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Freedom of Soul: The 2nd Comin'

by Staff on December 7, 2007

So, I guess I’m the resident Christian hip hop expert here at WYDU. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but I’m going to try to make it good while I’m here.

The next album I’m posting is from a group called Freedom of Soul. The group consists of two members – Peace 586 and DJ Cartoon. This is their second album and honestly, while a lot of people in the scene really love the first one, I can’t think of one song from it that I care about. I really wasn’t into Christian rap at the time (I didn’t need it yet – my parents were still okay with Yo! MTV Raps). I’m sure it’s a fine album but this one really got me out of my chair.

There’s a LOT of jazz samples and tons of breaks – classic ’94, really. The production was handled by the group and Sup the Chemist. The rhyming on this album isn’t something to brag about but the beats are just so dope. This album has a lot more of the gospel on it because ’94 was still part of the early years where Christian rappers were required to put a lot of the message in – otherwise, Christian labels wouldn’t put them on (they were already wary of rap music). Peace 586 handles most of the rhyming with a lot of special guests like T-Bone (who you might remember from the talent competition show that used to be on MTV years ago – KRS gave him a 7 because “that’s God’s number”), Brainwash Projects (B-Twice and Pigeon John), LPG and Sup the Chemist. Of course, all of these guys went on to do their own thing with LPG, Brainwash and Sup really shining. Peace even had his own solo album with some very MPC-ish beats (a lot of multi-level sampling). T-Bone was the only one to really go bad, resorting to writing songs about beating up demons – a sort of, fake gangster rap. He’s still around, and I’m sure you can find his stuff on YouTube, but don’t bother.

Some fun trivia: later on, LPG and their crew, Tunnel Rats, actually had some beef, on record, with T-Bone, which is crazy to think of Christian artists doing (and I don’t think it’s happened since).

My favorite track on the album is Sonshyne. The beat is super funky and the way the vocals are recorded – the way all of the people who rap keep fading in and out with each other.. It’s just a really groovy tune.*

Freedom of Soul – The 2nd Comin’ – Download

*groovy tune? what the hell?

PS.. I just found an awful video from Freedom of Soul’s first album.

In addition to music, I happen to be a huge comedy nerd and since Travis told me that I could post whatever I wanted I’ve decided to also include some of my favorite comedy videos with each post.

The first comedians I want to showcase are H. Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser. These two guys have been doing stuff together for a long time and they have a show in NY that they do called Midnight Pajama Jam. They come up with some crazy characters and my favorites are probably The Fuggedabuddies. These videos are a little long but I just can’t stop laughing at the stuff the come out with. I read an interview with Jon & Jon and they said that they usually just come up with the characters and then improvise on stage. Check out parts one and two here:

You can find this video and some solo work from each of the guys on the Invite Them Up compilation on Comedy Central Records.

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