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A Lazy Sunday Afternoon…..

by Travis on January 6, 2008

I know I said I’d finish up with the top 100 today, but I’m being lazy and really don’t feel like typing away at a computer for a couple hours. So instead, I thought I’d pass along a few things that I have been asked to re-up recently or for other sites. That way, you all get a post…and I can wallow in my own self-pity after watching that debacle of a football game last night and drown my sorrows as I see fucking David Garrad run up the field untouched on 4 & 2 in my nightmares. Fuck football. All I got to say: here’s to a Chargers Vs. Packers Super Bowl….and if it’s the Patriots and Cowboys are in the Bowl, I’m going to be drunk by 7am that morning.

Jigmastas – Infectious (Landspeed, 2001)

1. Introduction
2. Till The Day
3. Vent
4. Don’t Get It Twisted (featuring Sadat X)
5. Elevate (featuring Angela Johnson)
6. 8 Million Stories (featuring Joc Max)
7. Lyrical Mastery
8. C.S.S.
9. Apology Not Accepted (featuring Apani B. Fly)
10. Cliche (featuring Akil)
11. Hollar (featuring James Ramsey & Vernon Reid)
12. Nocturnal Jam (featuring Lorenda Robinson)
13. Reality Check (featuring Shadowman, Akil, Truth, E.No.La & Jet Black Ha)
14. Outro

The Legion – Theme + Echo + Krill (Mercury, 1994)

1. Enter The Realm
2. Jingle Jangle
3. Buddah Break
4. Legion Groove
5. Back In The Days
6. Step To The Stage
7. Makin’ Noise – The Legion Featuring Dennis ’3D’ Scott
8. Krill lll
9. Representando
10. Zootie Bang
11. Once Upon A Time
12. I Like The Way It’s Goin’ Down
13. Bring It
14. It’s Thorough
15. Who’s It On Part l
16. Who’s It On Part ll
17. The Word Nigga
18. New Niggas
19. The Truth
20. Rest In Peace

This was an album that I discovered because of the old Audio Galaxy days. Downloaded a couple tracks from it that sounded really good and special ordered it at my local record store. I’ve always kind of viewed it as a highly slept on effort. Not many people bring up this effort from MC Kriminal and DJ Spinna. The album also features a bevy of guest appearances, most notably Sadat K, Vernon Reid of rock group Living Colour and indie hip hop female star, Apani B.

2nd II None – Compton Blockz

1. Intro
2. Du It - K.K.
3. Style Checking - Hi-C, K.K. & Why-Gee Tray
4. Game Takes Over Me - K.K. & Tha Why-Gee'z
5. We Love To Smoke - Why-Gee Tray
6. Cash, Cars, Clothes & Ho'z - Tha Why-Gee'z
7. By The "P" Invested In Me - Suga Free & Misery
8. Don't Speak On It - 2nd II None
9. L.A. Streets From L.B. 2 Compton - Mausberg, Tray Deee & Misery
10. Tell Me - Misery
11. Whatever Whoever - Duse Dog
12. Why-Gee Flow - Tha Why-Geez ft Kam
13. Outro

2nd II None have released 2 solid albums with the 1st being a great album IMO. I have uploaded a very rare compilation cd that they headed up and have a few songs themselves, called “The Compton Blockz”. If you catch one of these cd’s on eBay, good luck they appear usually once a year if you are lucky. Don’t sleep check it out i think it is a real solid effort.

Money Boss Players - Ghetto Chronicle Daily (Section 8 Records, 1994)


1) Use To Fear Death
2) Ghetto Chronicle Daily
3) Sat. Nite – Sun. Morn.
4) What-U-SayingSide
5) Nighty Night
6) Stick-N-Step
7) Death Of A Salesman
8) Ghetto Chronicle Daily (inst) ***MISSING***
9) What-U-Saying (inst) ***MISSING***

This was everyone’s holy grial for the longest time. It was a rare classic up until about a year ago, when this whole blog/internet thing took off. I happen to find mine on Soulseek about a year ago. Not enough could be said about this lost gem, other than it’s fucking dope. I’ve heard rumors that it could be re-released next year, so keep an eye out for that. If anyone has the two missing instrumental tracks tag them up.

Money Boss Players - Cop N Go EP (Bootleg? )
1. Players Pinnacle
2. Crap Game
3. Walk With the Limp
4. Area Code 212
5. Mind, Body and S
6. Bronx Niggas

Not sure that this is a legit release or a bootleg, none the less, while not as good as “Ghetto..”, it’s still pretty tight. I’ve seen it floating all over soulseek for the longest time, but no info on it really.

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