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And another one…

by Staff on January 9, 2008

And another list for the complete nerds out there, it’s big year end list time here at WYDU and on many other blogs, while some are hating on those kind of lists many (me included) find it very interesting to see what you’ve missed, how many lists are different or how many times Nostalgia is on the number one spot or Bayani is being praised…

As already being mentioned various times, this year was a great year for Hip Hop, but then again it was a really weird year for me I think. I listened to a lot of new music I’ve never ever heard about and on the other side completely ignored big releases like Jay-Z (well never cared about but..) Little Brother (well big for me) Wu-Tang Clan or Redman (damn Trav I forgot about “red gone wild” add that to most disappointing albums…)

By ignoring I don’t mean that I didn’t want too listen to it, I just totally slept on those albums, with maybe the Cunninlynguists album as exception which I downloaded but managed not to listen to, forcing me to buy it first, that’s also why LB are not being mentioned in my “charts” (still waiting for my copy) or why there is no track from the Dirty Acres album, which I have finally listened to and that all week and which probably would have made it somewhere between spot 3 and 5.

So as already mentioned there has been a hell lot of stuff out this year, maybe too much for me, I hope this year there will be less and more quality (even more) and I’ll be able to catch up with the rest of the 07 releases..

With that being said here are my top5 albums of the year together with my own favourite tracks, those albums and tracks I’ve listened to probably the most or which had a special meaning/memory for me…

1.Blue Scholars – Bayani
2.Senim Silla – The Name, The Motto, The Outcome
3.Marco Polo – Port Authority
4.Surreal & the Sound Providers – True Indeed (released november 2006 i know..)
5.Ill Poetic – The World is Ours / Evidence – The Weatherman LP

1.Masta Ace – Nostalgia
2.Evidence – A Moment In Time
3.Blue Scholars -Joe Metro
4.Wordsworth – The Wrong One
5.Blue Scholars – Loyalty
6.Guilty Simpson – Man’s World (props to Jaz)
7. Buff 1 – For U
8.Senim Silla – Brothers killed Malcolm / Less than capital
9.Y Society – Hole In Your Pocket
10.Common – The Game / I want You

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