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by Travis on February 8, 2008

What up y’all? It’s been a little slow around here this week, so a quick explanation. I came down with the flu Monday evening, so since then it’s been strictly couch/bed for my ass. So if you have sent an email and I have yet to respond….that’s the reason. It’s going to take me some time to get through the 100+ emails I have sitting in my inbox right now (admittedly, not all have to do with the blog, but still)….soooo, I’m on the mend, dealing with the unpleasant site/feeling of the 10 gallons of phlegm trying to exit my lungs and the fever/chills bullshit that’s still going on but I hope to have things back up and running by the end of the weekend. Only “good thing” to come out of this week was learning that Codeine cough syrup isn’t for me, so no sipping the sizzurp for me (not that was likely to happen anytime soon anyway). So thanks for sticking with us, and as a peace offering here is some requests people requested earlier in the week that I’m just now getting to.

Hopefully Eric is going to slow down his rapid fire posting and allow me to catch up, but he too also sent me a text yesterday saying he was feeling a bit under the weather as well, but I’ll let him explain….

Poison Clan – Straight Zooism (Warlock Records, 1995)

1. Intro
2. Fire Up This Funk (B-izer Version)
3. Zooism
4. Paper Chase
5. Peep Da Flava
6. Blow Da Spot
7. Ahead Of My Time
8. Rainbow Annihilators (Flava)
9. Strictly For Da Hardcore
10. Rather Deal With A Ho Than A Bitch
11. Ganja Fiend
12. Something About The Bitches
13. Shine Me Up
14. Buckel Up
15. Fire Up This Funk (Listen Mix)
16. Busts A Pipe

L.A. Dream Team – Bad To The Bone (MCA Records, 1987)

1 Rudy And Snake (4:16)
2 The Uhh! Song (4:31)
3 What’s A Skeezer? (3:59)
4 Just Chill’n (Part I) (4:20)
5 Stop To Start (3:59)
6 Don’t Push Me (4:58)
7 She Only Rock And Rolls (4:45)
8 Just Chill’n (Part II) (6:32)
9 For Lisa With Love (5:54)

Tony D – Droppin’ Funky Verses (4th & B Way, 1991)

1 Check The Elevation (4:24)
2 Buggin’ On The Line (4:35)
3 Tony Don’t Play That (3:52)
4 E.F.F.E.C.T. (4:27)
5 Don’t Fall For The Gas Line (3:37)
6 Birdie Disease (3:42)
7 Droppin’ Funky Verses (4:03)
8 Listen To Me Brother (4:33)
9 Harvey Wallbanger (4:07)
10 Keep On Doin’ What You’re Doin’ (4:12)
11 I Know Who I Am (4:15)
12 Stop Racism (4:18)
13 Shoe Polish (3:48)

Sorry no discussions, talk amongst yourselves if you have questions. I’m going to finish my second gallon of OJ this week and watch two decade old sitcoms.

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