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Used CD Shopping Trip: Month of November

by Travis on December 27, 2007

I wrote the majority of this back in November and have been sitting on it ever since. I had planned to post it after my first used CD excursion but after taking over two hours to upload one album on a friends computer, I said fuck that and decided to wait until I got my internet situation resolved. I’ve added other trips as I went along. The month of December has been one of Hannah Montana and High School Musical CD’s for my daughter, so hence, no trips this month. I’m going to have expose her to some better music in the next couple years. If I hear Hannah Montana again in my life, it’ll be too soon.

With the move, it means “new” places for me to go digging for used CD’s. In all actuality, most of these places are my old haunts that a lot of my collection has come from in the past. The town doesn’t have a lot of independent music stores, which are my favorite places to go digging. The only place currently in town is “The Record Exchange”, other than that, we have “Hastings”, which Eric on WTR discovered this year can contain a treasure trove of goodies at times. As I said, I’m well familiar with the places around here, so as I was driving around submitting resumes to places, I had to stop by my two favorite Hastings locations in town and check out the used CD sections.

1st Stop: Hastings On Fairview Ave & South Cole Road Total CD’s Bought: Four,Total Spent: $7.62

Hastings has raised their prices since I was last in town over the Christmas season, which kind of sucks. I saw many CD’s I had bought in Denver for a few bucks going for seven to eight bucks here, which is a joke. There was some decent stuff, but I’m always on a budget, and even more so now without a job. I am going to go back and get “Boogiemonsters – God Sound” Lp when I have the dough.

Domino – Dominology (Thug Records, 1997)(a/k/a/ The World of Dominology)$1.99

1. Dominology
2. Shake It Up
3. On Them Thangz
4. Do You Like It
5. Keep Goin’
6. Get Yo Money
7. Come On Over
8. Sowed Up Like Clothes
9. Daddy Mack
10. Booty Call
11. Just Clownin’
12. Everybody Wanna Be A G

I was a big fan of Domino’s debut self titled LP that dropped in ’95 and often wondered why although he released several other LP’s after his debut, but none of them made any noise, I mean NONE, ZERO, ZILCH. Well, for a $1.99, I figured I could afford to find out. It’s easy to see why he never reached “gold” again. Everything that was good about “Domino” is not found on here and everything that made west coast hip-hop fall on its face in the late 90′s is found on here. But, feel free to hear for yourself.

The Creators – Weight (Bad Magic, 2000) $1.99

1. The Mission – DJ Mr. Thing
2. The Music – El Da Sensei
3. We Waitin’ – Evidence
4. Heart Pound – Evidence
5. The Legacy… – Masta Ace
6. That’s My Word – Craig G
7. All Yours – T. La Rock
8. Kronkite – Phil Da Agony
9. Fonk Flavour – Plus One
10. In And Out – Consequence
11. Zillo – DJ Mighty Mi
12. Street Conexions – Out Da Ville
13. Zooted – Mike Zoot
14. Hoe’s And Dough – Mike Zoot
15. Creators (Rise On Top) – The Creators
16. (Another) Another World – Mos Def
17. Internatio Nal Ghetto – Juliano
18. W.A.R. – Tribel
19. The Aftermath
– The Creators
20. No Love – F.T.
21. Before We Touch – Juliano
22. Watch Us Touch – Consequence
23. Enter The Stage – Mad Lib
24. The Cypher – Lootpack
25. Skits, Blunts And Hip Hop – Diamond D
26. Oh Yeah – Mike Zoot
27. The Coming – The Creators
28. Hard Margin – Mos Def

I remember downloading the Consequence and Phil Da Agony tracks right when this album probably came out and liked both of them a lot. They both got a lot of play on my own mixtapes I’d make for myself. I looked for the CD, although probably not to hard, and never found it. Earlier this year, I think Dart Adams posted it up and I checked it then. It’s a good album, and since its a producers album, the beats all have the same kind of flavor to them. Well worth checking out if you haven’t already.

K-Solo – Times Up (Atlantic, 1992) $4.99

1. I Can’t Hold It Back
2. Letterman
3. Long Live The Fugitive
4. Premonition Of A Black Prisoner
5. Sneak Tip
6. The Baby Doesn’t Look Like Me
7. The Formula (House Party)
8. Who’s Killin’ Who?
9. Household Maid
10. Rock Bottom
11. King Of The Mountain

This was the highlight of the trip, finding this. I had this way back when, but lost it in my house party days while living in Salt Lake City. This bad boy is going for $18.99 on Amazon right now, so the couple bucks thrown down for it was more than worth it.

Cru feat Slick Rick – Just Another Case Single (Def Jam, 1997) $0.99

1. Radio Edit
2. Remix Radio Edit
3. LP Instrumental

I’m a sucka for remixes that appear on singles and for a buck, I figured I’d pick up this for the remix alone, which is actually just the same song with the same keys but using the same drum break that is found on “Mona Lisa”.

Hastings on Overland Rd & 5-Mile Road Total CD’s Bought: Four Total Spent $9.63

This location was my homebase growing up. I spent many hours and dollars in this store. It was close to my parents house growing up, so I felt right at home there. Same story as the other store though, little on the high side for what they were trying to sell.

YG’z – Street N—a (Reprise, 1993) $1.99

1. Street Nigga
2. Ghetto Club
3. Sumthin’ 4 da Head
4. Wonders in da Bed
5. Itchy Trigger Finger
6. Street Nigga [Pete Rock Remix]

Pete Rock’s weed carriers dropped this EP, after making noise on the “Menace II Society” soundtrack. They were not all that talented, and Pete didn’t give them his best stuff, but I still think of this story every time I think of the YG’z.

Fesu – War With No Mercy (Continum Records, 1994) $1.99

1. War With No Mercy
2. Scariest M.F. Gonna Shoot
3. King Daddy
4. Fallin’ Off Da Deep End
5. That Time Of The Month
6. G
7. Goin’ In Circles
8. 22 Ag’
9. Life Out Da Matchbox
10. Minister Robert
11. Blind-Cripple And Crazy
12. Ya Don’t Stop
13. Uncut Funk
14. Brother Warren

I guess this dudes claim to fame would be highlited in “The Souce” (when it still meant a shit) as an Unsigned Hype artist. The album isn’t all that, but it’s not bad.

Sway & King Tech-Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol 1& 2 $1.99

Vol 1

1 Wake Up Show Theme Intro
2 Red Alert Intro
3 AMG Freestyle
4 Lady Patra & Little Vicious Freestyle
5 Grand Daddy IU* Freestyle
6 Mr. Magic Interlude
7 Freddie Foxx* Freestyle
8 Shyheim & Wu Tang Clan* Freestyle
9 Shyheim Freestyle Pt. 2
10 Champ MC Freestyle
11 Supernatural (2) Freestyle
12 Akinyele Freestyle
13 Jay Z* & Original Flavor Freestyle
14 H2O (12) Freestyle
15 Fugees Freestyle
16 Masta Ace Freestyle
17 Milk D* Freestyle
18 Buju Banton Freestyle
19 Born Jamericans Freestyle
20 Daddy O.* Freestyle
21 MC Eiht Freestyle
22 Kool G. Rap* Freestyle
23 Alkaholiks* Freestyle
24 Maestro Fresh Wes* Freestyle
25 Black Moon Freestyle
26 Serch* Freestyle
27 Nas Freestyle
28 Jamal-Ski* Freestyle
29 Crash Man* Freestyle
30 Dred Scott Freestyle
31 Kurious Freestyle
32 Bobbito Freestyle
33 Yaggfu Front Freestyle
34 Motion Man & Evol (3) Freestyle

Vol 2
1. Warning/Anthem

2. Doug E. Fresh
3. Born Allah & Kool G. Rap
4. Mykill Miers & Arrogant
5. Wake Up Show Anthem-Mexakinz
6. Born Jamericans
7. KRS One, Chino XL & Ras Kass
8. Tony Tiger
9. Ras Kass, Mykill Miers & KRS One
10. Boot Camp Clik-Wake Up Show Anthem #2
11. Born Allah-Wake Up Show Anthem #2
12. Mykill Miers & O.C.
13. Ugo, Saafir & Mad One
14. Ras Kass
15. Ahmad
16. Supernatural
17. King Just & Mad One
18. Wu Tang Clan-Wake Up Show Anthem #4
19. Def Jef & Voodoo
20. Coolio & Ras Kass
21. Voodoo & Ed Lover
22. Phone Call & Special Ed
23. Alkaholiks & Xzibit
24. Arrogant
25. Casual, Saafir & Tajai
26. Interlude & AZ
27. Mystikal, Snaggie Puss & Phil Da Agony
28. Fugees & DJ Qbert
29. Outro-We’ll Be Right Back – (take 6)

I loved these Freestyles back in the day. I had a bunch of tapes I bought from Tapekingz or something like that in the day with a bunch of them. Then these started coming out on CD. I had a couple but lord knows where they are today. I’ve seen all nine or ten of these on a blog somewhere else before if someone was gung ho on collecting all of them, they are out there as is just about anything else your heart desires is.

November 16, Hastings on Boise Ave

Black Sheep – Non Fiction (Mercury, 1994) $4.99 (Clean Version)

1 Non-Fiction Intro (1:27)
2 Autobiographical (5:30)
3 B.B.S. (4:04)
Vocals – Emage
4 City Lights (4:08)
5 Do Your Thing (5:23)
6 E.F.F.E.C.T. (4:48)
Featuring – Showbiz & A.G.
7 Freak Y’ All (4:54)
Vocals – Chi-Ali
8 Gotta Get Up (4:49)
9 Let’s Get Cozy (4:09)
10 Me & My Brother (4:29)
11 North South East West (3:44)
12 Peace to the Niggas (4:44)
13 Summa Tha Time (4:37)
Vocals – Emage , Michelle Valentine
14 We Boys (5:54)
Featuring – Legion, The
15 Who’s Next? (5:24)
Featuring – Sweet T
16 Without A Doubt (4:06)
17 Non-Fiction Outro (2:32)

I rarely ever take an album back if I don’t like it, but the Black Sheep’s sophomore album was one of those I did take back after taking one listen. Not sure if I just wasn’t able to enjoy something like this album back then or if I was just so caught off guard by the complete 180 degree change they possessed on this album from their debut, but I wasn’t feeling it in the least. After downloading it again a year or two ago and listening to it, it’s not all that bad
. The lead single “Without A Doubt” is quite possibly one of my favorite joints from the 90′s and the rest of the album just showcases a more mature effort from the Sheep.

The Almighty RSO – Revenge of da Badd Boyz (RCA, 1994)

1 Hellbound (The RSO Saga Part 2) (5:34)
2 Revenge Of Da Badd Boyz (4:02)
3 One Of Those Nightz (3:51)
Featuring – Freddie Foxxx
4 One In The Chamba (The RSO Saga Part 1) (5:08)
5 Out On Parole (Time To Flip) (1:00)
Vocals – Wild Juvenile ROCK, The
6 5 Minutes Of Doom (Comin’ From The Legion) (5:27)
Featuring – Beef (2) , Big Roscoe & Mody , Buddha Man , Kool Gsus* , Fly Ty , Mass Murderer Mike & ACE , Tangg The Juice

I have never been a big fan of Benzino, even prior to learning of what a dickhead he is with the whole Source and Eminem beef. Needless to say, I’ve never owned any of the his group or solo material in the past. I did, however, like “One In Tha Chamber”, which was quite popular when it first dropped, being found in The Source’s “Sure Shot Singles” list, which looking back on it now, probably isn’t that much of a surprise after finding out what happened there. This disc can be had for a shiny new penny on Amazon.

Chief Groovy Loo & The Chosen Tribe (Wrap, 1993) $1.99

1 Shades Of Black
2 I Love New York
3 Ripe For The Pickin’
Producer – Greg Morse
4 My Mamma Told Me
5 MC’s Got Nuttin’ On Loo (Remix)
6 Ghetto Mac
7 When I Rhyme
Producer – Kerwin “Sleek” Young* , Paul Shabazz
8 Do The Things You Do
Producer – Richard Bush
9 I Need A Job
10 Chief Groovy Loo Meets The Press
Producer – Michael Gypsie Ammino*
11 Got ‘Em Running Scared
12 Just Chill
13 Enemy

Most P.E. fans should recognize this group when they appeared on Terminator X’s debut solo album. This album is certainly full of originality, but that doesn’t always mean it’s good. It was executive produced by the Chuckster himself, but this is kind of an inconsistent release.

Sleestackz – Behind The Iron Curtain (Ichiban, 1997)

1. Intro (0:38)
2. All You Want (3:22)
3. Crystal Clear [Morning Blunt Mix] (5:33)
4. X-Files (3:55)
5. Bulletproof Shoutouts (2:32)
6. Ruination (4:45)
7. Murderlize (0:49)
8. Raw Raps (4:28)
9. Live Hardknox (3:27)
10. Word to the Wise (1:45)
11. Wealth & Real Estate (3:47)
12. Troublez & Trialz (3:07)
13. Satisfaction (0:42)
14. Kings of Kaos (3:43)
15. Play the Victim (3:29)
16. Aqua (1:02)
17. Crystal Clear [Rusty Water Mix] (4:56)
18. Behind the Iron Curtain (5:40)

This was a CD I bought one day when I couldn’t find anything else that I didn’t either have already or wouldn’t buy no matter what. I had never heard of them, but snatched up regardless. I ended up liking the album but would lose it about three months after purchasing it and never saw it again. Found it on a blog earlier this year and listened to it quite a bit. Regardless when I saw it sitting in the used bin, I snatched it up with the quickness.

The Flip Squad All Star DJ’s – Self Titled (MCA, 1998) $1.99

  1. The Things I Do – Doo Wop
  2. Seriously – Funkmaster Flex
  3. Turntables – Mark Ronson
  4. Members Only – Doo Wop
  5. Only Time You Love ‘Em – Mark Ronson
  6. It’s Da Biz – Biz Markie
  7. Fa Reel – Big Gap
  8. Get Tough ’98 – Cipha Sounds
  9. Villian Guys – DJ Enuff, Jiv Pos
  10. Biz And Candy – Biz Markie
  11. Because – Big Kap
  12. Shoo – DJ Enuff, Jiv Pos
  13. How Ya Like Us Now – Mister Cee

I’ve always been curious about this album every since it came out, but I have never listened to it. It’s full of who’s who DJ’s and artists, with the likes of Funkmaster Flex, Doo Wop, Mark Ronson, Big Kap, Biz Markie, DJ Enuff and Mister Cee all a part of the the crew. I don’t recall any major singles coming from this, although the first track “The Things I Do” made a little noise. I can’t say that this was great in anyway, but at least my curiosity is quenched.

November 20, Record Exchange

The Record Exchange is my all-time favorite music store ANYWHERE. I’ve been going to the stores since I was in the 8th grade. They are a little more expensive, but I’d rather support a local mom & pop store that have helped me find most anything I’ve ever looked for (except that damn Blu & Exile album) than a Best Buy or some shit like that. My first time walking back into the store, the owner, John who has owned it since the beginning as far as I know, might as well did cartwheels across the store. He remembered me right away and knows that I spend a lot of money in the store. It’s like any other typical independent record store I’ve ever been in. Tons of shit on the walls, the smell of CD’s and vinyl, weird music playing over the sound system, quite possibly one of my favorite places on earth.

Porn Theater Ushers – Sloppy Seconds (Biscuithead Recordings, 2000) $7.99

1 Balloon Knots (2:59)
Featuring – Cage
2 Girls Sweat Me (3:38)
3 Blah, Blah, Blah (2:45)
4 Duck Hunt (2:36)
5 Oozing Pestilence (2:43)
6 Far Out (3:47)
7 Bug Men (3:16)
Featuring – K-No Supreme
8 Catnip (3:58)
9 My Imagination (4:08)
10 Me & Him (3:50)

The Porn Theater Ushers are probably my all-time favorite name for a hip hop group. I giggle like a seven year old that heard his first fart joke every time I here the name. I’ve used it several times in fantasy sports leagues. The group’s music is also good and contains the same humor that can be found with a group name like “Porn Theater Ushers”. The production, handled by Mister Jason, is addictive as well. I always thought it was unfortunate that these guys didn’t blow up like they could have. Lead MC Nabo Rawk is on the solo tip and released an album this year (2007).

Above The Law – Black Mafia Life (Ruthless, 1992) $5.99

1 Black Triange (1:50)
2 Never Missin’ A Beat (6:58)
3 Why Must I Feel Like That (4:08)
4 Commin’ Up (5:21)
5 Pimpology 101 (4:04)
6 Call It What You Want (4:33)
Featuring – 2Pac , Money B (2)
7 Harda U R Tha Doppa U Faal (4:49)
8 Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game (5:12)
Featuring – Eazy-E , Kokane
9 Pimp Clinic (6:20)
10 V.S.O.P. (4:49)
Scratches – Poet H.B.
11 Process Of Elimination (Untouchakickamurdaqtion) (5:56)
Featuring – MC Ren
12 G’s & Macaronies (4:04)
13 G-rupies Best Friend (5:30)
Featuring – Kokane
14 Mee Vs. My Ego (5:20)
15 Outro (2:21)

Above the Law has to be one of the best west coast groups in my book. Their debut album is a classic in my book and their sophomore LP (notice I said LP and not EP) is just a tad bit below their classic debut opus, but still damn good in its own right. Own this bad boy on tape, but had to upgrade it to a CD at least.

Digital Underground – This is a EP Release (Tommy Boy, 1991)

1 Same Song (6:29)
Keyboards – Piano Man, The (2)
Producer – Digital Underground
Vocals – 2Pac , Humpty Hump , Junie Morrison , Money B (2) , Schmoovy Schmoov , Shock G
2 Tie The Knot (3:13)
Producer – Digital Underground
Vocals – Humpty Hump , Kent Racker , Money B (2) , Shock G
3 The Way We Swing (Remix) (4:58)
Producer – Shock G
Sample Arrangements – Piano Man, The (2)
Vocals – 2Pac , MC Blowfish , Money B (2) , Shock G
4 Nuttin’ Nis Funky (9:41)
Producer – MC Blowfish , Piano Man, The (2)
Scratches – DJ Fuze (2)
Vocals – Bigg Money Odis , Humpty Hump , Schmoovy Schmoov , Shock G
5 Packet Man (Worth A Packet Remix) (4:58)
Producer – Underground, The (2)
Remix – CJ Mackintosh
Vocals – Humpty Hump , Shock G
6 Arguin’ On The Funk (3:50)
Producer – Raw Fusion , Underground, The (2)
Vocals – Humpty Hump , Money B (2) , Shock G

I’ve always been a fan of Digital Underground and have most of their material already. I do own this on tape, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to a tape. That had to change. It cost a little more than I’d like to spend on an EP, but hey, it’s Digital Underground.

Souls Of Mischief – 93 Til Infinity (Jive, 1993)

I could easily have my expert internet hip hop pass revoked for not owning this already, I realize this. I did own it at one time, bought it the day it was released, but as with a lot of things I’ve owned over time, it disappeared. What can say about this album that hasn’t been said before or that you don’t already know about? I was under the impression that this was out of print, but apparently
its not. That goes against my rules of posting up in print material, but I’ll let this one slide this time, but I won’t post up the DOC, Cypress Hill and LL Cool J debut albums that I picked up at the same time as well. Plus you should all have those by now.

1 Let ‘Em Know (4:14)
Producer – Domino (3)
2 Live And Let Live (5:20)
Producer – Domino (3)
Trumpet – Bill Ortiz
3 Thats When Ya Lost (3:35)
Featuring – Pep Love
Producer – Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
Scratches – A-Plus
4 A Name I Call Myself (4:11)
Producer – Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
5 Disseshowedo (3:59)
Producer – Domino (3) , Jay-Biz
Scratches – A-Plus
6 What A Way To Go Out (4:00)
Additional Vocals – Casual
Producer – Domino (3)
Scratches – A-Plus
7 Never No More (3:41)
Producer – A-Plus
8 93 ‘Til Infinity (4:46)
Producer – A-Plus
9 Limitations (3:23)
Featuring – Casual , Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
Producer – Jay-Biz
10 Anything Can Happen (3:26)
Producer – A-Plus
11 Make Your Mind Up (3:51)
Producer – Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
Scratches – A-Plus
12 Batting Practice (4:04)
Background Vocals – Casual , Domino (3) , Jay-Biz , Kwam , Pep Love , Snupe
Producer – Casual
13 Tell Me Who Profits (4:04)
Producer – Casual
14 Outro (2:04)
Producer – Domino (3)

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