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Yet another one, sort of

by Juice Mannen Hugo on January 9, 2008

New Year, new beer. The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale just hit Sweden. It might be the most common of all the common beers in U S n A but I’d never heard of it before last week or so. Give it a try if you haven’t. God lord if it wasn’t so darn expensive I’d might drink more of those then I drank Becks this year (eh, last year)… By the way anybody knows any good Canadian beers? Or whiskeys? I’m gonna stay in the Rockies in British Coloumbia for two months this winter, skiing and such. I guess I somehow ended up postponing getting educated yet another semester…

Well, whatever. Since I’m somehow unable to figure out a proper best of list I’ve just but together a .rar file with some tracks you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss out. And if you did miss any of the below listed tracks, now you how a second chance. My lazy ass is probably last of the WYDU crew to get the ’07 wrap up post done, and it’s not even a proper wrap up. For the better hopefully, it would be pointless to be the third or fourth writer on the same site telling you Nostalgia was the best jam of the year, even though it was. So…

1. Zion I – Don’t Loose Your Head feat. Too Short
2. Adam Tensta – My Cool
3. Kurupt & J Wells – Get It feat. Goodie Mob & Roscoe
4. Turf Talk – Popo’s feat. E-40
5. Husalah – Talk It Out
6. Messy Slick – Rollie On My Arm feat. Styles P & Turf Talk
7. Kano – Bad Boy

A couple of words.
First track is of the Too Short hosted mixtape I Love The Bay. I never gave the entire records more then a few spins, but this track really stuck to me and I’ve been bumping it all year. It really goes at parties, by now all my friends now it and requests me to put it one whenever drunk and loose enough to listen to that weird thug music they always here while in the car with Hugo. That meaning it’s catchy, beat is addictive sort of and rhymes suits the feeling of the track. One of the best Too Short verses I heard in a minute…

The Adam Tensta track I already mentioned a few posts back. If you didn’t download it then, do so now. I seams like a lot of people didn’t pay attention to the Kurupt & J-Wells record, a shame really. A couple of beats on that album was seriously dope, this is one of them. In case anyone forgot about Kurupt, he’s still a beast. As with the Don’t Loose Your Head I had this track in rotation all year…
For those of you who missed out Turf Talk is the latest of a series of E-40 cousins doing music. Haven’t we heard enough from that family? And isn’t the west coast gangsta rap legend doing hyphy now? No, yes. Whatever you wanna call it, I call it good music. The beat is dope, the sampling is on point and once you get used to the rhyming style you don’t wanna stop listening. At least that’s the way it went down for me. Beat is dope, the song has a message sort of (not one I can relate to but anyways). A fully worthwhile download.

Most importantly you need to listen to the Husalah jam. Hopefully you like it enough for you to cop the album. I thought it over for at least five minutes and I am now positive his album Huslin’ Since Da ’80′s was the best record released in ‘07. Somehow it’s so unheard, there’s only a few of us who seams to know. My guess is most people don’t like hyphy, which is fully understandable, and therefore don’t pay attention to any music out the Bay area. But that’s a non-issue really when it comes to Husalah, he makes west coast gansta rap music – far from hyphy. If you like gangsta rap with a certain sad feeling to it, like say Cormega or Mobb Deep, you should give this a listen. As a side note Cormega actually appeared on the first Mob Figaz album, a group in which Husalah is one of the five members. Another great Mob Figaz-memeber, the Jacka, also appeared on the latest Cormega project. Fuck it here’s another Husalah track, if your taste in music is anything like mine you can’t get enough of it..

Messy Slick consists of San Diego artist Mitchy Slick, from Strong Arm Steady, and San Francisco artist Messy Marv. The duo dropped a throughout high quality album mid summer. I don’t even like Rollies, I rather cop a Patek Philippe if had the money. I guess rappers find it harder coming up with a decent hook out of Patek Philippe, nah. Track should be called Philly On My Arm…
Sometime this summer Londoner Kano dropped his second LP. Although not as good as his ‘04 debut there where some jams on it. On Bad Boy he somehow succeeds with the impossible, he manages to include some reaggae sampling on a track and doesn’t suck. It’s actually really dope.

Have a great 2008.
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