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Requests & Re-Ups Part Two

by Travis on December 22, 2007

A.T.B.A.N. Klann – Grass Roots (Ruthless) (Promo Only, Never Released) download

01 – Open Your Mind
02 – Goin’ For A Ride
03 – Lord Of The Files
04 – Adidas
05 – Mountain Top
06 – Quid Pro Quo
07 – No Sequel
08 – World’s Gone Mad
09 – Rain On Me
10 – Dedicated
11 – Styles Are Critical
12 – Puddles Of H2o
13 – Focus On You
14 – Stroling
15 – La Borio Woman Beater
16 – Let Me Get Down

Alright, so the story goes like this: Eazy E signed a conscious grou
p, the Atban Klann, to Ruthless in the early 90′s. Who Is the Atban Klann you ask? Well, they would soon morph into everyone’s favorite group to hate, the Black Eyed Peas, minus the chick who thought she was country, then hip hop, now a pop princess, but we’ll just ignore that. In all actuality, this unreleased album isn’t really all that bad. I know I did a post for this before, but damn if I can find it on my own blog. Scary I know.

The Dogs Featuring Disco Rick – The Dogs (JR Records, 1990)

01 Intro (0:50)
02 Where Is Disco Rick At? (3:20)
03 Lets Go, Lets Go (3:26)
04 F..k The President (3:29)
05 Ten Little N……s (4:31)
06 Lick It (3:40)
07 Take It Baby (4:07)
08 Dog Call (4:47)
09 Take It Off (4:10)
10 Crack Rock (4:19)
11 Who Gives A F..k (3:23)
12 Get Loose (4:34)
13 F..k You All (2:10)

Armed with an album cover that looked it belonged on a 1970′s stoner van, another “who they used to be” stuff going on with this as well. My old school bass heads will undoubtedly know who Gucci Crew was. If they do, they probably also know that Disco Rick was part of the Gucci Crew until he more or less said “Fuck You” to the Crew and did his own thing with this group, The Dogs. Think Gucci Crew with some 2 Live Crew thrown in and you’ll know what to expect.

College Boyz – Radio Fusion Radio (Virgin, 1992)
1. Victim of the Ghetto
2. Iinterlude: Radio Fusion Radio
3. Hollywood Paradox
4. Politics of a Gangster
5. Underground Blues
6. Interlude: The Homeless
7. Rigmarole
8. Interlude: After These Messages
9. Interlude: Peter Pump
10. Interlude: I Gotcha
11. Humpin’
12. Interlude: Phone Sex
13. College Boyz in the House
14. Interlude: Concerned Parent
15. Real Man
16. Interlude: Highroller Parade
17. How Ta Act
18. Interlude: Tips of the Day
19. Funky Quartet of the Day
20. Interlude: Who the F… Is This?
21. Politics of a Gangster Dub

Some early 90′s west coast “reality” rap for the set. I was never overly crazy about this group, but you request it, we post it….corny I know, work with me here, it’s late.

1. Aggravated Mayheim
2. Mad Nigga
3. Record Deal
4. Life
5. Runaway Slave
6. Da Hood
7. What You Say
8. Da Bullet
9. Cold World
10. Me By Myself
11. Have You Ever Heard
12. Last Driveby
13. Kill Whitey

One of the more overlooked of the Rap-A-Lot releases. I know I did initially myself. Only running this blog did I really sit down and listen to this and it isn’t to shabby, if you are into that thing.

Def Dames – 2-4-The Bass (Sedona Recording Company, 1989)

1 set it off
2 guy’s best friend
3 976 boom
4 2-4 the bass
5 make it mellow
6 which posse can dance the best
7 let’s get busy
8 you’re the 1-2-me
9 work it!
10 kut’n'up sucksas!
11 do u wanna battle tomkat?

Here’s a request. Think of L’Trimm with a little less charasmia. I
t is what it is, meaning it came out in 89′ with the whole female bass vibe going on. Nothing great. The voices are hard to handle and the lyrics are booty, but it’s some 89′ vibe bass music, so if you are a fan of that, it’s worth checking out.

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