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NBA: Best of '07

by DJSoulClap on December 30, 2007

I’m a huuge b-ball fan. I started when i was like 10, collecting all those Upper Deck Cards. That time was just great! Detlef Schrempf, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Hersey Hawkins and Sam Perkins. The Sonics were my team! But I can’t forget about my all time fav Grant Hill, who is playing great this season with The Suns!
Anyway, there are always some great moments that stick to your brain, plays, blocks, dunks, whatever. I just found a few top 10 of 07 videos on youtube.

Number One are the blocks! CRAAAAZY! Darrell Armstrong, Sasha Pavlovic, crazy! The number one spot is owned by Gerald Wallace, he might be my favorite player at the moment! He is a hustler, always fights for the ball.

Number 2: Top 10 in your face Dunks! Ain’t nothing better than a power dunk in someones face. My favorite Dunkers are Josh Smith (crazy hangtime) Dwight howard (MVP season this year, crazy numbers) and Tyrus thomas (POWER) Baron davis Dunk is on the #1… for real, that dunk deserves it!

My Favorite! Top 10 Bloopers! Funny as hell. Some things that happen are just unbelievable! Number 1 and 2 are just crazy!

I wish y’all a happy new year and everything! Much success for 08! Please keep checkin on me, there will be a lot of shit coming out. The official eMC Mixtape, hopefully the Soul Occupants album, another album with Megatraum and a lot of other stuff, that is top secret, haha!



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