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Old School Video #1 – Hard Knocks "A Dirty Copy Named Harry"

by Staff on January 15, 2008

Alright kids, I have a boatload of old videos along with the Source magazines. I am in the process of converting the videos to my computer from VHS. I have quite a few done already, but I am at a stand still until I can get a 1TB drive cause I am out of space. I am kinda new to the whole transferring video thing. I haven’t had anyone to show me what to do. I have had to teach myself. I have tried to fit in learning how to do it for 2+ years while trying to live my life at the same time. I really enjoy it. Not sure if what I am doing is how everyone else wants their videos (i.e. format, size etc.). So bare with me, please give me appropriate feedback so I can try to give you better quality videos in my upcoming posts. This first video is Hard Knocks – A Dirty Cop Named Harry. I think this is a pretty rare video. The sound quality is very low. The video tapes are starting to deteriorate so the sound is getting bad. This is a good as I can make it, I tweeked it as much as my software will let me. MPEG-4, 22.5 MB. So, enjoy click the picture below to download the video:


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