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The Source "Fat Tape/Singles File" (Nov. 1991) & Ego Trip's "Top 40" of '91

by Eric on February 3, 2008

The Source “Singles File/Fat Tape” Nov. ’91 (click to DL)

1. “All For One”-Brand Nubian
Album: “One For All” (Elektra, 1990)
Production: Artist

2. “Check The Rhime”-A Tribe Called Quest
Album: “The Low End Theory” (Jive, 1990)
Production: Artist

3. “O.P.P.”-Naughty By Nature
Album: Self Titled (Tommy Boy, 1990)
Production: Kay Gee

4. “The Symphony Pt. II”-Marley Marl f. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane & Lil’ Daddy Shane
Album: “In Control Vol. II” (Cold Chillin’, 1991)
Production: Marley Marl

5. “Hip Hop Junkies”-Nice & Smooth
Album: “Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed” (RAL, 1991)
Production: Artist

6. “Fuck Compton”-Tim Dog
Album: “Penillin On Wax” (Ruffhouse, 1991)
Production: Ced Gee, artist

7. “Sleepin’ On My Couch”-Del
Album: “I Wish My Brother George Was Here” (Elektra, 1991)
Production: The Boogiemen

8. “Flavor Of The Month”-Black Sheep
Album: “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” (Mercury, 1991)
Production: Artist

9. “My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks On Me”-Geto Boys
Album: “We Can’t Be Stopped” (Rap-A-Lot, 1991)
Production: Artist

10. “A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturdays”-De La Soul
Album: “De La Soul Is Dead” (Tommy Boy, 1991)
Production: Artist, Prince Paul

11. “Step In The Arena”-GangStarr
Album: “Step In The Arena” (Chrysalis, 1990)
Production: DJ Premier

12. “Ain’t Nobody Better”-Yo-Yo
Album: “Make Way For The Motherlode” (Atlantic/East-West, 1991)
Production: Ice Cube & Sir Jinx

13. “What Goes Around”-Biz Markie
Album: “I Need A Haircut” (Warner Bros., 1991)
Production: Artist

14. “Juvenille Delinquentz”-Terminator X f. Juvenille Delinquentz
Album: “Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beats” (Columbia, 1991)
Production: TX & The Bomb Squad

15. “Lifestyles of The Rich & Infamous”-Ice-T
Album: “O.G., Original Gangster” (Warner Bros./Sire, 1991)
Production: Afrika Islam

16. “Raw ’91″-Big Daddy Kane
Album: “Prince Of Darkness” (Cold Chillin’, 1991)
Production: Artist

17. “25 Ta’ Life”-D-Nice
Album: “To Tha’ Rescue” (Jive, 1991)
Production: Artist

18. “Joke’s On You Jack”-Kid Capri
Album: “The Tape” (Cold Chillin’, 1991)
Production: Biz Markie & Cool V

19. “Oh Well”-E.S.P.
Album: “Valoompadoom Pink” (Select, 1991)
Production: Artist

20. “Jail Sale”-Professor Griff
Album: “Kaos II Wix*7*Dome” (Luke Records, 1991)
Production: The Soul Society)

Ego Trip’s “Top 40 of 1991″ (click to DL)

1. Geto Boys: “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” (Rap-a-Lot)

2. A Tribe Called Quest: “Check the Rhime” (Jive)

3. Naughty by Nature: “O.P.P.” (Tommy Boy)

4. Public Enemy: “Shut ‘em Down (Pete Rock Remix)” (Def Jam)

5. Cypress Hill: “How I Could Just Kill a Man” (Ruffhouse)

6. Brand Nubian: “Slow Down” (Elektra)

7. Main Source: “Just Hangin’ Out”/”Live at the Barbeque” (Wild Pitch)

8. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince: “Summertime” (Jive)

9. Brand Nubian: “All for One” (Elektra)

10. Ed O.G. & da Bulldogs: “I Got to Have It” (PWL)

11. MC Breed: “Ain’t No Future in Yo’ Frontin’” (Ichiban)

12. EPMD featuring L.L. Cool J: “Rampage” (Def Jam)

13. Nice & Smooth: “Hip Hop Junkies” (Fresh)

14. Black Sheep: “Flavor of the Month” (Mercury)

15. De La Soul: “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)” (Tommy Boy)

16. Ice Cube: “Steady Mobbin’”/”No Vaseline” (Priority)

17. Leaders of the New School: “Sobb Story” (Elektra)

18. Compton’s Most Wanted: “Growin’ Up in the Hood” (Orpheus)

19. Tim Dog: “Fuck Compton” (Ruffhouse)

20. Digital Underground featuring 2Pac: “Same Song” (Tommy Boy)

21. AMG: “Jiggable Pie” (Select)

22. MC Lyte: “Poor Georige” (First Priority)

23. Ed O.G. & da Bulldogs: “Be a Father to Your Child” (PWL)

24. WC & the MAAD Circle: “Dress Code” (Priority)

25. Gang Star: “Step in the Arena”/ “Check the Technique”(Chrysalis)

26. Poor Righteous Teachers: “Shakiyla” (Profile)

27. De La Soul featuring Q-Tip: “A Rollerskating Jam Named ‘Saturdays’” (Tommy Boy)

28. Leaders of the New School: “Case of the P.T.A.” (Elektra)

29. K.M.D.: “Nitty Gritty (Remix)”/”Plumskinzz” (Elektra)

30. Del tha Funkee Homosapien: “Sleepin’ on My Couch” (Elektra)

31. K-Solo: “Fugitive” (Atlantic)

32. Eric B. & Rakim: “Mahogany” (MCA)

33. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: “Bad to the Bone” (Cold Chillin’)

34. AMG: “Bitch Betta Have My Money” (Select)

35. D-Nice: “25 ta Life” (Jive)

36. DJ Quik: “Tonight” (Profile)

37. Special Ed: “Come on, Let’s Move It” (Profile)

38. Ice-T: “O.G. Original Gangster”/”Bitches 2″ (Sire)

39. K.M.D.: “Who Me?” (Elektra)

40. Raw Fusion: “Throw Your Hands in the Air”/”Do My Thang” (Hollywood BASIC)

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jrrider February 4, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Great shit. I knew this fat tape section was gonna be tight. I remember wanting BDK Raw 91 remix. Keep the gems comin’

Curtis February 5, 2008 at 5:37 pm

Any possibility that I could get this as a .zip file rather than .rar?

righthook February 6, 2008 at 9:48 am

Wow. I miss ’91.

Lush2Gs February 12, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Yo I like teh way you put these I love the…. together, keep them comin they take me back to the days when the music was the music.

onetime February 18, 2008 at 1:17 am

how gay is that picture of Nice and Smooth standing all close together lol

CRAIG April 9, 2008 at 6:49 am

sick tape, made propage whentheyrem…

i been bangin an edited version of that flex mix from july last year but this is sickness, every track is the sickness.

The 90s are ringin off…

twas just politikin on ‘Shakiyla’ days ago….with no prior knowledge of this doozy.

[heres a 2CD version of that Flex thing btw, dunno if you fancy a 5hr show thats been raped by a sound engineer but here it is...]

[5HRS DOWN TO 160 MINS...]

cd one:

cd two:

thanks again


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