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Requests & Re-Ups

by Travis on January 13, 2008

Once again, I’ve been kind of lazy in getting up the year end extravaganza up. It should be up tomorrow night, but in the mean time, I figured I’d post up some albums that people have requested through out the week.

Before we do that though, wanted to mention another site I added to the links. I think I know most of the sites out there, but of course, something always sneaks up on me. This week it was Kevin|Nottingham: This is Hip Hop. It’s a quality site with great writing and features. Kevin has a gang of sample sources, interviews, and my personal vice of the moment, a ton of “American Gangster” remix albums. I can see this quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Don’t sleep.

Requests & Re-Ups

Good requests this week. A couple of my all-time favorites making their way onto the blog again

The Jaz – To Your Soul (Capitol, 1990)

1. Put The Squeeze On ‘Em
2. It’s That Simple
3. A Groove (This Is What U Rap 2)
4. Abnormal
5. Ease Up Jaz
6. I’ll Smoke You
7. Doped Up
8. To Your Soul
9. Flag Of The Mahdi
10. A Nation Divided
11. Why?
12. Black Man In Charge
13. The Originators
14. Not Shoutin’ Out

The J-to the AZ dropped this in 1990 and is probably my favorite effort from him. He matured a lot from his debut “Word To The Jaz” (a Polarity favorite). Jaz has always been a great lyricist, some say even better than his protégé, Jay Z. The beats on this are excellent, with Jaz producing a large portion of the release, but tracks two and four were produced by Prince Paul, which is a treat since Paul was just coming into his own during this time frame.

Supreme Nyborn – Style (Next Plateau, 1991)

2)What if I Was Serious
3)Do It Baby
5)I Love Them All
6)It’s Like That
7)Freak the Sax
8)Not the One to Dis
9)Can You Handle It
10)Born Don’t Play That
11)The Uno
12)Put me down

I just loved this album after discovering it on Bust the Facts. Nice beats, humorous lyrics and just an overall fun album.

E.C. Illa – The Illa LP (Wicked Entertainment, 1995)

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1. Dawn Of An Ill Era
2. On Ill
3. Mating Ritual
4. Trillagy
5. No More
6. Listen
7. To The Beat Like This
8. What You Be About?
9. Illa
10. Ill Breakers Anthem
11. Devistate
12. It’s That Shit
13. Hardcore Format
14. Roots In The Chi
15. Underated
16. I. S. A. To The Last Day

Bizzie Boys – Droppin’ It (Yo! Records, 1990)

1 For Those Who Slept
2 Pump Up The House
3 Too Deep For The Mortal Mind
4 Droppin’ It
5 Closa
6 Hold The Lafta
7 Say When
8 If You Don’t Want Me
9 I Think I’m In Love
10 Use Your Imagination
11 Total Madness
12 So Many Memories
13 This Is How It Should Be Done
14 Mission Accomplished
15 Patty Porno
16 Turntable Scientist

Bizzie Boys dropped this hard to find LP back in 1990. Ski of Original Flavor fame and production wizard for much of Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” was a member of this crew. This is another personal favorite, just for the simple fact that it was quality hip hop from the golden years. Much thanks to Dread and Bust the Facts for originally uploading this one.

Twin Hype – Double Barrel EP (Profile, 1991)

1. Nothin’ Could Save Ya’
2. Another Album?
3. Wrong Place Wrong Time
4. The Counterfeit Incident
5. Call Me
6. Lyrical Rundown
7, Something Like Venom
8. Rap (It Ain’t Illegal Yet)
9. Double Barrel

UBC – 2 All The Serious Thinkers (EMI, 1990)

01 Harlem $2.50 Pyramid (0:48)
02 UB Style (Extended) (4:39)
03 Mop The Floor (3:16)
Vocals – Teodora Mojica
04 Bring Back The Funk (3:01)
Vocals – Eric Dennis , Keith Griffin , Mike Dolvin
05 Mail It Frosty (3:55)
06 Let’s Dance (3:15)
07 Da Actual Fact (0:15)
08 Intermission (2:55)
09 A Hard Day (4:52)
10 U Treat Me Right (Radio Edit) (4:17)
11 2 All Serious Thinkers (3:42)
12 Burning Bridges (4:04)
13 Soul Food (6:00)
14 We Get Lifted (3:15)
15 Mike Air And His Mind (0:12)
16 Take It To The Top (Needle Drop) (6:10)

Crusaders for Real Hip Hop – Deja Vu, It’s 82 (Profile, 1992)

01 That’s How It Is (4:34)
02 We Love The Hotties (3:55)
03 Higher (3:51)
04 Funky Uptown (4:15)
05 Main Entree (3:45)
06 No Ballads (1:09)
07 May I Continue? (3:59)
08 Buggin’ On Old TV (5:11)
09 Police Brutality (4:21)
10 Ultimate Reality (Beat Box) (4:14)
11 Real Rhymers (4:42)
Featuring – King Sun
12 Skills (4:24)
13 What Are We Gonna Do? (4:10)
14 Off To Another House (4:41)
15 Kicked To The Curb (3:34)

Omniscience – The Raw Factor (Unreleased)
Year: 1995 Label: East/West Records

1. Intro
2. Maintain
3. Greatest MC In The World
4. Who Is Down With Us
5. Lost In The Music
6. Everybody’s Got An Ego
7. Love To The Crews
8. Bumpheads
9. Touch Y’all
10. Amazin’
11. My Main Man
12. Big Kap (Interlude)
13. Get Our Dicks Sucked
14. Act Like You Know
15. Lady’s Freestyle
16. We Do It Like This
17. Rules Of The Game
18. Stage Domination
19. Fuck The Critics (Interlude)
20. Causin’ Terror
21. Halfway

Today we’ll jump into one of the harder to find albums out there, at least before the mp3 boom, and even now it’s not the easiest thing to find. Before I get into this, I must thank 6MWTD for dropping gem on the cocaine blunts boards this spring.

Omni was an MC coming straight outta of North Cacalack (North Carolina for those who don’t know). Finding info on him is rather difficult, most of what I tracked down came from two sites, the legendary Vinyl Addicts (RIP) and a site that I never knew about before that had the most info about Omni that I’ve ever seen.

He first appeared on the scene sometime in the early 90′s as part of a group called Funke Leftovers with another North Carolina pioneer The Rhythm Fanatic from the early Bizzie Boys crew that also included Ski of Roc-a-Bloc fame. The duo dropped a single called “I Like Girls” in 92′. Around 93′ Omniscience ventured out as a solo artist and dropped “The Funky One Liner” EP. The EP featured four tracks, two for sure appears on this LP.

On the strength of that EP, Omniscience got signed to Elektra’s East/West Recordings, which would turn out to be the kiss of the death for Omni, among many others during this period of Elektra’s mishandling of classic underground hero’s. He would drop the underground gem of 95′ with his first single “Amazin’” (pictured up above). He would then drop a second single “Touch Y’all” which featured a remix w/ Sadat X, which Smoov from Vinyl Addicts posted up during his hayday. Shortly after the release of the second single, Elektra would do to him that they did to 8Off Agullah, Supernatural and a host of others, they shelved the album and dropped them from the label. As far as I can gather, the album was shipped as a promo to DJ’s and the such during the time and that’s probably where this came from.

Omniscience sounds like (voice wise) a mix of buckshot, canibus, and someone else I’m still trying to put my finger on. Lyrically he’s pretty nice with his. He drops lot’s of one liners (“I’m not Denny’s, I serve many brothers“) guess thats why he calls himself the “Funky One Liner”. Production wise, as far as I can tell, there were
at least three people/crew’s involved in the production of the album, The Rhythm Fanatic, 3 Boyz From Newark, and Rheji Burrell and Vincent Herbert. There is some nice smooth shit and there is some funky ass shit. It’s very well produced..

This copy isn’t bad as far as sound quality. Some tracks fade out, and I’m not sure if that’s the way they are or not and their sounds like some basic freestyles here and there, so not sure what the deal is with that. None the less if you are a fan of the early/mid 90′s east coast sound, this is a MUST HAVE. Enjoy!

WYDU Classics Oct ’07

1. Grand Puba – 360 (What Comes Around) (SD50 Remix)
2. Kurious Jorge – Jorge Of The Projects (Original Demo Version)
3. House of Pain – On Point (Groove Merchantz Remix)
4. Jungle Brothers feat Q-Tip – On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weights A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix)
5. Lord Finesse – Return Of The Funky Man (Remix)
6. Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child (Remix)
7. Intelligent Hoodlum – At Large (Jinx Remix)
8. Masta Ace Inc – Jeep Ass N—-h (Dusted Mix)
9. Brand Nubian – Slow Down (Pete Rock newromix)
10. World Renown – Come Take A Ride (Extra Ride Mix)
11. Lakim Shabazz – Love Spell
12. Gang Starr – To Be A Champion
13. Lord Alibaski – Top Gun
14. Boostin Kev – I’m A Booster
15. Audio Two – Milk Does The Body Good (Original Version)
16. Schoolly D – Gangster Boogie
17. Public Enemy – Nighttrain (Strong Island Remix)

1. Grand Puba – 360 (What Comes Around) (SD50 Remix)
From: 1993′s Single “360 (What Comes Around)” as the b-side.
Produced by: SD50s
Trav’s 2 Cents: I used to buy maaaaaad maxi singles back in the day. Its how we used to do it back in the day. If you didn’t buy vinyl, you bought the maxi singles for those b-sides and remixes. Needless to say I was stoked when I ran across this, since it was one of my favorite maxi singles, basically because of this remix. I think I like this version better than the original, which is hard to say since I also loved the original as well.

2. Kurious Jorge – Jorge Of The Projects (Original Version)
From: Some demo versions of his original material floating around, thanks to Grant P and Jaz
Produced By: SD50′s
Trav’s 2 Cents: As I said, there are some demos floating around from Kurious, not sure where they came from. Originally I thought they were part of the Amaglam special offer 6 song EP that you get when you download the re-release of Jorge’s “Constipated Monkey” LP. After looking though, thats not where these came from (although this song is included in that bunch). This was the first time hearing this version, which is reportedly the original demo version and I think I like this better than the original as well.

3. House of Pain – On Point (Groove Merchantz Remix)
From: 1994‘s “On Point” promo as a b-side
Produced By: The Groove Merchantz (Godfather Don V.I.C.)
Trav’s 2 Cents: Another version I was unaware of. I’m always excited to find anything the Groove Merchantz do. The beat is kind of cool on this, but not sure if it meshes well with Everlast and Danny Boy.

4. Jungle Brothers feat Q-Tip – On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weights A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix)
From: 1993′s “On The Road Again” single, the version that contains the Q-Tip verse
Produced By: Q-Tip
Trav’s 2 Cents: I was never the biggest JB’s fan by any means and was especially critical of the “J Beez With The Remedy” LP that this came from but I like this single and add in the fact that Q-Tip was all over this when he was at the height of his creativity and popularity, you got yourself a great track.

5. Lord Finesse – Return Of The Funky Man (Remix)
From: ?
Produced By: ? (sure isn’t Showbiz)
Trav’s 2 Cents: I can’t find any info on this track. It has kind of a spacey track, which I don’t think as good as the original version, but its not all that bad.

6. Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child (Underground Remix)
From:1992′s single as a b-side remix
Produced By: K Def and Marley Marl
Trav’s 2 Cents: These dudes could get on my nerves with too much exposure, but I can’t deny that they had some pretty dope singles. They still incorporate that horn sample that Nas seems to be in love with (I’m sure it’ll be on his new album as well). Its not a bad track, but not as good as the remix

7. Intelligent Hoodlum – At Large (Jinx Remix)
From: 1992′s Grand Groove single as a remix b-side.
Produced By: Jinx (not Sir Jinx)
Trav’s 2 Cents: The original version of this song never really stood out to me much on Trag’s “Saga Of A Hoodlum”, but this version seems to be more memorable than the original.

8. Masta Ace Inc – Jeep Ass N—-h (Dusted Mix)
From: 1992′s single “Jeep Ass N—-h” as a remix
Produced By: Laitef and Ase One (aka Masta Ace)
Trav’s 2 Cents: Its hard for anything to fuck with the original, but it lives up its name “Dusted Mix”, cause their are some dusty horns on this bad boy for sure. I’m guessing this version would have some wicked bumps in a car stereo, makes me wish I still had my system.

9. Brand Nubian – Slow Down (Pete Rock Newromix)
From: 1991′s single “Slow Down” as a remix
Produced By: The Chocolate Boy Wonder, Pete Rock
Trav’s 2 Cents: This remix still contains that Edy Bickell sample, which quite honestly I’ve never been crazy about, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. Honestly, this version isn’t dramatically different than the original version, which is alright I guess, but then Pete adds his trademarked horns on the hook.

10. World Renown – Come Take A Ride (Extra Ride)
From: 1994′s Promo “Come Take A Ride” 12 Inch
Produced By: K-Def (?)
Trav’s 2 Cents: This track is from the “legendary” shelved World Renown album that never saw the light of day (although parts of it are being sold on their myspace). I can’t lie, this track is pretty nice. Smooth and mellow, it would have fit in nicely with the other classic material dropping in ’94.

11. Lakim Shabazz – Love Spell
From: 2007′s ‘The Ol’ School Flava Of Lakim Shabazz: Rare & Unreleased Old School Hip Hop ’89-’90′, this track was one of the unreleased tracks. Uses same sample as the Liks “Oh Shit” track.
Production By: Not sure….45 King, Louie Vega?
Trav’s 2 Cents: I dig this track a lot, so I had to include it.

12. Gang Starr – To Be A Champion
From: 1987′s “Believe Dat!” 12 inch single as a b-side
Production: The 45 King
Trav’s 2 Cents: I was pretty freaking happy when Mad Human dropped this, I had been looking for it forever. This is early Gang Starr music, when Guru was still Keithy E and there was no DJ Premier, it was DJ 1 2 B Down. Cool shit.

13. Lord Alibaski – Top Gun
From: 1989′s “Lyrics In Motion/Top Gun” single. Also appeared on “The 45 King Presents the Flavor Unit” from 1990.
Production: The 45 King (yeah, I’ve been in 45 King mood lately)
Trav’s 2 Cents: One of the unheralded members of the original Flavor Unit. Too bad dude never dropped an album.

14. Boostin’ Kev – I’m A Booster
From: ? 1992 sometime, I think
Production: Boostin’ Kev (?)
Trav’s 2 Cents: I’ve always heard about dude, but never heard any of his music. So when I found this, I went ahead and grabbed it. Sounds like an early version of the “Lo Lifes” that went around and jacked Polo gear in the mid 90′s. Think that and move it up a few years. Not a bad joint. Production is kind of lack luster. Kind of reminds me of a poor man’s Biz Markie on the mic.

15. Audio Two – Milk Does The Body Good (Original Version)
From: 1988′s “Hickey’s Around My Neck” 12 inch single as a b-side.
Production: Audio Two
Trav’s 2 Cents: Yes, we all know I’m a big Audio Two fan. I was a fan of this joint as a remix (which isn’t much different than the original version) on the “I Don’t Care: The Album”. I had to include this after someone hooked me up with the 12 inch this was originally on.

16. Schoolly D – Gangster Boogie
From: 1989′s “Am I Black Enough For You?”
Production: “Shitted Out” by Schoolly D, according to the liner notes.
Trav’s 2 Cents: Had to put on some Schoolly since I’ve been listening to him a lot lately.

17. Public Enemy feat CL Smooth – Nighttrain (Pete Rock LIRR Strong Island Remix)
From: 1992′s “Nighttrain” maxi single
Production: Pete Rock
Trav’s 2 Cents: Pete Rock does a good Bomb Squad imitation on this cut. He had a couple remixes of this floating around and this was my faovrite. Sorry for the shitty sound quality, forgot to adjust the levels when I did this.

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