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eMC – The Show (SoulClaps review)

by DJSoulClap on January 26, 2008

I think everybody knows that Trav and me are the biggest Masta Ace fans. I know he will write something about it too! I originally didn’t want to post anything about it this soon, but since it’s already all over the internet, I think it’s OK. So here is my version! It is so special to me, so it might take a while. But please read it till the end! I was anticipating this album since 05, I guess. I remember that Chat with Strick on, or was it the chat with Ace? I can’t remember which one came first… One of them told us about the eMC album. Masta Ace is my favorite MC since I copped Disposable arts, which was my favorite album of all time till now. I remember in 2004, 2 months before A long hot summer came out, Ace and Strick did a show in my hometown, that was one of the best experiences in my life! Edo.G was there too and they performed a track together. That was the point were I decided to cop everything of Ace that I can get. Online stores and ebay helped me out on that, I think I got about 50 records on wax now, but I still don’t have everything, since my budget is very limited.

So enough of the sensitive pre-talk, I was out playing pool with a girl, and on my way home, I got a text message from my boy Eric (biggest MA fan besides Trav and me) saying: “Wake up, I got the whole album!” You need to know, he sent me a link before, the same day, where you could listen to “Traffic” the track with Little brother, we were both hyped to hear a new joint… but now it was serious. Back home I directly went online and asked where he got it from… I was really, really pissed that it has been leaked. I kinda felt like it happened to me, like it was my album, lol, I was REALLY mad. But anyway, I downloaded it too, I didn’t know if I should listen to it or just leave it on my laptop till i can cop it. The download was really slow, so i had some time to think about it. I felt bad that I downloaded it, but then I thought, I will buy 4 copies anyway, so why shouldn’t I listen to it now, I waited long enough. You need to know, I will buy a copy on cd for the car, and 3 on wax. One to put it in a frame for my Masta Ace wall, one to listen to, and one to keep it wrapped in plastic. That’s what I will do.
So when the download finished, I took a deep breath! I went to the fridge and grabbed a cold beer. I grabbed my headphones too and plugged em in the laptop. I sat down on my couch, opened the beer, took another deep breath, and pressed play.

Who We Be
I started to smile! I knew that beat, they played it in a video, where they showed how they were in the studio with Sean P. It was on youtube. Goosebumps! “Tellin you who we be E-M-C” Great introduction of everybody. A perfect track to start of an album! I don’t know the production credits, but I guess the first track is a frequency beat. It’s a concept album again, they have 7 skits that connect the tracks perfectly. Air port, check in, radio station, backstage, it’s about life on tour. I will leave out the skits, you need to listen to them, really funny stuff!

Leak It Out

Funny that they got a track on it called Leak it out, haha. First thing I did, I laughed, loud, I did that in the beginning of every track cause I realized, the beat is dope, and if the beat is dope the track will be dope anyway, cause the lyrics are alwas hot. The sample sounds familiar, but I’m not telling which one it is. Strick: “Us not selling is like The Game not dropping a name” The hook is kinda like cuts, just without scratching, sounds weird, but is hot!


That’s the track with Little Brother, I’m sure this is the 9th Wonder beat. It’s really melodic, Ace, Punch, Phonte and Pooh are rapping on it. I realize again that Punch is just dope as hell. You can’t sleep on him, his lines are crazy and he got some of the funniest Punchlines, he ain’t got his name for nothing. LB are rhyming great too, dope storytelling. They are telling about driving around and what’s happening. They got a show in the evening and Little Brother join em. “Ace called me up, ’bout a week ago, told me ‘come to NY’ cause he havin a show, so I put Tay on the plan, the week went pass, filled up the whip with gas, let’s ride!” Dope!!!

Say Now

Starts with a calm soul sample, but then when the drums hit, you realize it’s a hype joint. I’d bet it’s an Illmind joint, sounds totally like him! Strick: “My name’s Sricklin yeah I do my thing on the track and I’ma hit without swingin a bat, without the chains and the rings that bling blingin is wack” AMEN! Grown man BI. It’s kinda the same theme like “Say something” by Kweli, just way doper! Punch: ” Not a bartender but still give you a shot, get drunk take a piss right in front of the cops” At this moment it feels kinda magic, I must be in heaven, that’s 4 incredible dope tracks in a row, not dope i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e!

Don’t Give Up On Us

The beat starts kinda weird, not bad, but unorthodox. I bet it’s a Koolade beat. I’m totally feeling this. Really mellow. Lyrics are so on point! I think the title already explains itself. It’s about relationships. Explaining different situations that you go through when you are in a relationship.

Git Some

B-Side of What it stand for, so no surprise. The beat is crazy, there are so many different sounds and effects in it, it’s super weird but super dope at the same time. Plus it contains my favorite line of 07! Punch:”Like Magic, you say you ill but I don’t see it” I love basketball lines! You can’t go wrong with em, I detected some on this album. Sean P is a dope guest, his verse is hilarious. “Paul Orndorff, Mister Wonderful rap shit, Taekwondo flow, off the wall I backflip” Tight!

We Alright

Feat Strickie Love, lol, that is the name for Strick as a singer, he does a great job on that! This is one of my very favs. Great track idea. Every line Starts with “What it feel like” sung by strick. It’s about positive and negative aspects that you can experience. Strick totally hit me with the lines “What it feel like… when it’s final exams and you cram cause you aint prepared like you should, What it fee
l like… then you walk across the stage cause you graduated and you know it’s all good” The beat is super melodic and laid back, it’s a Frequency joint! This man is just dope! Words with another basketball line (i have to quote it) “What it feel like… three seconds on the clock when you make the final shot and you won the game” eMC definitely won with this track!

What It Stand For

Ok, y’all know this track, it was perfect as the first single, cause they needed to make clear what eMC stands for, so people would stop asking, haha. The line that was stuck from the beginning is “experts makin classics, cop 2 keep 1 wraped in plastic” by Punch, but the whole track is really cathchy, you know it by heart pretty quick. Words impressed me once again on this track: “.. cause we Masta of the Words on this music tip, kept the Punchlines tight cause the rules is Strick(t)” Dopeness. Plus it’s a really surprising Nicolay beat, when I heard that track for the first time at a show, I thought it might be a Marco Polo beat or something…

The Grudge

This beat is crazy!!! Ayatollah made it. It starts like this: Ace: “When i was 9 years old I realized there was a goal, to make it back home, without my stuff getting stole” The beat is kinda dark, but not really, it’s hard to explain, I love it. Cool samples. The beginning is crazy, there is an original soul track playing for a few seconds, pretty happy and then the beat hits you with the first kick like BOOOOM. Hard to explain. Hot as hell! There are many funny gimmicks in the track, voice samples, weird noises, lol, you will hear it when you cop it! It’s groing on me from time to time, dope dope dope!!!

Make it better

Oh wow! That beat! I really have no guessing who made it. There is a weird noise in the background… The bass is so fat, it hits you and gives you a slight massage. the melodie is crazy, some kind of chimes and some other stuff, like orchestral sounds, wow! The hook is sung by a girl, really high voice, but totally dope. “We can make it better if we try to come together” The lyrics are f’in genius! Ace: “Another suicide mission what he sent us on, cause he lied about the plane hitting the pentagon, another soldier in iraq, then he panics, he’s dead on the ground with other black and hispanics, dying for a country in a world where is no peace, while back home his brother got shot by the police”

Winds Of Change

Classic! was my first thought! Ace starts the track with the lines: “I love rap music, I spit it from the heart, I did it a lot of years, been in it from the start” and then “The more things change it seems the more they stay the same” and then Punch comes in “From MJ to Usher from Heav’ D to Bonecrusher, Hip Hop culture new school to old lovers, Soulbrothers, James Brown to Pete Rock…” WOW! That track is hypnotizing, you are tensed and wanna soak in every single word! There are som many lines I could quote, but I won’t, cause you need to hear it yourself. Words part is ill!!! Strick too. Damn, that track is so perfect.

The Show

This might be my least favorite track, but it’s growing on me. I’d say it’s a Madlib beat, it’s pretty fast and hectic, not melodic. But it fits the theme. It describes the hours before the show, what they are doing, how hectic things are, dope storytelling. Damn, now that I listen to it again, there ain’t no least favorite track… Dopeness! Damn, how could I not like it when I heard it first? Ladybug Mecca did the hook, really nice, fits perfectly!

Borrow U

The beat comes in really nice. I’d say it’s a Koolade Beat, he always has this synthie sounds that he perfectly fits in, this man is a real musician! It features Stricke Love again, who sings the hook, Strick really does a good job on that. It’s like a groupie track, but with style, no simple pimp stlyes, more like high class style. “I just wanna hang out tonight, tryina see what you about tonight, tell your man you’ll be right back home, you bout to chill for a minute with me, I wanna borrow U” Hot!

Once More

I don’t even need to guess who made the beat, this is a Marco Polo beat. You can totally hear that. I heard that track at a show in dec. 06. I immediately liked it. The beat is pretty dark with the piano. Basically an eMC representer track. Simple and dope! “Once more for a chosen few, we came here to do what we supposed to do, spread the word and be tellin a friend, yellin out and you yell it again, once more”

U let me grow

This is one of the most intense tracks ever. It starts with a live intro, where Strick is telling that they did a song about their mothers. And shortly after doing the record his mum passed away and never got to hear the record, then Ace tells that one month later his mom passed away too, without hearing it. The beat is crazy melodic and atmospheric. When you think about the background that you heard in the intro and listen to the lyrics, it almost makes you cry, no shit! It’s so intense! The intro and the beginning of the beat make this track perfect. You couldn’t have done it better! So call your moms and tell her that you love her. You never know what can happen.

Feel It

The sample on this track sounds kinda familiar. But I have no clue where I heard it. Nooooooooooooo! lol, I just found out where I heard it, it’s incredible, I made a beat with that sample 4 days ago, and it sounds pretty much the same… I can throw it away now, hahaha. So Trav, now you know what I talked about when I said that I know that sample. The hook is sung by Money Harm, I heard him before, but I don’t know where. (No, not on my track, lol) Perfect track to en
d this album! Just dope!

You can hear some funny outtakes in the end, which is a real cool idea, too.

So all in all, this album is all I ever wanted, if I died tomorrow, I could die peacefully… If there was a word for what’s beyond classic, this album deserved it. I mean, i expected the best album of all time, but when you expect that, the chances of being disappointed are pretty high, but I was even positively surprised. I mean, the album is brand new, I listened to it like 7 times the last 2 days, but I can already say that, there is no chance that it will fall off, I already noticed it’s still growing on me. Like growing beyond perfect. I never thought there will be an album that good. I mean, I can’t wait to really have the album in my hands, with the cover, a nice booklet and everything.
Now let me tell you something, if you downloaded it, and you won’t buy it, I will personally knock at your door and kick your hairy butt! And if you didn’t download it and don’t plan on buying it, I will at least give you a running slap on it. So better buy it, I think you actually should buy 2. These guys deserve it.

6 out of 5!

One Love!

Yours Truly,

DJ SoulClap

PS: YOu can see what eMC say about the leak!

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