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WYDU Classics Feb '08

by Travis on February 12, 2008

Yes, I’m alive, some what. At least I think I’m going to live, which I suppose is a good thing. I can barely talk, but some people would probably say that is a good thing. I can still type though, cloudy mind from cold meds and all.

I think though we are back on course to return to our regularly scheduled programming this week as I’ve been working on my part of the “I Love The 90′s” for 1992, did some work on a weekend lite, that may or may not show up this week or may or may not show up this coming weekend. I got a lot of shit to catch up on. A weeks worth of shit to be exact, but I’ll get it hammered over the week hopefully.

I figured a nice way to ease back into things was to put up this month’s WYDU Classics. As I’ve always said in the past, these directly reflect my mood and tastes at the moment I make them. Today I was in the mood to hear some mid/late 80′s shit. Maybe it’s all the 90′s music I’ve been listening to lately, but I felt the 80′s needed at least a mention. I love me some drum machines, hand claps and 808 kicks. So this volume encompasses all of that sound. Mostly some obscure stuff that I’ve either had sitting on my hard drive for awhile now or something I’ve downloaded off of the internet (mainly the BTF forums, thanks to whoever contributed joints) recently. My favorite era of hip hop is the late 80′s. I love that minimalist approach of drum machine, a DJ with two turntables and a MC spitting rhymes. To me, that was what hip hop was supposed to be.

WYDU Classics Feb ’08

1. TDS MobCrushin’ Em (1998)
2. Mikey D & The LA PosseI Get Rough (1986)
3. Markey Fresh - The Mack of Rap (Extended Remix) (1989)
4. Tricky TeeLeave It To The Drums (1986)
5. Uptown - Dope On Plastic (1989)
6. Derek BRock The Beat (1987)
7. Raw Dope PosseListen To My Turbo (1988)
8. Phill Most ChillOn Tempo Jack (1988)
9. Awesome Dre & The Hardcore CommitteeFrankly Speaking (remix) (1989)
10. Steady BI Gotcha (Philly Extended Remix) (1988)
11. King Sun-D MoetMythological Rapper (1987)
12. Hot Day with Super KidsGo Queensbridge (1987)
13. D-NiceCall Me D-Nice (demo version radio rip) (1988? 1989?)
14. Keefy Keef - Three’s Company (? might not be in the ’80s)
15. MC Sugar RayKnock ‘Em Out (1988)
16. Kay Gee The AllMy Record Is Hot (1987)
17. MC Twist & The Def SquadShock The House (1989)
18. M Walk & King SaulI’m The King (1989)

The legendary Mikey D & The LA Posse drop a dope cut that is produced by the legendary Paul C….I’ve always loved Markey Fresh since first hearing him drop promo’s on Red Alert radio tapes I got back in the days, has the 45 King bless his track with a dope ass beat as only the 45 King could do in those days….One of Sam Sever’s first production credits shows up on Tricky Tee’s “Leave It To The Drums”, as the cut lives up it’s name….the “Frankly Speaking (Remix)” from Awesome Dre is almost as dope as the original, thanks for Robbie at Unkut for making me dig this out of my e-crates….like wise thanks going to Jaz for the Steady B remix, Steady is another “guilty pleasure” of mine, and his remixes were almost always better than the originals he did…..yes, King Sun-D Moet is King Sun, some of his earliest work…The Super Kids was one Tragedy aka Intelligent Hoodlum, aka Trag aka Tragedy Khadafi …..You’ll recogonize Keefy Keef when you hear him, some would call him “the Most Beautifullest”….I read about the D-Nice demo songs somewhere before, but where escapes me, this track was a radio rip or a mixtape rip, but gives you an idea how much the song (musically) changed…..MC Sugar Ray should be familiar as well, he would be in a group called Double XX Posse in a few years, but you all knew that already. Here is some solo stuff before the group came together…MC Twist & The Def Squad was on Luke Skyywalker Records, but think more in the vein of MC Shy D, not really in sound, but that they are nothing like the sex rhymes that was from the 2 Live Crew….M Walk and King Saul is actually a good tune, M Walk of course being a somewhat overlooked west coast legend as he has done time with Tone Loc and was behind the tables for the Pharcyde’s second album as well…..

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jcmoss33 August 1, 2009 at 5:53 pm

Good looking out on this collection. You all keep doing a great job. Thanks. GOD BLESS. Peace

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