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Scanz – Prelude To A Legacy

by Juice Mannen Hugo on December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas people. Big holiday coming up, end of the year feast. Amazingly I’m off work already, I got more free time then I know what to do with. All my friends are working, my female comprade of choice is off work, but in another country. Word of advice, don’t get involved with nothing but locally available women. It doesn’t matter if she’s smoking hot, if a full tank of gas won’t even get you to her she’s to far away (it might be different if you’re dumb rich though so you could just fly her in whenever you feel like it, matter of fact that just might be the ultimate relationship). Anyways, that’s why I rather f*** with music. You can download it for free wherever you’re at as along as you got a decent internet connection. Sometimes it’s even free as in legally free, which I prefer.

That’s why I was happily surprised when some guy (edit. Big Aubrey) called from Krs-One’s management e-mailed me about a week ago asking me to listen to this new young Rawkus50 artist album, and to share it with fellow hip-hop heads at WYDU. It’s about the 19 year old emcee/producer Scanz. I guess I reached the level of being a record industry promotional tool, sweet. Actually it’s the first time anybody contacted me with a request like that. I’m sure I’m not the only one contacted, this record is probably already posted on several sites. So, the other good thing about being off work is I have time to actually throw up a post. I know next to nothing about Scanz. It seems he is from Newark, NJ. He is reported to have worked with established artists as Krs-One, Copywrite, Mr. Lif. One of the bigger records he has produced so far is Channel Live’s hit Hip-Hop Nation, and from what the press info said he’s been producing most of a soon to be released Channel Live project of some kind (already dropped?). He is one of the Rawkus 50 and on 11/27 Scanz released his debut album Prelude To A Legacy digitally, threw Rawkus.

I’ve only given it a couple of listens yet so it couldn’t give you a proper review (I suck at writing reviews so that’s no real problem). A couple of words though. It’s a decent effort, a couple of really dope stand out tracks. No wack tracks, really. The whole record might not be amazing but it really is strong effort threw out the whole album. My favourite tracks are powerful You Know The Deal, the Akrobatik collabo Choose Your Hustle. The absolute best track is I Am Hip Hop where he puts in nice piano loop and samples several 90’s classic hip hop tunes.
New info. I’m always glad to see there’s some artists reading checking this site. Frank G of ISH Production commented below letting me know he did some of the production for this joing. He did good and he deserves to be mentioned. Good looking man!

Scanz – Prelude To A Legacy (2007)

1. You Know The Deal
2. Don’t Front
3. Something New ft. Yasin
4. Choose Your Hustle ft. Akrobatic
5. Make It Happen
6. Like This
7. Feel It
8. Bigger Than Rap
9. A Dimepiece
10. Deep End
11. I Am Hip Hop
12. I Can Teach Ya


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