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"Let's Talk About"……Butta Verses

by Eric on December 5, 2007

“(It Goes) Round & Round”…click to DL


Is there any better feeling than finding a track that you’ve been trying to locate for…weeks, months or maybe even years? Such is the case with Butta Verses’ “(It Goes) Round & Round” which I stumbled upon after listening to the nearly forgotten CL Smooth mixtape “The Outsider”. After hearing Butta’s verse I decided to do a little “Google Blog Search’n” to get the scoop on the impressive microphone controller.  Much to my surprise I found a video for  “(It Goes) “Round & Round”.  After hearing the opening horn riff my senses came to life and I instantly recalled a long lost track titled simply as “Track 24″ on a DJ Jamad “Afromentals” mixtape that I picked up back in ’05 (hell, it may have even been ’04).  “Holy Shit!” I thought to myself, for almost two years I’ve been valiantly attempting to find just a tidbit of info for this crazy, dope track…..we’re talkin’ Googling “lyrics in parenthesis” and the whole nine yards!  So, needless to say, I’ve felt like the kid in the candy store for most of the day.  If you’ve peeped the aforementioned CL joint (which I’m sure (like myself) you were less than impressed with) you may have heard Butta V on “War Of The Roses” or maybe you recall him on “Go” from De La Soul’s superb “The Grind Date”. However, if you have truly leafed thru the archives of “W.T.R” than you already know how high I am on the criminally slept on “First Toke” from Uncut Raw where on “WWIV” Butta dropped by for a quick sixteen.  The Fort Lauderdale, FL product by way of the BX, Butta V was discovered when one of his mixtapes found it’s way into the hands of De La’s Maseo.  Since locating the emcee with the “Kool G Rap lisp” and an appearance on the most recent De La full-length, Maseo has since signed Butta Verses to his Bear Mountain imprint.  Trugoy has even gone as far as to compare Butta V to Ghostface Killah stating: “”Butta’s like a breath of fresh air. I am a big fan of the style where people have their own language”.  With a unique flow and most importantly….a personality, Butta V has impressed me “big time” thus far after listening to “Brand Spankin” which I copped from ITunes this morning after peeping the video for “…Round & Round”.  Already gaining a full head of steam and a nice glass of experience from serving as an “opener” while touring with Common, De La and John Legend, the sky’s the limit for this talented cat.  Also, be on the look out for “Six Minutes To Ten”, his forthcoming album that will feature production from the likes Marco Polo and The Mighty V.I.C.  To hold you over, I’ve posted a few of my favorites from “Brand Spankin” for your listening enjoyment.

Butta Verses.Com

Peep Butta’s MySpace

“(It Goes) Round & Round”-Butta Verses


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respiration December 8, 2007 at 7:58 am

Propz for exposing the masses to Butta. I’ve known of him for a while now from seeing around at the local Hip Hop scenes in Miami. While your on the Miami scene, maybe you’ve heard of Artoficial. They are a Miami group also and them and Butta get my $7 regularly. I’ll post the album on my blog tonight so look out for it.

respiration December 8, 2007 at 8:04 am

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