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"The Best Of D & D Studios" Vol. I

by Eric on January 16, 2008

Whaddup peoples? I hope that everyone is enjoying their week, now that “hump day” is on the down-slide. I actually had a little free time today, so I ventured on over to my favorite spot to pick up used CDs, Hastings. Even though they may be on the pricier side of things, here in Arkansas I really don’t have much of a choice when it comes to buying music. I was fortunate enough to scoop up a few discs such as Young Black Teenagers debut, Hi-C’s “Swingin”, Total Devastation’s debut and Top Quality’s “Magnum Opus”. However, my catch of the day (even though it’s not “rare” by any means) was a compilation CD mixed by DJ Skribble entitled “The Best Of D & D Studios”. Even though I’m quite positive that most, if not all of you will have the songs that are included on “D & D” it’s still kinda’ nice to have all those dusty classics on one album. I found Mr. Walt’s remarks in the linear notes to be particularly interesting and insightful regarding the history that surrounds the dingy, New York recording studio. So, since I’m such a nice guy (and I’m dragging my feet on finishing up these “year-end lists”) I’ve compiled those for your reading enjoyment as well. Also, near the tail-end of this post I’ve included a few press releases that I’ve received over the last few days pertaining to the 9th Wonder & Buckshot follow-up to “Chemistry” and an apparent beef between NYOil (gotta’ love this cat….”UMCs is a new way of bein!”) and the aforementioned “King of The Fruity Loops”. Have a great closeout to the week and I promise to have those year-end lists finished up by Monday….-Eric

From Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz) (circa 1999):

“As soon as you get off the elevator, Hip-Hop hits you in the face.  The red light sets the mood, as you enter a world full of dark, gritty, grimy shit.  Walk in the front door and the first thing you see is graffiti everywhere.  Step into the lounge and you’ll see blunts and bamboos in the vending machine.  Walk by Studio B and you can hear “Come Clean” banging out of the speakers.  Down the hall, you can hear “Bucktown” coming through the door in the A room, or maybe hear Mr. Walt complaining that one of the buttons on the SP1200 is not triggering, or maybe its Curt Cazal tracking some ill shit in the D room that catches you.  It doesn’t matter what you hear, it doesn’t matter what you say, D & D is 10 percent ghetto and 90 percent sound & soul.  No other studio has a sound like D & D.  Some people don’t understand D & D, they might even hate it.  The only reason they do that is because they have never experienced it.  That’s where I come in.  I’m here to lead you on an incredible journey through the history of D & D.  By the time that you have finished this album, you will know what it’s like to feel the D & D Experience.”

“The Real Hip-Hop: Best of D & D Studios” -(mixed by DJ Skribble)

“N.Y. State of Mind”-Nas: “A Nas/Primo collabo’. A dope way to start any album, this track is from Nas’ debut album “Illmatic”. A 90′s version of Eric B. & Rakim’s classic “Paid In Full”

“Come Clean”-Jeru The Damaja:  “What the fu*k was on Primo’s mind when he made this beat?!  Vintage Jeru, this song reminds me of Broadway Junction, a train station in East New York, Brooklyn.”

“Bucktown”-Smif N Wessun:  “This is one of my favorite records of all time, regardless of the fact that Da Beatminerz produced it.  This song had an aura about it.”

“Supa Star”-Group Home:  “I love the way Lil’ Dap flows on top of the beat in this song.  You got to check out my man Phat Gary in the video.”

“Danger”-Blahzay Blahzay:  “I first heard this song on Pete Rock and Marley Marl’s show, Future Flavas, and I knew it was a hit.  There was something about it that brought me back to 1985, when most of the joints that came out were blazing!”

“Whirlwind Thru Cities”-Afu-Ra:  “Some of the new D & D Blood!  This is one of those “Look world, here I am” songs.  Check for his album when it drops in early 2000, because if his joints sound like this, it’s sure to be a classic.”

“Unbelievable”-The Notorious B.I.G.:  “Fatman Scoop and I always argue about this record being one of Biggie’s best lyrical songs.  The beat was simple, but hot to death.  We miss U Big, R.I.P.!!”

“Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz”-Lost Boyz:  “This song came out at just the right time.  Easy Mo Bee (One of the Kings of the SP1200) blessed Queens with this one.  Hearin’ Cheeks and Tah on this was so dope!! R.I.P. Freaky Tah!!

“(How About Some) Hardcore”-M.O.P.:  “I think I was one of the few people in the world who didn’t like this song when I first heard it.  Heather B. put me up on these cats, and after listening to “Downtown Swinga” and “Rugged Neva Smoove”, I appreciated this song and became a life long fan”.

“MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”-Krs-One:  “Just when we were turnin’ our backs on Kris, POW!! He hits us with this, straight to the point Hip-Hop.”

“Next Level”-Showbiz & AG:  “Even though this is Prim’s remix, Showbiz is one of the illest producers in the game.  AG’s rhymes were perfect for this joint, Big L-Rest in Peace!!”

“The Rep Grows Bigga”-Gang Starr:  “Uncle Dex loved this joint.  This takes me back to 1988, when I first met Guru, minus Premier, at Club Amazon in NYC.  You can’t front on Gang Starr, they are on of the reasons that I am in the game today.”

“Ain’t No Ni**a”-Jay-Z ft. Foxy Brown:  “This was the one!!  Jaz on the beat (and singin’), Khadejia on the hook, and Jay and Foxy wid’ the rhymes.  You can’t go wrong!!”

“Who Got The Props”-Black Moon:  “Either you liked this track or you hated itt, but either way you talked about it.”

“1, 2 Pass It”-D & D All Stars:  “If you have never been to D & D, listening to this song will bring you as close as you can get, without actually stepping foot inside the famed Hip-Hop institution.  This song is D & D!!

“Ghetto Like D & D”-D & D Crew:  “Some of Hip-Hop’s up-and-coming superstars bring vicious lyrical skills to the table, as they feast on this Curt Cazal beat.  Redman couldn’t have said it any better.”

Now sit back, do what you do to get your shi*t right, and get ready to feel the D & D Experience.

Peace, Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz)

NYOil vs. 9th Wonder????

    A source from NYOIL’s close knit and closed mouth camp PEM (Petroleum Empire Media), while promoting NYOIL’s Teen Club Venture launched in his hometown of Staten Island NY let this little tidbit slip:

    “Apparently NYOIL has been working on a MIX CD which has yet to be titled with the byline “NYOIL vs 9th Wonder”. They would not confirm or deny that the Mix CD was a diss project towards the producer of Little Brother fame and Grammy award winner (see Mary J Blige). Underground insiders report that NYOIL was seen at the Little Brother album release party last year where he was discussing tour possibilities with Little Brother Road manager Big Doe. It appears that NYOIL did not end up on any dates with Little Brother. So the possibility exist that this is some way of exacting revenge on the Group.

    NYOIL could not be reached for comment on the matter however upon checking his myspace profile byline it says “NYOIL is releasing a new mix cd find out how to get a free copy” So a new project is definitely in the works.”

    NYOil’s MySpace

    While we’re on the topic of 9th Wonder, peep the lead single “Go All Out” from Buckshot & 9th Wonder’s second collaborative effort “The Formula”. The album is scheduled to drop on April 15th and will also feature appearances from Talib Kweli and Raheem DeVaughn. You can check it out HERE.  Even though “Chemistry” may have received mixed reviews, I loved it.  Buck’s vocal tone fit like a glove over 9th’s soulful instrumentals.  So what if 9th still has that “same ol’ snare”, so what if he is overly efficient with Fruity Loops, dude is still one of my favorite producers in the game right now.   Man, Duck Down has been making some major moves as of late, first the signing of Kidz In The Hall, then the ESPN deal and now “The Formula”?  Looks like 2008 is gonna’ be a great year for Duck Down!

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    Developing True Heads January 17, 2008 at 12:38 am

    Sounds like Ny Oil got cut from LB when they featured the so called “best” rapper in the game Lil’ Wayne on their most recent album.

    It would make sense after Ny Oil’s release of – Yall Should All Get Lynched! that Mr.Oil would stand by his lyrics and not appreciate shaking hands with the weakest rapper in the game during the tour of LB.

    LB fell off by letting the weakest rapper in the game on their album, probably only for sales and attention.

    Then again it could all just be one big fat rumor….

    small pro January 17, 2008 at 10:21 am

    king of fruity loops my arse! he’s overly effecient…im overly PROfecient. chea.

    Pooch January 17, 2008 at 11:18 am

    I bet this is going to be NYOil over 9th Beats. I think it would be rediculous for a rapper to beef with a producer, much less create an entire Mixtape to focus on it. That is stupid. Keep in mind that the last album release party would have been without 9th as their producer. So if NYOil is beefing with Little Brother, it shouldn’t include 9th Wonder.

    Again, probably the album is NY over 9th Wonder beats. Not a new concept, other rappers have done it before.


    Pooch January 17, 2008 at 11:23 am

    By the way. It is titled, NYOil, the 9 Wonders Mixtape. That might change your view on it.


    hottnikz January 17, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    I love this blog, keep up the good work. I agree with pooch, that beef wouldn’t make sense.

    nofrillz January 19, 2008 at 3:15 am

    is he just going at 9th or the whole LB. if it’s just 9th i can only assume that 9th a catalyst for the problem. I would like to get Phonte’s take on this since 9th isn’t part of the group anymore.

    as for 9th’s new ting with Buckshot. i’m afraid i’m really not feeling it. I, like you, loved chemistry when it dropped & i think part of the reason for that was the beatminerz type undertones to alot of the beats on there. this beat seems to be too clean (if that makes any sense). i’ll wait and see what the album is like before i count my chickens though.

    top write as usual bruv

    you seen that nas these are our heroes clip yet?

    nofrillz January 19, 2008 at 3:17 am

    hahahaha big up to small pro!!!

    John Q January 19, 2008 at 10:42 am

    Wow! Intriguing post. I did not know that so many hits were made at D&D studios. Thanks for dropping some knowledge on me. I can’t wait to get into this mixtape. Oh yeah, on the 9th wonder and NYOil’ situation, I do not see how those two would have beef. All in All, great post (as usual) and hope you can roll by blog sometime.

    Dart_Adams January 19, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    I love this blog!


    AaronM January 19, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Wow, these liners are great. Nice to hear Dee’s comments about these.

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