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The Source Fat Tape: From Oct, 1990

by Travis on January 27, 2008

We close off the 1990′s week with a Fat Tape, direct from the October issue of the Source. For those of you unfamiliar with The Source’s Fat Tape (I honestly haven’t even looked at an issue of The Source to know if they still have them), they were just a list of songs that would have made for a “Fat Tape”. In those days, I usually didn’t have all the weird b-sides and remixes to make a complete tape. Thanks to the internet, I’m able to piece a lot of the old tapes together and we have a piece of history dug up to post.

It’s Sunday which means, despite there being no football (f*ck!) and it being a typical sh*tty rainy/snowy day in the Pac NW, I don’t feel like being on a computer all day, so you are going to get a quick run down of what’s what instead of some big ass write up. A lot of these joints can also be found on Eric’s Ego Trip’s Greatest Singles of 1990 post, but there are also a few joints that haven’t been seen in some time on this blog, or others….It’s a nice mix of traditional classics, some obscure joints and a couple dope remixes, so download a piece of history and enjoy!

The Source Oct ’90 Fat Tape

1. Terminator X feat Chuck D & Sista SouljahBuck Whylin
2. Brand Nubian - Who Get Busy Like This Man
3. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Streets Of New York
4. A Tribe Called QuestBonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)
5. Eric B & Rakim - The Ghetto (Drums Mix)
6. Ice CubeWho’s The Mack
7. Boogie Down ProductionsLove’s Gonna Get’cha (Material Love)
8. 3rd BassProducts of the Environment (Marley Marl Remix)
9. LL Cool J - Boomin’ System (Underground Mix)
10. Frescho & DJ Miz - Ain’t You Freshco?
11. BarshaWho’s The Master?
12. K SoloYour Mom’s In My Business
13. Michie Mee & LA Luv - Jamaican Funk
14. Poor Righteous TeachersRock Dis Funky Joint
15. KMCGangsters

Highlight track: I hadn’t heard the “Drums Mix” of “The Ghetto” in quite some time and must confess I like it better than the original, but I was never a big fan of the original in the first place. It lives up to its name with bangin’ drums laced over the rather simplistic beat and the God Ra flowing effortlessly and droppin’ the knowledge.

The Rare Jewel: Frescho & DJ Mix is one group that I always wished had dropped an album. Frescho was an MC out of Brooklyn who won ’89 New Music Seminar MC Battle. DJ Miz was a dope Philly DJ (must had been something in the Philly water for DJ’s in those days) who won the DJ battle also in ’89. The two teamed up and dropped a single in 1990, that featured a double A side, with “We Don’t Play” and this joint, “Ain’t You Freshco”. While I’m partial to “We Don’t Play”, since it had a video, this joint was nice as well. Good to see it make it on a Source Fat Tape.

One of These Things Ain’t Like The Others: I really know next to nothing about KMC, other than I used to get them confused with KMC Kru, who were out of Michigan around the same time.

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