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Hall & Oates? Gym Class Heroes? ohhhh & JJ Brown….

by Travis on March 4, 2008

I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Hall & Oates (we’ve had this discussion before on the site), and that “Girlfriend” song from the Gym Class Heroes was the only song I’ve heard from the album, and it about made me want to toss the radio out the car…..BUT, I’ve always liked JJ Brown (of Louis Logic fame, and well know I’m a Lou fan) and if you can make me want to listen to a Ludacris album, you have to be half way decent. So……..I haven’t given this a listen yet….but I will, see for yourselves.

5G Productions Introduces Gym Class Heroes to Hall & Oates for “As Cruel As School Children, The Match-Up” and Offers Free Download!

New York, NY, March 4, 2008 – You’ve read about it in the pages of LA Weekly, Scratch Magazine, and more. Now it’s yours to enjoy, free of charge!

Producers J.J. Brown and Dan “The Deacon” Maier of 5G Productions bring you their follow up to last year’s ground-breaking “Re-Release Therapy” (a remix project blending Ludacris‘ vocals with beats constructed solely of Jackson 5 elements) with “As Cruel As School Children, The Match-Up“. This meticulously constructed collection finds Brown and Maier mixing the a cappellas from Gym Class Heroes’ chart topping album “As Cruel As School Children” with musical backdrops comprised entirely of samples from the works of legendary recording duo Daryl Hall and John Oates.

Includes new “Match-Up” versions of Gym Class Heroes‘ hit singles “Clothes Off!!” and “Cupid’s Chokehold” as well as an exclusive remix of “New Friend Request” featuring 5G’s own lyrical genius, louis logic. Enjoy!

Listen and download tracks exclusively at!

A collaborative venture between longtime friends, producers J.J. Brown and Dan “The Deacon” Maier, 5G Productions has gained notoriety for its commitment to meeting the needs of both artist and label. 5G Productions consists of a production and songwriting team that works hand-in-hand with major and independent A&R departments in order to produce radio-ready results. Past work includes production and songwriting credits for Mr. Cheeks (Universal), louis logic (Fat Beats), the1shanti (Universal), Apathy and Celph Titled (Demigodz), and many more. Visit for more.

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