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Requests & Re-Ups

by Travis on January 20, 2008

I really don’t like cheap posts where I just throw up albums without talking about them much, but on the weekends, I just have other things I’d rather be doing. Therefore, this is a fairly quick and easy way to put up a post, share some things with everyone that I’ve been asked by people to put up.

Street Poets – Street Poets (1995)

1. Everybody Knows Me
2. Mindless
3. Can’t Find My Way
4. True Romance
5. Eaze Off
6. Skinz
7. Everyday Life
8. Buggin’
9. Out Ta Flip
10. Neighborhood
11. What You Need
12. 209A

I have no clue where I got this album. One of the HHB guys asked for it and I found it on my computer. Go download it and tell me what you think….haha

P.K.O - Armed & Dangerous (Youngsta Reords, 1990)

1. Armed & Dangerous
2. Goin’ To Jail Is A Mutha F**ka
3. Life In The Ghetto
4. Money Mackin’ Bitch
5. World Peace / World War
6. I’m Justa Youngsta
7. Pimps, Players, Hustlers & Hoes
8. U Gitz Nothin’
9. Radio Rhythm
10. Comin’ Up W/ Dope (1990)
11. Dirty Dance
12. Fuck That Sh*t

I ain’t going to lie, I don’t know nothing about this release either, out of my area of expertise. I’ve heard of it of course, but thats about it. Honestly, I was looking through albumbase’s new uploads yesterday and happen to run across it (it’s my link though). I’ll give it a listen as well.
from: 10-26-06 Post

Natural Elements 1999 Unreleased LP

Tommy Boy strikes again. Natural Elements was made up of Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift and A-Butta and made countless 12 inch, compilation and radio appearances during the onset of the indy boom in the mid/late 90′s. Tommy Boy’s offshoot label, the Black Label, which released the Hip Hop 101 compilation in 1999 was in charge of releasing the project. This would also be the same year that Natural Elements debut project was scheduled to drop, but due to label politics, it never saw the light of day. The album isn’t anything jaw droppingly awesome. It’s slightly above average in what was a sometimes dull indy scene at the time.

Sorry, no track listing for this.

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