – The Setup”

“This is not an album. This is not a mixtape. This is the setup.” Those are the words on the very top of the inside of the cover. OK, it is a mixtape, mixed by DJ Law, 26 Tracks, it features a whole bunch of new tracks, freestyles and some older material. It kinda shows where she is staying at the moment. It’s set up like a mailbox, always some cool people like Just Blaze, Pharoahe Monch, Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Kenn Starr or special Ed call in to leave her a message.

The whole thing starts with a beep and ends with the voice of the mailbox saying goodbye… So let me get into this thing, I listened to it a lot in the last 2 weeks (since I met her at the show and copped it) It’s easier for me to get into that stuff if I actually talked to the artist before, cause if the artist ain’t nice I’m usually pretty denying… but Eternia seems to be a great person who takes the time to talk to her fans after the show and connect or make new friends, and that’s how it’s supposed to be! Besides that she got a great energy on stage. She also jumped n the crowd and did a song on the dancefloor, really cool. But let me get to the point, now!

This CD is NICE! Or DOPE! Or call it what you want, it’s Good Music! It has a huge soundfloor, there will be tracks for anybody on it, which doesn’t mean that it doesn’t seem like a unity, it does! And the whole thing is mixed really nice by DJ Law. It really has many hits, you can easily pick 12 tracks from it, put em together and you got one of the Top 5 (at least) albums of ’07. And Eternia is versatile! She can come really hard, but soft too, she can be in battlemode or thoughtful, it seems like she can do anything. Track 11 is called “You ain’t real” and it’s produced by M-Phazes. The Beat is crazy soulful and got a nice voice sample, just slightly pitched so it doesn’t sound annoying. She talks about a man who disappointed her and broke her heart, but “it’s not supposed to be a diss, it’s just supposed to be how I fell”. And she has some dope lines like “ I feel played, you really ran some good game on me” or “ I guess when you say that you’re mine and I’m yours, it means about as much as the socks that’s on your floor, the dishes in your sink, the dirt in your tub, your life was undone and I wanted to clean it up…” That is just some dope ish! You really need to hear it, cause she got a lot of power and sovereignty in her voice.
There are a lot of other crazy tracks on it like “Many Many” with some really hard battle lyrics and dope horns on the beat, “Northside ’07” with a nice relaxed beat and a catchy hook and some cuts, or “The mega”, another M-Phazes banger with hard drums and lines like “the weed seeds grow and choke the average kid”. You can also find one of the singles from her debut album on it, the joint “Struggle” featuring Wordworth and Kenn Starr, which really is a hit!

Eternia feat Wordsworth, Kenn Starr – Struggle

It’s really hard to point tracks out cause there is so much good stuff on it. You can hear a lot of singin too, but it really fits here and the singers are definitely dope. The last track is called “On Blast”. It’s a track of Eternia’s sister which features her. Jessica Kaya is blessed with a crazy voice, and E comes with some dope lines on here too, plus the really relaxed beat is definitely hot, kinda reminds me of Foreign Exchange, could be a Nicolay Beat that Phonte is rapping on…

I can’t end this before telling you about my favourite jammy on The Setup! It’s called “Nowhere no more” (which is included in the free downloads with Courtesy of Eternia herself) and features Torae, who really became one of the hottest new MC’s out there and Ms. Davis on the hook. (From where do I know her?) The beat was laced from no one else than 9th Wonder. I ctitisized him a lot in the last 2 years cause it seemed like he was putting out every beat he made without thinking of the quality, but he is really coming with some dope stuff again this year. So this beat is super hot! E and Tor come correct on the verses and the hook by Ms Davis is just a hook from the type that you can’t get enough from, she is a crazy singer and it fits so perfecltly on this beat, it creates a crazy atmosphere. It kinda has a Laurn Hill like tension. This jammy is definitely up in the ar for the top 5 joints of the year, and there was A LOT of dope tracks!

To end this up. Everybody should own this cd! If not, you can download the digital EP called “The Setup” which has just been released unmixed and in high quality. It features a selection of the most popular and newest original material from the mixtape. You can find it on all good digital outlets on the net!

Eternia Live

1. greeting
2. the setup – frequency
3. do this like me ft. ness lee & poodie the byz
– Cincinnati
4. do this like me remix – cincinnati
5. homebase ft. nick fury & freestyle – arythmetic
6. home ft. chase money
7. like a boy
8. perfection (promise exclusive ft. grimace love & eternia) – amir the terrorist
9. putcha hands up ft. wordsworth – dj 3d
10. on & on – mez
11. you ain’t real – m-phazes
12. many many – beatmason
13. brand new day (longshot exclusive ft. eternia & profound) – profound
14. northside ’07 – mercilless
15. the mega – m-phazes
16. upgrade u
17. nowhere no more ft. torae & ms. davis – 9th wonder
18. ladies & gentlemen ft. polyrhythmaddicts – frequency
19. dinner is served – fusion unlimited
20. throw Some d’s
21. the official kenn starr interlude
22. struggle ft. wordsworth & kenn starr – tone mason
23. hold on – david “isikar” ross & fusion unlimited
24. m.v.p. (toya alexis exclusive ft. eternia) – s. moore
25. omar
26. 294th movement – on blast (jessica kaya exclusive ft. eternia) – krisblair

5 Free Tracks (Courtesy of Eternia)

01. Putcha Hands Up featuring Wordsworth
02. On and On
03. No where no more featuring Torae & Ms. Davis
04. Ladies n Gents featuring Polyrythmaddicts
05. Do this like me Original

Eternia – Love

The Interview

SoulClap: Hey E, you moved to New york 2 years ago? What were the resons for that and how is your current situation?

Eternia: I moved to NYC ’cause there’s a glass ceiling in Canada. That, and because I needed new inspiration in my environment to kick my ass to write better shit. NYC is good for kickin’ your ass. haha.
I like toronto better as a city to live in. But NYC is good for showing u what the biz REALLY is.

SoulClap: Your critically acclaimed Debut album called “It’s called Life” dropped in 2005. I think it’s a very personal one. What was your intention? What did you want to reach with it?

Eternia: I mean… I don’t really know how to write about things that aren’t going on currently in my life, u know? I’m a pretty literal artist. So I didn’t set out to begin with , like “I’ma make an album thats personal and serious and blabla..” . I didn’t at all, actually. But it ended up being that ’cause I guess I had a lot of things to get off my chest. And i did! lol. And i’m done with that chapter now. I want my new music to focus OUT a lil more than Inwards. but we’ll see. We all know artists are all troubled, psychologically. hahhaha

SoulClap: You got Wordsworth as a feature guest on “Struggle”, how did that come?

Eternia: I also have him as a feature on my NEW cd “The Setup” too!! “Putcha Hands Up”, get with the program sheesh :-p (j/k)
Wordsworth and I have known each other since the late 90s. We stayed in touch, he was always very helpful with me when I had q’s about the biz and my career. So he happened to be on tour in toronto when I was recording the first album, and i just squeezed him into the studio for a few hrs while he was in town.
He’s probably one of the most stand up dudes I know in this biz. and there aren’t many of ‘em, so that’s a huge compliment.

SoulClap: Last year you were on European tour with Supastition and Cesar Comanche, this year, with Reef The Lost Cauze, Pharoahe Monch and O.C. What were your experiences? Is Europe different to the States?

Eternia: I love touring Europe. Ya it gets cold, and we get cranky sometimes. but i LOVE it. First of all, one of the main differences is the kids out in Europe show you love if you dope, REGARDLESS of whether they’ve ever heard your name before. Like, to a lot of people I’m new… they ain’t familiar with my stuff. And yet, I’ll feel like a superstar in Europe because when i KILL it on stage, the crowd gives back you know? Sometimes, in North America that’s not the case.. it’s all a name game. I’m like: let’s let skill even the playing field you know?! *smiles*

SoulClap: Do you think it’s harder for a female MC to get the attention you deserve?

Eternia: Hell Ya. Well yes and no.
It’s easy to get press sometimes ’cause they consider me something ‘different’, like a ‘novelty’.
(sheesh,… didn’t female emcees stop being a novelty after the 80s? damn?! lol)
But when it comes to getting investors or labels or distributors (ie. the men with the money) behind your project, ya its a lot more difficult. Either they interested in you for the wrong reasons, or they don’t wanna check for u at all cause u female without even hearing you.

Thankfully, though, I know a few dudes in the business that are rooting for me strictly for the reason that they know I can rap. I think with their help, we may get somewhere.
Alone? its virtually impossible. It’s like u need a male ambassador to kick some ass and get shit done. Sucks, ’cause I’m an independent woman that likes doing things on my own.

SoulClap: When can we expect a new album from you? Who will do the production and can you name some features?

Eternia: Well.
I’m working on 2 projects right now.
I’m always nervous to mention em cause u never know what will happen, u know sometimes things don’t get released…
but here goes ahhh f*ck it.
I’m doin a full album with Apathy called “Eternia by Apathy”
and I’m also working on a full length project with this producer named MoSS (who’s done a fait bit, including “Kilos” for ghostface)
he’s ridiculous and i’m excited to be doin an album with him.
cause u know… i need something to keep me going right about now. State of the biz is so wack right now, I just need things to keep me believing.

SoulClap: Besides that, what does the future have in store for you?

Eternia: I don’t know if the music industry is ready or even interested in having “Eternia” be a household name. It’s not personal to me. It’s just like, trying to sell someone grape juice when right now orange juice is what’s in, you know? Right now what I do …. who I am… which is a talented Lyricist… is not really a commodity you know?
So I don’t know what the future holds. Grad school? a dog and a house? lol
I just know I’ma make music regardless of whether the industry wants me.
cause i’m good, and I do it because i love doin it.
If i did it for any other reason, BELIEVE me when I say I woulda quite a LONG time ago.

remember to hit up if you reading this and don’t know who the hell I am


Eternia – Evidence

So I hope you read anything, checked out the videos and downloaded those 5 jammys. Cop those CD’s, they are definitely worth the money!
You can hit her up on myspace too and let her know what you think. Eternia’s myspace
I wish everybody a good start in the new week!

Much Love,

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