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Left Over Christmas Goodies

by Travis on December 26, 2007

Looks like Santa forgot some stuff and left them in my inbox. Alright, corny, but what do you expect from a fat man sitting behind a keyboard trying to keep from over dosing on chocolate? Of course I’m talking about myself and not Santa. The holiday season has been a little slow in the promo and PR departments around the record biz. If you are not one of the big fish in the small pond, you usually write it home during the fourth quarter of the year and let the heavyweights duke it out for sales. None the less a few things have found their way to my inbox so I thought I should share them with the readers to hold them over while I’m working on year end posts and another used CD shopping trip post.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’ve liked Atmosphere’s music. When I saw this I was kind of shocked and pleasantly surprised. Ant has improved in leaps and bounds and Slug seems like someone you could grab a beer with and oogle at the barmaids serving you. Otherwords, he reminds me of….well me in someways. So I guess I identify with his music more in my older, alcoholic, self destructive ways these days. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I haven’t really been disappointed in anything they’ve released so I’m sure if you are already a fan of their music you should like this.

From Slug:

as a way to thank all of our supporters, ant and i have put together this party favor.

it’s called “strictly leakage.” thirteen songs to chase away the winter doldrums.
free and downloadable at either of these links: (Right Click and Save as…) (Mirror)

it’s great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again.

is downloadable a word?
what’s a doldrum?

nonetheless, thank you for the love, and please have a happy safe holiday.

oh yeah, i almost forgot,
“sad clown bad winter 11″ is available now, and a new album from atmosphere, “when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold” will be available on april 22 2008.

T.E.F.L.O.N. is a producer/MC out of the D.C. area. Since one of my homies is from the DC are, I know those DC cats can be crazy but you don’t think of a lot of quality coming out of the nation’s capital. At first I was kind of apprehensive when I saw the cover and the name, thinking I was in for some of the run of the mill norm thug/gangsta lyrics. Luckily for me though (and you), the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” as this possess more resemblance to Little Brother than Lil Wayne. Sure, we have our gun talk here and there, but the majority of the production is pretty soulful with the tracks “Sure Thing” and “Lethal Dosage” standing out the most for me. It’s a mixtape and I’m getting to where I would rather bang my head against a brick wall than listen to 90% of the mixtapes out there but this is good enough to get me to check for his project that will be dropping in 2008.

I know I’ve heard of this dude somewhere before. That doesn’t mean much, with the onslaught of myspace artists and the such. I did notice that he has DJ JS1 down on a couple a tracks, so that right there gives hime some creditability. This is made up of Jackie Chan movie clips and Kung-Fu references. While not entirely original, it does make for an interesting listen although some of it isn’t exactly my kind of thing, but what do I know? I just play a music critic on the internet.

Here is what Okwerdz had to say:

First of all id like to thank you for downloading the “Rush Hour” EP, for something i wrote very quickly i think its a very fun record. If you enjoy this please spread it to as many people as you can and be sure to hit us up at and for details on our new projects! ur also welcome to donate on the website via paypal if u really wanna support, not required and i dont care if u dont wanna, but if u wanna throw down a few bucks for the hardest workin mawfucka there is ur certainly welcome to.

Also I understand that not everyone is a jackie chan fan and alot of you wont understand the references so if you are curious to figuring some of the material out or u just want to become more familiar with jackie chan movies, i have constructed a list of films that i made references to in this record so i urge you to check these out not only to understand my record but to support jackie chan as he is one of the most amazing people ive ever met in my life and his movies are legendary to grow up on. anyways heres the list:

First Strike
Drunken Master 1 & 2
Armour of God

Around the World in 80 Days

Fearless Hyena
Wheels on Meals

Dragons Forever

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

Project A

Rumble in the Bronx

Island of Fire
Rush Hour 1 & 3

City Hunter

Twin Dragons

Who am I

Mr. Canton and Lady Ros
Mr. Nice Guy

Police Story
Spiritual Kung Fu

New Police Story

if u want more titles that didnt get mentioned in this cd search online at Tai Seng, Netflix or ur local video store they should be able to assist you….or you can do what i did when i was a little kid, go raid ur nearest china town.

before i get outta here i wanna thank everyone that was involved with making this, seth for makin some bangin ass beats for me to get down on, young collage for assisting my terrible singin ass on these hooks, T-lo and Calliz for mixing my shit down and putting up with my crap, DJ JS 1 for commin through with them cuts, Bekah for commin through with the vocals last minute, everyone that helped push this all the fans who downloaded, and of course jackie chan for doin cool shit! peace!

- Okwerdz

This might just be my favorite treat I’ve received recently in the ole inbox. It’s a tribute to the late great James Brown, who passed away a year ago last Christmas day. For someone such as myself, who while knowing is impact and importance to the hip hop format, wasn’t all that familiar his is individual works, I found this a great piece of work. Even those who might be funk fiends might find this enjoyable. Well worth checking out.

Kidd Russell is an MC out of Chicago. The album is basically real life stuff of Kidd quiting his nine to five and pursuing his dream. It has some interesting concepts although I’m still getting my bearings with the album. My first listening experience left me not all that impressed. The second one I concentrated on the stronger parts of the album and was left with a better perception of the album. I still don’t think everything on here is exactly my taste, but I think it’s something that needs to be heard.

Untied….the album story


Ghost House Records


The story of this album is Biographical. It the true story about how I left my 9 to 5 job and chased my life long dream of becoming an emcee and artist. Like all first albums and like life itself this album has mistakes and flaws, its highs and lo
ws, moments of regret but over all I feel this album, especially the quality of sound (mixed by Morgan “MO” Butler via Raxx traxx) is as good as any artist mainstream or underground. But I’ll let you be the judge. I wrote this for my fans and any other people who want to know more about Kidd Russell the artist, how to put an album together and any one who wants to know more my album UNTIED. The following is the story behind each song. This album has allowed me to tour the Country and open for such acts as THE ROOTS, MICKEY AVALON, MR. LIF, COMMON, NAPPY ROOTS, TECH 9, AND MORE. To complete this album I had to defeat all my fears, step outside all my comfort zones and conquer the biggest challenge of my life. But in the end I have my story told as best I can…

I hope you enjoy



The Dream Skit

This is the dream I had that fueled the album. I had

it in 2002 and made it happen in 2006. Just like

how I saw the roots in 2003 and opened for them

in 2007. Your mind can make anything you dream

come true you just gotta have no fear….



This song is produced by 2nyce.

I wrote it about the state of hip hop. I was getting

sick of hearing snap you finger songs, dem franchise boys,

and shitty groups like that. So I wrote this song

for all my hip hop heads and fellow Emcees

like Common, lupe and kanye that need to bring

that real music to the for-front. To re-inspire

people to better themselves. And put out

that straight from our soul’s music.

We need you hip hop heads to support us….


Suburban Anthropology

Kidd Russell feat Jimmy Con and A.d.d.

produced by Jimmy Con

We’ve heard a million songs about what its like in

the hood growing up and other places all over

the world. This is actuallywhat its like growing up in

suburbia. Tell me im wrong and check out the video.


El Train skit

My typical day headed to work on the el in chicago


Back n the day

Produced by M.o.

Kidd Russell feat. M.O. and Jaswel Race on the hook

Remember that feeling you had as a kidd goofing

off in class. A summer day, first time you got pussy,

first great hip hop song that ever moved you. This is

what this song represents simple good times growing up.

Check out MO’s verse flip flops with sox….Classic!!

Even the beat is vintage….



This is about my Ex at the time Ty. It’s also

how I got the album title when I broke up with her I

was talking to my co-workers at the time and they

were clowning me about how I should name my album

Unty’d and that’s how they spelled it. Since the metaphor

of my album is about quitting my 9 to 5

and actually pursuing my dream it just worked but

I spelled it UNTIED and wrote a song about taking

off the tie. But this song is about the heartbreak

I felt breaking up with her….man was it therapeutic



Produced by Jimmy Con

This song I actually wrote hung over in Las Vegas.

Its about how you actually see people like celebs

living their dream, partying, spending cash like crazy.

I was like man I wish I was in Vegas, I wish I was

in LA I wish I quit my job and go on permanent Holiday.

It’s another dream metaphor that I set as a dream

I’m having at work and then I am awaken by my boss



Office Space Skit

This is actually based off the movie. But when

you’re working for someone and they keep

trying to make you do shit you can’t stand doing.

That was my life in a box. You can feel the

frustration I was having in this skit



Produced by Jimmy Con and Co written

This song is about quitting my job if you

don’t get it you’re probably retarded. It was

nice to unleash a lot of rage on this song. Should

be good song to work out too.


After Work Drinks

Produced by Jimmy Con and Adrian Richardson

Jaswel Race on the hook feat M.O.

This was the first song I wrote for the album.

I got the idea getting messed up after work. Titles

obvious but the story in the song is being young

and dumb just sneaking outa work and going to

get wasted wit my boys…no brainer!!!



Produced by MO

Me and Mo produced and wrote this song wasted

at raxx traxx studio in Chicago. We just got

banged up and wrote a fun song. I think its

some dope party lyrics…


Piss Skit

Just to ty the album together switching the focus



Skin so soft

Produced by jimmy con and Adrian Richardson and

My boy Jaswel Race is on the hook. I actually wrote this song

4 years ago for a mix tape while I was living in LA.

And always wanted to recreate it since it got me

Laid many times in college.

This song is about that falling in love feeling you

get. When loves at its freshest and you feel like

you’d take a bullet for women. I got a great

concept for a video for this one stay tuned for that


Phone Call Skit

This was basically the story I wake up hung

over craving some McDonalds and my boss wants

me to come into work….So I quit my job….Fuck it.

Here’s to new beginnings!



Produced by Jimmy Con feat Stash

I wrote this song about how you make your life

paradise. I believe we can all make our dreams

come true you just gotta take action. This

is the recipe for living your dream. I hope it

inspires you to do the same no matter what

your true passion in life is. Also the most popular

track on the album.


Dusk Till Dawn

Produced by Jimmy Con

This song is about being a champion. Its a

celebration song. It’s actually the last song

I recorded for the album and you can see it

in Kidd Russell Highlights in my video section.


Easy Rider

Produced by ill legit

I gotta apologize to illy on this but due

to time restraints for my album release the mix

on this song isn’t that good so it takes away

from how good this beat is and how fuckin

legendary this song was. I just wanted to

tell mother fuckas who I was. Check out the lyrics

and we will re-release this song


City Luv

Produced by Adrian Richardson Feat. Jaswel Race

I wrote this song about being single in the city

or just that lonely feeling you get being

single…….Yes even guys lonely



Produced by 2nyce feat Jaswel Race

This song is just about concentrating on the

goodtimes in life. Everyone’s life has struggles

and stress but sometimes you just gotta

let the stress in your life FADE AWAY…..


In the Morning

Kidd Russell feat A.d.d and Jaswel Race

Just listen to this song. This song is so

smooth my girl’s mom sings it having no

idea it’s about the walk of shame after having

a one night stand…legendary…check out the remix

that’s the one we perform live


Only Have eyes

Produced by AR

This song is about something tell me what you think

when you’re done listening


Don’t Cry 4 me

Produced by 2nyce

This is my favorite song on the album. The hook

goes “I’ve faced all my fears/lived with these tears/

while chasing me dream/I’m proud of who I am/

love my friends and fam/ so WHEN I DIE DONT CRY

FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! that says it all


Bonus Track

My boy COLT “Boom Boom” Cabana wrestles for the

WWE and this is his theme song. Funny as hell

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