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J-Zone Gator$ & Fur$: March 08

by Travis on March 4, 2008

Trav’s words: It’s beginning of the month, and that means it’s time for one of Mr. Don’t Holla aka J-Zone’s Gator$ & Fur$ mix shows. I love these things, Zone makes these things one of a kind. If we aren’t getting J-Zone albums, this is the next best thing.

From Zone himself:

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla Present…GATOR$-n-FUR$
March 2008: Child’s Play
Kids. The innocent future of the world or drooling, disease spreading, noisy a*s brats that never seem to shut the f**k up and persist to be a nag? You either love em or hate em. Me and Chief Chinchilla are at odds over the issue, but whatver your opinion we got somethin for you.
So therefore…we proudly present music for, by and about kids. Enjoy.

and for the record, I love kids…for about 5 minutes. After that, I’m with my man Chief Chinchilla…”get these muthaf**kin brats off me!”
J-Zone aka Mr. Don’t Holla aka $ir Charge aka The Fax Phone Giggolo aka Gargamel Jones aka Come Get Your Stuffy Achy Head Sneezy Kid Away From Me Before I Fumigate Him If He Give Me A Cold Imma Sue You

While we are it, here is a new track from Rock of Heltah Skeltah and the Boot Camp Click. Surprisingly, it’s called “Attempted Murder”, I’m presuming addressing the charge he caught of the same nature back in January. It’s done over the “Murder Was The Case” beat. Rock is possess one of the most unique voices in the game, so I always dig listening to him.

Rock – Attempted Murder

Here is a video of Rock speaking on the whole ordeal as well.

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