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Requests & Re-Ups

by Travis on December 19, 2007

I spent most of my day at my computer and staring out the window, watching the rain come down. I’ve finally got high speed so I’ve been taking advantage of it, catching up on some of the blogs that I just didn’t have the time or patience to look over. Then of course doing some downloading and some uploading. It’s been a lazy day and a damn good day at that. Sometimes rainy, gloomy days are the best. Of course the next few days are going to be hectic with me going down to Salt Lake City (my least favorite place in the world) and seeing my daughter (one of my favorite things to do in the world). It’s always a bit stressful, but I’m sure that most of you that have dealt with split families know what I’m talking about.

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Alright, three posts in one day from the WYDU crew….eh, who said we were organized around here. Some re-ups and requests. I’ll try to get some more uploaded before I venture out tomorrow, but not sure how far I’ll get.

KC Flightt – In Flightt (RCA, 1987)

1 Planet E (House Mix) (4:47)
2 Let’s Get Jazzy (3:53)
3 Summer Madness (5:28)
Vocals – Jazz
4 Bass Line (4:43)
5 Let’s Go (4:40)
6 Jazz Player (6:28)
7 Fantasy (4:27)
8 She’s Sexxy (Fantasy Mix) (5:43)
9 Your Place Or Mine (6:14)
Featuring – Randy Muller
10 It Goes Like This (5:27)
Vocals – Jazz
11 Africa (4:19)
12 Let’s Get Jazzy (Dope Mix) (4:45)

There is some weird stuff going on with this album. My man Dr. OK had a nice write up about this album, which is where I got, but he has since erased it…I think. Anyway, some house music, some hip hop, some of this some of that. The lead single “Planet E” was a big mover on “Yo!” back in the day, which of course is where I ran into at. I’m not going to say it was a “good” album, but its worth a listen. Those with open musical tastes will probably like more than the boom-bap kids, but hey, it is what it is.

Dove Shack – This is The Shack (RAL, 1995)

1 Intro (Skit)
Producer – DJ Enuf
2 Smoke Out
Producer – Clizark
3 This is the Shack
Producer – Warren G
4 Summertime in LBC
Producer – Dove Shack
Vocals – Arnita Porter
5 Bomb Drop
Producer – Jason Mizell
6 The Train (Skit)
Produced – DJ Enuf
7 Fuck Ya Mouth
Produced – Clizark
8 Slap A Hoe (Skit)
Producer – Ghetto Klownz
9 Freestyle Interview (Skit)
Voice – Tina Davis
10 Freestyle
Producer – Crazy C
11 Crooked Cop (Skit)
Producer – DJ Enuf
12 Ghetto Life
Producer – Crazy C
13 East Side Party
Producer – Jason Mizell
14 Rollin Wit A Gang
Producer – Clizark
15 We Funk (The G Funk)
Producer – Young Jedi
16 There’ll Come A Day
Producer – Dove Shack
17 Summertime In The LBC (Rap)
Producer – Dove Shack

Some LBC stuff from the mid 90′s. Figured Warren G would have more to do with this than he did, but it’s still got that g-funk flavor that was s.ome damn prevalent in that time period. It’s done better than some of the generic g-funk crap that was floating around during the time and I still like poppin’ this album in from time to time even though my tastes have strayed from the west coast g-funk gangsta stuff from that era

Eazy E – 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick (Ruthless, 1992)

1 Intro: New Year’s E-vil (0:49)
2 Only If You Want It (3:03)
Producer – Naughty By Nature
3 Neighborhood Sniper (5:12)
Producer – Cold 187Um
4 Niggaz My Height Don’t Fight (3:14)
Producer – Bobby “Bobcat” Ervin
5 Merry Mutha****** Xmas (5:54)
Producer – Dr. Jam* , Madness 4 Real
Rap [Featuring] – Atbann Klann , Buckwheat , Menajahtwa

Eazy for Christmas, how festive for the seasons. There is more written for last years, now traditional, upload of Eazy E’s first solo EP.

Lost & Found Volume 3

1. Lyrical Tactics – Mister Voodoo
2. Hardcore Hip Hop – Rawcotiks
3. Bust Mine – Natural Elements
4. I Got Your Back – Nightbreed
5. Sunnyside – Finsta Bundy
6. Vinyl Athletes – Muro feat Lord Finesse & AG
7. Searching 4 Meaning – Laster
8. Stick To The Plan – Brainsick
9. Lock Shit Down – Dark Skinned Assassin
10. Prepare for Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Style
11. Harlem USA – Children Of The Corn
12. Don’t Trust Anyone – Street Smartz
13. A Madman’s Dream – East Flatbush Project
14. For All Thoze – J-Force
15. Da Bomb Baby – Godfather Don
16. Killers On Wax – Mikey D
17. Not Enuff Time – Hillfiguz
18. Ruthless Bastards – Ruthless Bastards
19. Trust Me Remix – Mecca II Medina

Lost & Found 5

1. Magic Chef – Rawcotiks
2. Tri-Boro – Natural Elements
3. Against The Grain – Sauce Money
4.World Premier – Rob-O
5. Tight Team – Shamus
6. Don’t Really Wanna Stop – G-Dep
7. Word Is Bond – House of Pain feat Diamond
8. Up On Prospect – Hilfiguz
9. Camu – MHz
10. We Live This – Mobb Deep feat Big Noyd & Roxanne Shante
11. Who Got The Funk – Science of Sound feat Phife
12. People Call Me Milk – Young Zee feat Krs & Busta
13. What Goes Up Remix – Mack Da Maniak feat Lost Boyz & Chubb Rock
14. Da Chronic Asthmatics – Raazda Ruckuz
15. Slappin Sucka Silly remix – Yaggfu Front feat Diamond
16. Respect Costs More Than Money – Shazam X feat Percee P
17. Bomb MC – Colored Section
18. Enjoy Yourself – Broadway
19. Just A Little Flava – II Unorthodox
20. Kool’n – Deadly

I think these are legitimate collections. I remember reading about them somewhere else not long ago. But I still can’t find shit on them anywhere else. I don’t have the fourth volume, so if anyone has that, hook it up.

Maggotron – The Invasion Will Not Be Televised (Jamarc, 1989)

A1 Return to the Planet of Bass
A2 Bass, What’s Happenin’ Black
A3 Fresh Beets
A4 Bass Invaders
A5 Psychotic Bass Babble
B1 Jungle Bass From the Planet Detroit
B2 That’s My Man Throwin’ Down
B3 Caroline, No
B4 Welcome to the Planet of Bass
B5 It Sells

Some of the Miami Bass that I’ve grown to love. This is some weird shit, and honestly I haven’t listened to it forever, so I can’t really say much more about it other than ch-ch-check it out.

YB – I Am What I Am

01 – Dynamite Soul
02 – I Am What I Am
03 – Spy In The House Of Jazz
04 – Give ‘em What U Got
05 – Who’s Gonna Take The Blame
06 – Thicker Than Water
07 – Scavengers
08 – Blood Flows With Force
09 – Keep Waiting
10 – Gotta Be Perfect
11 – Hard As A Criminal
12 – Give ‘em What U Got (Remix)

Some more corny, yet kind of fun hip hop from the early 90′s……All I’m going to say about, yeah I’m lazy tonight

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