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A Few Goodies

by Travis on February 16, 2008

While I’m busily working away on the next three posts (that may or may not be up this weekend), I figured I’d toss up a few albums that I’ve uploaded for people in the past week or two. In other words I was so worried about the lack of comments the past couple days in the cbox, that I thought no one was checking anymore…or so one of our fellow bloggers wanted to point out for one reason or another. But just to show I’m not one that gets bitter, go visit Silent Springs and give him some comments on his beats. It’s the least I can do, being the center of the blog universe or whatever. That’s my PR duties for tonight…..

Def Jef – Soul Food (Delicious Vinyl, 1991)

1. Poet’s Prelude
2. Get Up 4 the Get Down
3. Soul Provider
4. Here We Go Again
5. Cali’s All That
6. Brand New Heavy Freestyle
7. Soul Is Back
8. Shadow of Def
9. Fa Sho Shot
10. Don’t Sleep (Open Your Eyes)
11. Soul Food (A Hip Hop Duet)
12. Voice of a New Generation
13. God Complex

I always thought Def Jef signing to Delicious Vinly was often an odd pair. You had DV, who was more into the radio hits of the day such as the Tone Loc, Young MC, and failed miserably attempt of Jesse Jaymes. They did try to force Jef into that radio realm with his first single on his debut album “Give It Here”, but it only came out contrived and forced. This album, while not nearly as good as “Just A Poet With Soul” (which I never cared for all that much either), does have a few “gems” littering the tracklisting.

Michie Mee & LA Luv – Jamican Funk Candian Style (Atlantic, 1991)

1. Prelude No. 1
2. Jamaican Funk Canadian Style
3. Kotch
4. Insecure Luva
5. Prelude No. 2
6. If Only They Knew
7. Prelude No. 3
8. All Night Stand
9. We’ve Arrived In America
10. L.A. Luv De Bout
11. You’re Feisty
12. A Portion From Up North
13. Canada Large
14. Get It Together (Bonus Track)
15. Jamacian Funk (Bonus Track

I’ve never been openly crazy about early female MC’s. I guess in my younger years, I thought it was a man’s game. Before you get all crazy and calling me sexist, I’ve been more open about female MC’s in my older and wiser years. There have been some good ones to grib the mic. Michie Mee was associated with one of my favorite labels/crews back in the day, the First Priority Music family. She had a track that appeared on said labels “Basement Music” compliation back in the day. She really was one of the first female MC’s to come out of Canada and she didn’t hide her Jamican ancersory as this album is chock full of dancehall and Jamacian riffs.

Barsha – Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics (First Priority Music, Virgin 1990)

1 Who’s The Master?
2 Knockin’ Hiney
3 Internal Affair
4 Brooklyn, Brooklyn
5 Seminar 90
6 Pick Up The Pieces
7 Raw Type Sh–
8 B.A.R.
9 A Quick One
10 Fundamentally Funky
11 Pimp Of The Year

Get past the fact that the cover is possibly the worse album cover ever to grace a hip hop album and you have another FPM gem. The album, as most of the other FPM albums, was produced by King Of Chill and Audio Two. As far as mucis goes, it is very similar to the King of Swing sound. Hard drums and classic breaks dot the album for begining to end and takes the listener back to a time were simpler was just better. Barsha himself sounds a lot like Kool G Rap as far as his vocal tone and delivery. He may not have the Kool Geniuses lyrical prowness, but he can handle his own on the mic, something that was kind of suprising to me the first time I listened to him, judging by his album cover.

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