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WYDU Classics Dec '07 & Re-Ups

by Travis on December 13, 2007

A lot of you have been asking for re-ups lately, which most of the time, with time permitting, I don’t have a problem doing. Since my move though, I haven’t had exactly the most conducive situation for uploading or downloading. I’ve mainly been using friends computers for downloading and uploading an occasional track or two. Needless to say, I haven’t been keeping up on requests for re-ups and other things. Starting Monday though, fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong, I should have hi-speed once again and be in business. For the first three days of next week, I will be re-upping material if anyone asks. If there is something you want, start letting me know now. I’ll write it down and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I’ll try to get it back up. I’ll be out of town, visiting my daughter for Christmas the rest of next week, so get it in soon, the sooner the better.

I’ve been so busy that I almost forgot about this months edition of the WYDU Classics. Thankfully someone reminded me of them. This month, I was kind of on the rare tip. I’ve accumulated some obscure gems over the past couple months and kind of wanted them all in one place for myself to listen to, and of course, being the giving time of the year and the generous fellow that I am, I’m sharing them with all my loyal readers. Big thanks to those that are at least partly responsible for this creation, BTF Forums, Philaflava (especially schnectadyfan) and as always, Jaz, who I think I coat tailed him on a few of his wants. Also thanks for Dino, who had a hand in uploading this for me, since I’m dead floating in the water with high speed right now.

WYDU Classics Dec ’07

1. Merry Muthafuckin’ X-Mas – Eazy E
2. Watchout – Task4ource
3. Gunz – EZD
4. Rotten Apple (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) – Royal Flush
5. What’s Up Doc (K-Cuts Master Remix) – Fu-Shcnikens
6. Shout (G Clef Remix) – Onyx
7. Doin’ Da Butt – E.U.
8. Stone Cold Hustler (Part One) – DC Scorpio
9. Live Wires Connect – UGK feat Keith Murray & Lord Jamar
10. Drop Trop – E Dawg & Filthy Rich
11. Memories – The Candy Store
12. The Bop Step (Jazz Remix) – Future Sounds
13. We Roc The Mic – Soul Survivors
14. Walk Thru Hell- Mad Man Shawn
15. Sing Sump’n Ruff – Ruff-N-Rugged
16. Going For the Throat – Craig G
17. It’s Hard Being The Kane (Radio Remix Version) – Big Daddy Kane
18. The M Go – Cobra MCees

1. Merry Muthafuckin’ X-Mas – Eazy feat Buckwheat of the Wascalz, Atbann Klann, and Menajahtwa
A little Christmas music for everyone. What do you expect from a site named after a No Face album? Yes, Atbann Klann is everyone’s favorite group to hate, the Black Eyed Peas, minus that talentless chick that tags along with them. Then Buckwheat aka Buc Fifty from the Wascalz, which we saw a release from this year as well. Ruthless was deep in the talent pool, of different kinds of artists, a lot of people don’t realize that.

2. Watch Out – Task4ource

More Chirstmasy type hip hop, kind of. They flip up “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”, so why not include it? Plus this is some pretty rare Philly shit. I know next to nothing about them, except they are a favorite of some of the cats at Philaflava and rare diggers. I’m just now getting put on to them. Rugged shit for sure.

3. Gunz – EZD

This joint is from the Afu-Ra & EZD D&D project with Primo back in the late 90′s that is only out on wax. It’s a bottom heavy track (it’s Primo, duh) that utilizes a nice Biggie sample for the chorus, what did you expect from a late 90′s Preem produced track. Whatever happened to EZD?

4. Rotten Apple (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) – Royal Flush
The Vinyl Reanimators have long been on of my favorite “underrated”. The three man crew made up of Joe Mansfield, Sean C, and DJ Shame have been around remixing shit since the mid 90′s. The Boston crew did a lot of different stuff, Joe Mansfield produced a lot of Ed OG’s first album, DJ Shame made name for himself doing some radio stuff in the Beantown area and they all worked with Scientifik as the Reanimators. They’ve done remixes for everyone from De La Soul to Kool G Rap, but a lot of the casual hip hop heads have never heard of them. Hmmm, I still need to some more on that Boston series (haven’t forgotten Dart), you might be reading about them again in the near future.

5. What’s Up Doc (K-Cuts Master Remix) – Fu-Schnikens

I’m not the bigges Fu fan in the world, I’ll come out and say that right now. But compared to a lot of trash I’m force to listen to these days, they don’t sound all that bad. This remix, which can be found on the b-side of the single, was one of the few Fu-Schnik tracks I could handle in those days, along with the joint that was found on the CB4 sdtk.

6. Shout (G-Clef Remix) – Onyx

I THINK this was a white label only single, meaning, I’m not totally sure. I haven’t heard the originals or the other remix, which I want to say was remixed by Pete Rock. It dropped in ’98, before the groups “Shut ‘Em Down” LP was dropped. G-Clef is kind of a hard producer to find much on. He was apart of the Ghetto Philharmonic group that dropped an album in the early 90′s and was recently posted on Bust The Facts and is also part of Chambermusik, which is a Wu-Killa Bee associate and also just released a group album known as The Lost Secret, which I haven’t heard as of yet. Why am I yammering away about this dude? The reason I put this track on here is the dope as beat. It’s some nice late 90′s hip hop, which there wasn’t a lot of at that time.

7. Doin’ Da Butt – E.U.

We’ll see who all the old cats are that read this site. This joint was fairly popular in the lately 80′s and E.U. even parlayed the success of this single into a cameo apperance with Salt N Pepa with that “Shake Your Thang’” joint, which I hated almost as I did this song. Why I’m I including it now? I’m down with it now. Nothing like a little Go-Go to get you movin’ that ass. Also, a good friend of mine here in town was born and raised in Washington DC, the home of Go-Go. One of these days he’s going to drop a guest post on the history of Go-Go. Besides, this track just makes me reminisce.

8. Stone Cold Hustler (Original, Part One Version) – DC Scorpio

NO, this is not the joint that was on Yo!MTV Raps back in the day that everyone and their dog is looking for. I wish it was. If you have that, HIT ME UP! Another DC cat and one of their pioneers of DC hip hop, although it has a strong G0-Go background, since he was originally a Go-Go artist. This joint has a little Go-Go, Miami Bass and hip hop all mixed together. Fairly rare, but it was something I was into back in the day.

9. Live Wires Connect – UGK feat Keith Murray and Lord Jammar

I didn’t say much about the passing of UGK’s Pimp C, simply because I didn’t listen to a lot of their music and I didn’t want to come off trivial or cheap if I started broadcasting it (I learned of it fairly early that day, before a lot of th
e news had traveled yet). That being said, I thought I should at least tribute the man. This is my tribute. A track off of the “Don’t Be A Menace While Drinking Your Juice in South Central” or whatever the hell that movie was called (I got it wrong, but I don’t feel like looking it up, yeah I’m lazy).

10. Drop Top – E Dawg & Filthy Rich
I’m a fan of early Northwest hip hop since thats my “region”, and this is a classic track from the region in the early 90′s. E Dawg had soooo much potential after appearing on “You Can’t Slip” a b-side on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” 12 inch single. I have only heard one of his albums, which I posted on here during one of my used CD trips, but it was pretty much unlistenable. The track uses the “Outstanding” loop and creates that summer mood of rollin’ around in your convertible and a warm Summers day. I figured it might be nice with the shitty weather the whole country is about to experience.

11. Memories – The Candy Store

I know nothing about this group and unfortunately googling any part of “Candy Store” and “Memories” or adding “Hip Hop” doesn’t help you a whole hellva lot. This is a track I coat tailed Jaz of Cold Rock The Spot. He requested and most of the time if Jaz wants something, there is a good reason for it, so when someone helped him out, I snatched it up. I love the track except for the R&Bish chorus which would ruin the track if it wasn’t for the dope beat.

12. The Bop Step (Jazz Mix) – The Future Sound

A nice b-side remix from a promo only 12 inch single. A nice guitar loop accompanies a nice drum break from one of the more slept on early 90′s groups that was “discovered” by Clark Kent and signed by the one and only Dame Dash.

13. We Rock The Mic – Soul Survivors

Another group I don’t know much about. The came out during the indie boom of the late 90′s/turn of the century time period, although this track sounds like it could have came out in the early 90′s very easily. It has an interesting vocal sample which I want to say is Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath fame, but I was never a big Sabbath fan, so I’m not sure I’d bet on that.

14. Walk Thru Hell – Madman Shawn

Another joint I got from Jaz’s request (hey at least I admit this shit…haha). Another joint I don’t know much about it. I remember hearing of him in an old magazine, maybe The Source way back when, but I can’t ever recall hearing him. Familiar drum break but some dope lyrics that makes for a good track that I’m guessing came out in the early-mid 90′s with it’s “posse” type chorus. You know the type, you get all your boys to shout the chorus during the hook. Nice track though.

15. Swing Sump’n Ruff – Ruff-N-Rugged

More early 90′s goodness. I can’t say it offers anything you haven’t heard before, but it’s a solid track that will be sure to give those of you around during the time period (meaning you were into hip hop at the time) some fond memories.

16. Going For The Throat – Craig G

Ahhh, yes, I love good old fashioned, lyrical beat down dis cuts and thats precisely what this is. Craig takes out MC Shan in this CD only bonus cut. Craig basically belittles Shan when he was having “problems”, which from what I’ve heard about Shan, he probably deserved. Scoreboard Craig.

17. It’s Hard Being the Kane (Radio Remix) – Big Daddy Kane

At this time, I was a BIG Kane fan. This appeared on his “Raw 91″ maxi-single EP that he dropped my senior year in high school. It was also the first time I remember really being disappointed with Big Daddy. The EP was ehhhhh. At least it was compared to the shit coming out at the time. I think it was more the “Raw ’91″ cut that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. This Price Paul produced track though, was some goodness. The tape still got play, but I still consider it the beginning of the end for BDK.

18. The M Go – Cobra MCees

A rare treat, which I think I got on the Bust the Facts boards from Jimmy, if so, damn, thanks! We should all know that I have a special place in my musical ear for any late 80′s golden aged hip hop and this is exactly what that is. I love this shit. Booming drums, familiar samples and just straight up hip hop the way it was meant to be. Call me old fashioned, but they just don’t make it the same. In some ways thats good, some ways thats bad. Pick up this comp for this song alone if you’re a old school head.

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