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J-Zone Gator$ & Fur$: Feb '08

by Travis on February 1, 2008

More crass for dat ass, in the form of J-Zone and Chief Chinchilla expressing their love for their favorite (not) holiday of the year, Valentines Day. Straight from Capt. Backslap himself:

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla present…GATOR$-n-FUR$
February 2008: AINT NO LUV!

The hate parade brought by the hate brigade continues! Now it’s Cupid’s turn to get a crossbow shot in his a$$.

Everybody knows February brings some nice things. NBA All-Star weekend (yo ESPN, license “A Friendly Game Of Basketball” from me again so I can make $ome mo money), me and Chief Chinchilla’s birthdays and good deals on winter clothes. But unfortunately it brings the absolute worst holiday of all…Valentines Day.

Chief Chinchilla and I are so disgusted at the thought of such a terrible awful holiday that we’re dedicating an hour of our lives to make your Valentines Day as miserable as ours and we’re letting the hate marinate for an entire month (February is short so the next show will come a week late in March).

This one day is just a way for Hallmark to make some bank. But oh no no no, not in the land of Gator$-n-Fur$. Actually, we DEMAND all Gator$-N-Fur$ fans boycott Valentines Day this year and celebrate Black Thursday instead…meaning WEAR ALL BLACK on Feb 14. No red & white, absolutely not. If you’re in a relationship, we aint hatin. Dinner is cool, but no big a$$ f**kin teddy bears, no candy, and lord jesus no cute HTML glitter myspace comments. I’m deleting those this year. If you and your partner are over 18 and have a myspace page just for yourselves as a couple…you’re disqualified. You suck. Remove yourself from the land of Gator$-n-Fur$ immediately, you don’t deserve us. If you’re caught doing any of the above, you’re off the team! Without further ado, from sad to savage, we present some of the best anti-love songs…

Men lie, women lie…but Gator$-n-Fur$ tell it like it is!!!!!!

Love always,
J-Zone aka Mr. Don’t Holla aka $ir Charge
Chief Chinchilla aka The Onion Ring Pimp aka PETA’s Worst Nightmare

9th Wonder Fans Take Notice: Kooley High

Also, while I’m working on part IV for the ’91 series, I received an email from a group coming out out of NC that dropped an EP this week. Kooley High dropped their EP “Summer Sessions”. It kind flew under the radar, but it’s got two songs produced by 9th Wonder. I know there are some big fans of 9th out there, so check the release on Itunes. Judging from the stuff I heard on their Myspace page, some more NC bangers. You can also check (read: Download) “Water” produced by 9th Wonder on their myspace page as well.

For more Raliegh, NC goodness
Raleigh’s Finest Mixtape (81MB ZIP)

Single #1 – “Capital Kindred” (4.3MB MP3)

Single #2 – “NC Shit” (3.2MB MP3)


  • 1. 9th Wonder Intro
  • 2. Kooley High – Let’s Go
  • 3. Raleigh’s Finest Crew Introduction
  • 4. Rsonist & Halo – Pause That
  • 5. Median, Halo, Charlie Smarts & Lazurus – Capital Kindred
  • 6. Young Guru Drop
  • 7. Rapsody & Lazurus – Roll On
  • 8. Rsonist, Charlie Smarts & Tab-One – Feed The Family
  • 9. Big Treal Drop
  • 10. Charlie Smarts & Rsonist – We Reign
  • 11. Charlie Smarts & Halo – Screw Up
  • 12. Halo Freestyle
  • 13. Kooley High – NC Shit
  • 14. Lazurus & S. Gold – Straighten It Out
  • 15. Raleigh’s Finest Crew – Bring It Back
  • 16. Alchemist Drop
  • 17. Charlie Smarts, Tab-One & Halo – Raleighwood Divorce
  • 18. Nervous Reck – Get You Some
  • 19. Marco Polo Drop
  • 20. Charlie Smarts – Don’t Leave Me
  • 21. Charlie Smarts & Halo – In
    The 919
  • 22. Lazurus – Pushin
  • 23. Monie Love Drop
  • 24. Rapsody – How Things Go
  • 25. Tab-One – Talk It Out
  • 26. Lazurus & Rapsody – Gain One
  • 27. Lazurus Outro

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