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Weekend Lite: Back Again

by Travis on January 18, 2008

Seems like things are starting to fall back into a rhythm. Between my moving and the holidays, things were a chaotic mess of seemingly never ending crap . I’m going to try to get back to doing a weekly post of promo’s, publicity material, and my own thoughts of the happenings of the hip hop world, known in the past as the Weekend Lite.

I like to think I’m fairly easy to work with as far publicists, marketing people, and just artists trying to get their groove on go. If you want to post something up on WYDU, I usually try to do a post once a week with all the material I have received over the past week. The only thing I ask, and you learn this in Marketing 101, know your audience. Birds of a feather flock together, you see what kind of music I post, people that like the kind music I post tend to be the core audience. If you send me “Duffle Bag” remixes, it’s probably not going to be hitting your target market. Ya dig?

One last thing, I had some, ummm, technical difficulties with my email last week (read: operator errors) and had everything sent to me deleted. So if you sent me something last week….chances are its lost (except for the Has Lo and DJ Maniuplator). Especially whoever was associated with the female artists Milly July. I tried to send a message on myspace, but you can’t do that unless you were a friend and you couldn’t be a friend without knowing her last name (it wasn’t “July”) or the email. So if you sent me something last week and want to resend it, that would be great and my apologies. On to the show…..

Things To Check Out Across The Internet……

Not going to be my full fledged Weekly Links post that I’ve been known to do in the past, just a few things that caught my eye this past week.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Pete Rock

Now, what self serving hip hop would not want to read an interview with Pete Rock, especially when he is getting set to drop his “NY’s Finest” LP next month. The Smoking Section does a great a job of sitting down with The Chocolate Boy Wonder and covering everything from the beginning as a young lad, to the current state of hip hop. Good interview, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

American Gangster: Best of the Remixes Vol 1

My new favorite site dropped a wicked version of “American Gangster”. Kevin Nottingham beat me to the punch and dropped his version of all the best AG remixes, including a track with our own DJ SoulClap. I’ll probably still go ahead with my own “Best Of AG” type of post in the future, with a few tweaks naturally, although it’s probably not going to top Kev’s project. Also be sure to check out some of the amazing stuff Kevin has posted this week.

Readers of old school “The Source” magazines rejoice.

I have a love for the old school hip hop magazines. I can remember either running to my local record shop or when I had a subscription, running out to the mail box and then blocking off 3-4 hours to read the new monthly issue of “The Source”. When I went away to college back in ’96, I left my big tub of hip hop magazines at my parents. I never did go get them. Eight years later when they moved, they tossed them all. Something that I still shed a tear about even to this day. Thankfully, my man Vincent Lopez has been nice enough to start his blog, Thimk, and he is scanning all his old Source mags and is posting them in a PDF file. Freakin’ brilliant. I look forward to some good stuff in the future from his blog.

The King of Crate Diggers Interview

Phill Most Chill, recognize the name baby! Some of the crate diggers might know him as The Soulman, one of the greatest crate diggers to be found. He’s dropped mixtapes that I know I’ve used to school myself. He’s dropped dope 12 inch singles in the mid 90′s. He is somewhat of a legend among the hip hop nerds such as myself. My man Mr. Mass (I see you Mass, stay off them bikes!) of the dope Masscorporation, drops one of the more interesting interviews that I have read in awhile. I like interviews with the less heralded characters in hip hop’s history, so stuff like this is great to me. Check it now!

Also while we are on Mass, Masscorporation, and soul samples, my man sent me a copy of “Mass Education For Your Ears Lesson One: The Golden Years” that is hosted by Rev. Shines. I must say, a nice collection of samples and well mixed. It’s a great little thing to throw on while playing a couple games of Madden ’08. Top that off, any blog that gets its own album, gets props from me. This is a great collection of material that any sample freak should check out and plus you know you are helping a good cause, getting Mr. Mass a helmet for when he rides his bikes (no more black eyes dude). So be sure to check it out while you are reading the Soulman interview.

Goodies From The Inbox….

The fourth quarter and the holiday season was a little slow around my way for promo items and the such, but things are starting to pick up. I lost my Wu-Tang connect, I guess the album dropped and that was that, or maybe they didn’t like what I had to say about the album, but oh well. Some decent stuff coming out, which is promising since the first quarter of the year is usually notoriously slow. With that being said, while it might be slow, there is usually one or two “GREAT” albums that drop in the time period between January and the end of March. Who will it be this year? Time will tell, but here is some stuff that I either had sent to me, or I stumbled across on the internet.


I had a couple enjoyable projects this week that ended up in my hands, one was sent to me f
rom the artist himself, the other I ran across by accident and ended up liking a lot as well

-Editor’s Pick Of The Week-

Has-Lo – Fuck Has Day

Has-Lo is straight from the land of the DJ’s and cheese steak sandwiches, Philadelphia. This was sent to me from the man himself. I thought I had heard of him before, but I don’t know if that was being in my usual confused mind state or if I have actually heard of him before, regardless, I was really feeling the vibe on this album. It’s a real mellow, laid back project that had me nodding my head lazily while bumpin’ it in the headphones. It gave me that “golden age” feeling without sounding dated in the least. It’s a fairly mellow piece of work, so it’s not something to get you hyped, but just some great chill music.

Has handles the production, which even though most of the album is on the mellow tip, it’s varied enough that it doesn’t drag down the album. My favorite track was “The Usual Way” which also contained some dope scratching, which is a good way to win me over. Overall I think it’s a good project, one that is well worth your time to check out. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, now would I?

Title: Fuck Has Day

Artist: Has-Lo
Producer: Has-Lo
Author: Has-Lo

Copyright Year: 2007
Track List:

1. Prelude
2. Calibration
3. Fuck Has Day
4. The Usual Way
5. Unsigned Emcees
6. Hands
7. Molotov Cocktails
8. All's Fair

Solo.X – Black September

I happened to stumble across this on the philaflava boards. I’ll admit, I’m probably like a lot of you, I don’t listen to much I see posted on message boards….or blogs. I know how a lot of you feel, if I don’t know who it is, I don’t listen to it, unless someone sends me an email saying “check my shit out please”, then I feel like its my responsibility to listen to it. Regardless, a couple of the more “stingy” people on the board liked, so I figured, “what the hell”. I’m glad I did, because although coming in at only five songs, this is some quality material. The be ats are on point, the kid, Solo.X is pretty nice with the lyrics, dropping some clever lines and making some catchy ass tunes.

Solo.X – Black September EP

1. Glass House Theory
2. Just To Let You Know
3. Natural Mystics
4. Move On
5. Black September

Damu of Y Society

I got some flack over not including Y Society in any of the year end lists and probably rightfully so. I’ll have to admit, for whatever reason it was, I didn’t really ever get into the album all that much. I’m not saying it was bad, because what I heard of it, I really enjoyed. I’ll chalk it up to too much music and not enough hours in the day or something like that.

That being said, I though I’d offer a little peace offering to the Y Society fans out there. Straight from Damu’s myspace pa ge is a little freebie from the man himself. Little odds and ends here. Once again, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it as much as I should, but what I did hear sounds good. Plus from what I’ve read and seen of them appearing on other blogs, they seem like good people and it is real hip hop music, regardless if my deaf ears haven’t gotten into it as of yet.

Damu – Spare Time

01 – Lost Ole 2005
02 – Rather Unique 2005
03 – Colorful Storms 2005
04 – Damu – Leo The … Part 1 – 2006
05 – Damu – Coffee Table – 2005
06 – Damu – Ego Trooping – 2005
07 – Y Society – What’s Next – Damu Remix 1
08 – Damu – 2004 Beat Original
09 – Damu – Randi – 2006
10 – Damu – Work In Progress – Instro 2005
11 – Damu – Pulse – Fudgemunk Instro 2006
12 – Damu – To RBI – 2004
13 – Damu – L.B. – 2005
14 – Damu – Leo the… Part 2 – 2006
15 – Damu – Colorful Storms – Final Mix 2005
16 – Damu – Pulse – Fudgemunk Remix 2006
17 – Y Society – Rather Unique 2 – 2005
18 – Kev Brown – Work In Progress – Damu Remix 2005
19 – Y Society – Paranoid – Japanese LP Bonus Track

Mick Boogie & Benzi

Probably not my type of thing, but Mick Boogie is that dude, so check it out anyway.

DJ Manipulator

My dudes at Social Light Sounds haven’t failed me yet. They sent me one of my favorite albums I received for promo purposes last year in the Nite People album “Daily Livin’”, so I was excited to check out the free download for DJ Manipulator, “The Pizarro Crime Family Beat Tape”.

DJ Manipulator, the prolific DJ turned producer, releases a hypnotic blend of instrumental bliss entitled “The Pizarro Crime Family Beat Tape”. A perfect mesh of boom bap, electronica and soul, this project is sure to provide an evident glimpse into the colorful mind of one of Massachusetts’ finest artistic monsters.

- from Social Light Sounds Site

The Pizarro Crime Family Beat Tape


Web & DJ Jam X

I honestly haven’t had a chance to listen to this one other than a couple songs off their myspace page, due to some link problems. I’ll let you all be the judge on it.


One Be Lo aka One Man Army has long been a favorite of mine, so naturally, I was rather stoked to hear his new album. I’ve had a chance to sit down with it a couple times now, and I’ll have a review up in the next week or so, but this track was one of my favorites from the album.

One Be Lo – Gray

Here is the new Kidz In The Hall single, “Drivin Down The Block” (word to Masta Ace) from their forthcoming sophomore LP, The In Crowd, which will be released on 4-29-08 by Duck Down/Major League. The In Crowd is entirely produced by Double-O and Naledge will be joined on the mic by the following guests (as of now anyway): The Clipse, The Cool Kids, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Travis of GYM CLASS HEROES, Camp Lo, Sean Price, Buckshot, Masta Ace, Wale, The Pack, Phonte and Skyzoo.
-From MAC Media

Here is a new track, “Click” f/Skyzoo and produced by DJ Premier from Torae’s forthcoming debut LP, Daily Conversation, which will be released on 1-29-08 by Soulspazm/Fat Beats.
-MAC Media

Videos and Concert Clips

Astonish of the Molemen

I’ve always been a fan of the Molemen crew out of Chi-town and their numerous projects. This video was sent to me just today featuring their newest member, Astonish. The beat is amazing, on some lazy guitar type thing. At first I didn’t particularly care for the hook, but by the end of the song I found myself singing to the shit, so it’s definitely a mind sticker.

Nas Con cert Footage Live from Hammerstein Ballroom in New York

Some nice footage sent to me from a new associate. If you couldn’t be there, which I’m sure most of us couldn’t, this is the next best thing. Nas, Marley, and Busta. From what I heard, this was kind of a freestyle concert, with Marley just playing joints. It didn’t sound like it went over too well, but so be it, it still would have been dope just to have been there.

Top Spins Of The Week

This is usually the time of the year that I go back to listening to a bunch of older stuff while I wait for the industry to start picking it up. This year is really no different, but the old stuff has been all over, listening to some of the old stuff that I haven’t had a chance to listen to as of yet that I
might have found on a blog or forum somewhere. The newer stuff is going to reign on the Spins for the week as I have a few things that I played more than once.

1. The Smile Rays – Party….Place

I only listened to this for a month and it made it into my top 10 albums. So I’ve been heavily pumping them for awhile now, but I enjoy this album more than a fat man at McDonald’s. It’s an import only, from Japan, so the shit cost a pretty penny, but they are said to have a domestic debut this year. The album is diverse, but doesn’t come off as jumping all over and not having a focus like a lot of albums do these days. This comes from Batsauce handling all the beats, and they are funkier than three day old dirty drawers. Therapy comes off as an animal on the mic on select tracks, or tracks like C’est La Vie he calms it down and tells a worthwhile story. Add Da*sey’s soulful crooning on many of the albums hooks and you have a great album.

2. Guilty Simpson – Ode To The Ghetto

After breaking down and listening to the mixtape/podcast of Guilty Simpsons “Stray Bullets” (I HATE mixtapes on one big file), I loved the shit and was highly anticipating his debut album. I’ve gave this three or four listens this week. While there is some stuff I really like, I’m starting to feel disappointed in this. I’m not even sure why, I guess nothing really “grabs” me like I thought it would. Guilty sounds like a hungry Beanie Sigel (circa The Roots days), which is a good thing. Yeah, he doesn’t change his tone or flow at all, but I think I’m alright with that. The beats are on point in most cases. Coming from Detroit and Stones Throw, he has that mix of D-town producers and the usual Stones Throw contributors such as Oh No, Mad Lib, Mr Porter, and Black Milk. My favorite joint so far is the lone produced J Dilla track “I Must Love You”, a nice pairing that I would have liked to seen more of, but that won’t be happening. I’m not ready to give up on this yet. I like it enough to keep listening to it, maybe I just had too high of expectations for it.

3. Atmosphere – Strictly Leakage

I guess this post just lost all creditability. All this REAL hip hop then I have to go and mention Atmosphere again. At least thats what someone said earlier this week, it made for a good running joke around these parts. Say what you want about Atmosphere, but what is real? Rapping about shooting people and slanging rocks, when chances are the artist hasn’t seen that shit, hasn’t sold one rock in his entire life? Or something like Atmosphere who just happens to rap about everyday shit. That’s half the problem with hip hop today, a lot of these cats are in a box that only real hip hop is “Dun Rap”. Shit is bigger than that these days, and for hip hop to stay fresh, it needs to think outside the box. You don’t have to like it, but don’t discount it.

Enough of the soap box, Ant and Sean use a lot of recycled grooves on this project, which usually bugs me, but they tweak shit enough and make the topics interesting enough that it doesn’t distract from the overall project. Nothing mind numbingly stupendous, but shit, it’s free, don’t bitch.

4. Has-Lo – Fuck Has Day
Dope little project. I didn’t listen to this a lot because I had to, it was because I wanted to. As I said earlier, it gave me that golden age feel with out sounding dated. Good shit. Now if you didn’t pick it up earlier, go back and pick it up now.

5. Substantial – Sacrifice

I’m usually into most of the QN5 work, such as Tonedeff, E F@mm and the other material that the label has released in the past. The new Substantial release, who was apart of EF@mm, is good enough to keep most of the QN5 fans happy. It’s kind of hit and miss on some tracks, but a worthwhile release that I kept listening to for the good songs.

top 10 songs of the week will be back next week…..


Why do I doubt we’ll be seeing a reunion Heltah Skeltah album with the arrest of Rock? Damn, a pimp? Over chicks? Damn….

Why do I want to hear a Peedi Crack album more than ever after reading some of this interview? I slept on dude something serious in the past.

Why does an album from Killer Mike entirely produced by No ID sound pretty dope?

Why do I laugh at the notion of “Hip Hop Karaoke”? I must confess though, I’ve done a few drunken renditions of Run DMC joints in my past.

Why is still a bitch to find Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” in stores? It’s on the same label as Exile’s solo release, which I had no problem finding in the past.

Why, speaking of Blu some more, does this joint collabo with Detroit MC/Producer T’raach sound pretty dope? They will be known as “C.R.A.C. Knuckles” and it will be released on T’Raach’s label sometime in April. Can’t wait.

Why does a joint project with Masta Ace and Edo G sound promising as well?

Why am I already starting to do research for my fantasy baseball season? Probably because I sucked in all my leagues last year and I can’t let Brian (of WYDU fame) win in our pay league again this year.

Why do I really not like that Lupe Fiasco

Why do the first months of the new year suck so bad, not just for hip hop, but in general?

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