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Old School Video #2 – Def Jef "Black To the Future"

by Staff on January 24, 2008

Ok, So my man Marvin hooked up my Old School Video #1 – Hard Knocks with the audio treatment. Here is the new link for the video with fixed audio:


Ok, next up I have just opened my new Youtube account and uploaded my first video. It is a montage of clips from a day when Black Moon hosted Rap City. I edited out the videos and just kept all the intros and chatting at the camera that they did. This way I could keep it around 6 minutes total. Pretty cool I guess. I am just trying to get the hang of all my video programs and how they work together. Looks decent so far.

check me out here:My Youtube Videos

Finally for this post I am posting up my next old school video, it is Def Jef “Black To the Future”. Thanks to Marvin’s tips I have redited the audio. Now, the video actually had the audio from the remix, even though BET didn’t mention it on the video’s notes as to it being the remix. I edited in the album version of the song, to the video, because I didn’t have the remix until tonight. If anyone is still interested in this video with the original low quality audio or the with the remix version of the song as it was broadcast, let me know. I am sure I am going to mess around some more with this and try to get that remix to sync up with the video. Check out the dancing. I love it! I miss that shit in today’s videos. Click on the picture below to download the video.


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