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SoulClaps Top 50 Tracks of 2007

by DJSoulClap on January 5, 2008

To start it off simple… This year was the SHIT! I didn’t hear that many dope albums and Tracks in a long time. Hip Hop is alive, I saw it when I went to the Mos Def show, I saw it when I went to a 5th element jam, with writers and breakers, I saw it when I went to see Pharoahe Monch, Reef & Eternia and I hear it when I get a new load
of records that I ordered… I’m really excited about this year. And it was really hard to put that list together, cause I’m sure I forgot something or I’d change something if i posted it next week… I don’t have the time to comment on every track, like Trav, so much respect homie, but I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible…

50. Kanye West – Champion
Like most tracks on the album, dope beat and so and so lyrics…

49. Marco Polo feat. Critically Acclaimed – For the Future
Dope! I listened to it a lot! The beat is hot and I really have to keep an eye (or ear) on Critically Acclaimed! Good one!

48. Brother Ali – Truth Is
This Track brings back memories, we were on tour in southern Germany and were driving through a city with the van, when this track came up, and everybody was wilding out. Crazy thig was, the weather sucked like the whole summer, and it was almost over when we were on tour, but these days, the weather was off the hook. We were on our way to a local record store when that track came up, I din’t have the album till then, but I found it in that record store and copped it. Dope track from a dope album

47. Consequence – Callin Me
I’m liking that track more and more. The drum break is really nice! It’s simple but dope!

46. T.I feat Jay-Z – Watch what you say
Now Is I’m thinking about writing something to it… there was dope ish than that… maybe i shouold exchange it against a joint off the kweli album, the common album, or any other allbum…

45. Hocus Pocus – Je La Soul
Really melodic french Hip Hop. There is no video for thsi, so i will posz the video from his last album from a track featureing the Procussions, you should check that!

44. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat Kardinal Offishall – She’s so Fly
Pretty uptempo! I’m a fan of Kardinal Offishall. I think he really got game. You can echange this one against the track “war” on marco’s album, they are equally dope… I’m waitng for a full length album!

43. Sean Price – P-Body
This is a joint that would make me jump at a show! It sets me in a good mood!

42. Wu-Tang Clan – Life Changes
A really good RIP track! I’m feeling it! One of the better tracks off the album!
RIP Ol Dirty

41. Alicia Keys – No One
Simple but dope! Classic Alicia!

40. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. J-Live – Practice
I know that sample… it’s REALLY familiar, I was thinking a lot about it but didn’t really find it… De La Soul? ATCQ? I don’t know, but I think it’s the right corner…

39. Freeway feat 50 Cent – Take it to the Top
Hmm, 50 Cent? I don’t know why I like this track so much, but I love the beat. Up to now I didn’t even pay attention to the lyrics…

38. T.I – Don’t You Wanna Be High

37. Blue Scholars – Loyalty
Used one of my favorite samples… Has already been used by Nicolay on the Foreign Exchange track All that you are, ne of my all time favs (I think Trav accidently said it was 9th on an LB track on his list)

36. Talib Kweli – Hostile Gospel
Just Blaze? Didn’t think that when I first heard it, but he and Kweli are a dope combination, we already heard that on Never been in love before.

35. Superstar Quamallah – Microphone Doctor
2nd Quamallah Joint on my list. Off the album Godfood the break-fast. It was mostly an instrumental album, but all the tracks he rhymed on were extra hot. You should check it out!

34. Sean P – One
I love how they used the voice sample in the melody combined with P’s lyrics. I love Sean P. It’s like everything he touches turns out to be dope! Plus the dope low budget videos, haha.

33. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat Kel Spencer – The Definition
Kel Spencer? Never heard of him before… or did I? He was a feature on Will Smiths Willennium album, haha. This is my fav from Jeff’s album!

32. Termanology – So Amazing
Lyrics ae crazy, i don’t think it’s one of the best Primo beats, but Termanology really lifts it up. he really is amazing!

31. Big Shug – Play it
Let the music play! Big Shug hits the needle on the head and speaks out what has been on my mind for long. It should have been at least a top 15 track, but it kinda lost the replay value to me, which is pretty sad…

30. Talib Kweli – Everything man
This just recently became one of my favs, the beat is hot, and the lyrics are dope. Got nothing more to say…

29. Blue Scholars – 50Thousand Deep
Might be my favorite from a really dope album! Maybe it’s another track, but it was hard to decide, there were so many good tracks on it with a pretty similar soundfloor, but I picked this one cause I love the beat!

28. T.I feat Nelly – Show it to me
Now, I’m a little ashamed to have Nelly in my Top 30, but it is how it is. This track is a party starter, I remember dancing with my brother to it before we went to the new years parties. he put on the T.I Record and that track came up and we just started “dancing” I alwas put the needle back cause I wanted to hear it again. Dope Track!

27. Freeway – It’s Over
Jake One, one of my favs in the last 2 years laced this beat. it’s perfect for Freeway to flow on. I’ve always been a Freeway fan, the new album is dope, just like the last one! Damn, now I think it should be better in this list…

26. Black Milk feat Phat Kat – Look at us Now
Beat is pretty simple, but i love the hard drums and the melody…

25. Little Brother – That ain’t Love
Dope Hook, dope beat, dope lyrics… That kinda is love, haha!

24. J Dilla – Wild
I love this track, I listened to it a lot, the kid’s voice in the hook is nice! It’s too sad that he had to go early, cause I was really feeling most of his newer stuff. Ruff Draft is a nice LP! I also copped the Jay Love Japan LP and I started writing to one of the beats on there because it inspired me, and I’m not a writer!
R.I.P to a genius

23. Kanye West – Everything I am
Damn I loved that track in the beginning cause the beat is hot, but this “I just take the I got a lot of cheese award” shit freaks me out… the lyrics are kinda between hot and wack…

22. Wu-Tang Clan – When the Heart Gently Weeps
It’s kinda sad that the first track i heard from the album is the best, but it kinda is. Good one, but I expected more… I like the melody, the raps, I love erykah, so it’s a dope track, not more not less…

21. Talib Kweli – Hot Thing
I really didn’t like it that much when i first saw the video on youtube, cause I checked it on my laptop. The video was nice, but I just wasnt feeling the track. That changed when I copped it, cause you need to hear it really loud with a lot of bass. This track is a hit!

20. eMC – What it Stand For
I think it’s pretty clear what is stands for after listening to this track. Put like the 4 of the illest MC’s in one group and this is what you get!

19. Consequence – Forget Em
Maybe the best track from a dope album that still disappointed me. maybe i expected too much, cause I loved Take em to the cleaners. This track is like a typical quence and I can listen to it over and over again.

18. Kanye West – Flashing Lights
“She don’t belive in shooting stars, but she belives in shoes and cars”… umm… yeah. OK. Anyway, I love the beat, the strings, the drums, it’s like a perfect beat, I can blend out the lyrics, so I really love the whole track. You need to turn it up really loud when you are driving through the cit at night!

17. Common – The People
I kinda love this beat. The switchups fit really well and for some reason I’m a huuuuge fan of Dwele hooks. They always sound right. I don’t know why this is the only track in my top 50, cause there were many dope tracks on the album. The drums on “the game” always made me wild out, i think you can exchange this track against many on the allbum that were just as dope, but i didn’t wanna have common all over the list…

16. Marco Polo feat. Sadat X, AG & JuJu – Rollin
Another Marco Polo joint. Don’t have much to say besides, 3 legends on the mic, and a crazy beat! He told me it took forever to finish that track, but I’m glad it happened!

15. Gym Class Heroes – Shoot Down The Stars
I’m sure some of y’all would beat me for having this in my list, but I really enjoyed this album. It’s postive music that younger people can relate to in contrary to all that 50 cent ish… Shoot down the stars was one of my most played tracks this year, I love the hook, the verses are cool, good music!

14. Black Milk – Shut it Down
OK, Black Milk is the man! The Last Slum Village album kinda made his way in my all time top 10 in the last 2 years. I’m never getting tired of it, I can listen to it as often as I want and i still love ALL of the songs. His and RJ’s beats just made it special. Now on his solo album we can hear himself rap on his own beats. Dope! His voice is really cool and he flows like a muh’fucker on this beat, I like the beat switchups on zthis one, the calm part with the voice sample switching to the fast part with him flowing crazy on it. Dope music!

13. Little Brother – After The Party
This is the 2nd part of “Life of the party” which was on No. 2 in my llast years list. The beat is a Khrysis beat, a really really dope one! The talking with the conscience in the begininning is hilarious. The hook is fuckin perfect, the voice fits so perfectly to the beat, it’s incredible, plus some of the best LB rhymes ever. Funny lines like “Dikembe Mutombo blockin all attempts” (I love bball lines) “You geard all the cons now listen to the pros” or “I’m leanin on this Escalade but it ain’t my car” I love LB! Cool guys with a lot of skills!

12. Brother Ali – Daylight
CRAZY BEAT! That was what I thought when I first heard it. (Yes it was in the van on tour, lol) Brother Ali got really good lyrics, on every track on the album, he is one of the most consistent rappers in my opinion. He got no skippers on both of his albums.

11. Nelly Furtado – Say it Right
This track was on the album that came out last year, but I really didn’t pay attention to it since I hate maneater… but when this came out as a single this year, i directly fell in love with it. The beat is nice, kinda hypnotic and the hook is freakin catchy. Dope Track!

10. Alicia Keys – Tell you Something
I’ve always been a huge Alicia Keys fan! I can really say she is the woman of my dreams, hot as hell, she can sing, she’s smart… but forget about it, haha. This is my favorite from the new album. It really creates a tensed atmosphere. Nobody can do that as good as her. So if you read this alicia, please merry me ;)

09. Hocus Pocus feat T-Love & The Procussions – Vocab!
French Hip Hop! Never listened to it a lot, although there is always some dope stuff. But Hocus Pocus is the shit. The guy raps and makes crazy beats as 20syl. He featured the Procussions on the single, just like on the last album. The Hook and the message are just nice! I uploaded the track for you, since I think there is no chance for you to cop it in the states, I really recommend d-loading it, cause I guarantee you you will like it!

08. Superstar Quamallah – Love has Made Us
I finally found Quame on myspace this year and this was the first track on his page. I directly fell in love with it. Quame became a good friend over the time and his new album will be out in 08, you will hear the one or the other track that was produced by me, so stay tuned…

07. Eternia feat. Torae & Ms Davis – No Where No More
I think I already said enough about this track in my Eternia post last month. This track is magic!

06. Kanye West, Nas, Rakim, KRS One – Classic (DJ Premier Remix)
What a crazy lineup for a track? I don’t know if you ever heard the original version, but I think it sucked. Primo’s version is really hot tho. Plus one of the best KRS verses in a long time (and I don’t like him). Those 4 guys on the same track with a primo beat just have to be top 10…

05. eMC feat. Sean P – Git Some
This album is my most anticipated ever. Period. And they are always pushing it back, but now it looks like it will really come out in March. There will be a new single out soon, so keep your eyes and ears open. Check their myspace for tour dates, they are touring the states in march. This track is the b-side from
the What it stand for 12″. I like it more, cause this beat is totally sick. The lyrics are crazy on both tracks, I just wasn’t feeling the beat on the other one that much. Plus “git some” got my favorite line of the year in it. Punch: “Like Magic, you say you ill but I don’t see it” This line always cracks me up.

04. Sean Price feat Chaundon – Hearing Aid
This track caught me from the beginning, when I got the Jess Price album. It always made me laught in the beginning when Sean P was talking… “I worked so hard to be this stupid”… “english at it’s finest, baby”… The Beat is very simple but the melody is just dope! Plus Chaundon is totally murdering it, that dude is crazy!
“Best of both Sean’s part 2 are you feelin it?” Yessir, I am!

03. Talib Kweli – Stay Around
This was the track that stuck out from the beginning, when I got the advance version of Eardrum. I wanted to wait till the album is out, but I couldn’t wait any longer, i needed to listen to some stuff, cause the release was still 2 months away. Kweli is awesome, still. He is one of my heroes since Train of Thought and he didn’t disappoint me. Sta around got a dope Pete Rock beat and like one of the catchiest hooks. The verses are dope too. Can’t ask for more!

02. Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace – Nostalgia

OK, I really expected the Marco Polo album to be dope… but… it is better and this is the best track on it. It was recorded in exchange for the “Do it man” beat on Ace’s A long hot summer LP, so it’s pretty old, but that beat is one of the best I heard in a looong time! And Ace, as my favorite MC rips it as usual! The video is like real Hip Hop videos are supposed to be. Simple but hot!

01. Keith Murray feat Tyrese – Nobody Do It Better
This joint got sent to me by Tony Tigerstyle, who told me that I needed to check that joint out. He said, it got the same drums as “Most Beautifullest thing” and I was eager to hear it. From the first moment on I knew this is something special. The Beat is crazy, defintely one of the better Erick Sermon beats. Keith rhymes really dope on it and the hook is really kinda magical to me. I think I never heard a track in a row that often (except Beautiful by Masta Ace). In this year, he was right with the Title, Can’t nobody do it better!

I hope you enjoyed it you might have found something you still need to cop!
Please support the real Hip Hop by BUYING the stuff you like!

I didn’t include any of my tracks in the list, it’s hard for me to compare my stuff to the other stuff and I just don’t wanna do it. I hope to find the one or the other track from my EP in your list tho!

Much love!

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