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Re-Ups and New Info

by DJSoulClap on February 16, 2008

Whattup people?
I just wanted to re-up the EP and the jay-Z remix album for those who missed em, for the new readers, and give a little update on what’s going on at the moment!

The EP features 12 Tracks and a beat snippet. The features on the tracks are people from all over the states, Eastcoast, Westcoast, from the South, NC… All of those MC’s are incredibly talented. I’m working on a lot of stuff at the moment… You will hear me on the next Superstar Quamallah Album, on some new Perverted Monks stuff, on the Punchline Mixtape or album and on a lot of other tracks… Anyway, the tracklist for the ep is this:

01. The Soul Occupants feat. Souleez – Up again
02. Haji P – Aww Shite
03. Shaoo Zulu – Gashman
04. Dundee feat Haji P & Bru Lei – Champions
05. The Soul Occupants – Most Real
06. Stranger Day – Reality
07. Haji P – Broken English
08. Sly MC – Beautiful
09. Lox – Hip Hop is Universal
10. The Soul Occupants – My ChildHOOD
11. Esperado, Dundee, Martys, Superstar Quamallah, Stranger Day, Albino – SoulClap Theme pt.1
12. Tony Touch feat Large Professor, Pete Rock & Masta Ace – Out da box (SoulClap remix)
13. DJ SoulClap – Beat Snippet

Promo EP Download

The Jay-Z remix album was made in 3 days. I saw in an online store that the accapellas were out on wax and I directly ordered them. I had so many people asking me to send them, but I didn’t do it. I hate people that are waiting for other people to buy stuff and then be so cocky to ask for it, buy it yourself, bitches! (Not in general, but it’s the case for accapellas, cause only producers and DJ’s want them…) So I was one of the first that was done with it, that was my goal, cause I knew there will be too many remixes out after a pretty short time. Although I just had 3 days the response was really good, people loved it, thanks again for everybody who downloaded it and spread the word! (Someone even made amyspace page just to represent it) Too bad rapidshare doesn’t have a download count anymore, next time i will try to upload it on zshare… I have no clue how many people d-loaded the remix album and the ep…

American Clapster Download

Now the most important thing! M man Tony Tigerstyle from LA will come to Germany next month and will stay for a while, so we can record the Soul Occupants album. People are waiting for it so we need to get it started! We will try to shoot some videos too. I made a new myspace page for us, and uploaded some older tracks plus snippets from new tracks. I would be really glad if you checked it! Soul Occs Myspace
During his time in Germany we will shoot a little documentary and put up some new snippets, videos and everything, like a little diary, I will post that stuff on WYDU, if you are interested! I’m trying to get a couple of features on our album, we will definitely have Superstar Quamallah, Haji and Souleez on the joint! We will most likely have Punchline on it too and I’m trying to get Ace and Strick on the Jammy too, maybe Paula Perry… But I can’t promise anything, those are just people I have in mind that will be possible…

Can’t forget about my little EP with Brandon J Atlas from the Madeline Soul Crew. Please check out his myspace too!
Maxilla Blue

Thanks for reading!

One love!


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