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Grab Bag

by Travis on March 5, 2008

What’s good party people? Hope all is well out there in blog land. I forgot what working a full 40 hours was like. Shit is draining, then I have almost an hour commute each way, so needless to say, time has been hard to come by. I have a lot of things on the burner, but don’t always have the energy or desire to finish them all up when I come home at night. I’m expecting to be used to this and be fine in a week or two, but until then….

Anyway, got some emails for most re-ups, and since it’s kind of an easy thing to do at the current time, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Original Concept – Straight From (Def Jam, 1988)

1 Legend (3:27)
2 Charlie Sez (4:23)
3 Running Yo’ Mouth (3:48)
4 Knowledge (0:16)
5 Pump That Bass/Live (3:07)
6 Jonnie Wuza Gangsta (4:01)
7 Here Comes The 5-OH! (3:14)
8 Prejudice (3:31)
9 Gottanotha Funky Break 4-U Hit It! (3:56)
10 Psychodustrip (0:35)
11 Can U Feel It? 88! (3:33)
12 Get Stupid… Again (3:00)
13 (Cause) We’re Original (4:04)
14 Fatlady (3:10)
15 To The Beat Y’all (3:32)
16 She’s Gotta Moustache (3:53)
17 Stranded (2:04)
18 Total Confusion (4:24)

A long lost Def Jam album. If you are an old school head or just like the obscure shit, this shouldn’t be too new to you, but if you are still learning, this joint was fairly instrumental in the 808 sound, which can be traced back to the early Miami Bass days. Spearheaded by Dr. Dre and T-Money of Yo! MTV Raps fame (before the show), this album also possessed the humor those two exhibited on the show as well. Nothing ground breaking on this in any means, but if you were down with that early Beastie Boy’s production, (although not as good) with the 808 kick drums, then you might want to grab this.

Ghostface Killah – Pretty Toney: The Lost Tracks

1. Guerilla Hood
2. The After Party feat Method Man
3. Pretty Toney
4. Pay Checks ft Trife
5. Smith Brothers
6. The Drummer ft Street Life
7. Burnin’
8. My Guitar
9. Run (Showoff Remix) ft Jadakiss
10. The Odd Couple ft Cappadonna
11. Got Gats ft Solomon Childs
12. Box In Hand (The Lost Remix) ft Method Man
13. New Splash (No No No)
14. GFK Elephant ft Elephant Man
15. The Sun ft Slick Rick, RZA & Raekwon
16. Flowers (Original Mix)
17. The Watch (Original Mix)
18. Good Times
19. Hot & Wet (Remix) ft 112 & Ludacris
20. Summertime (remix) ft Beyonce

Why is that some of the best songs are usually of the unreleased kind? Think about, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Ghost all have some classic joints that are of the unreleased variety. Luckily enough for us in the age of the internet, this stuff still comes to the light in form of “Unreleased Rarities” and the such. All of the tracks that couldn’t be cleared for sample reasons rears their melodic voices on this collection of songs that were made right around the “Pretty Toney” era. Tracks like “The Sun”, “My Guitar”, “Flowers” and “Good Times” are arguably stronger tracks than the majority of the tracks that made it to the retail version. Hopefully you have most of these, but if you don’t, best be picking this one up.

Big Daddy Kane – Collabs and Rarities (1998-2005)

1. Big Daddy Kane – Any Type Of Way (Produced by DJ Premier)
2. Marley Marl Feat Big Daddy Kane – Three’s Company
3. Spectac feat. Big Daddy Kane – One Day
4. Big Daddy Kane – Shame
5. Sway & King Tech feat Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & Chino XL – 3 To The Dome
6. Just Ice feat Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhymin’ With Kane (Produced by DJ Premier)
7. Soul Supreme feat Big Daddy Kane, Checkmark & DJ Revolution – Come Get It
8. Big Daddy Kane – Terra In Ya Era
9. Jurassic 5 feat Big Daddy Kane & Percee P – A Day At The Races
10. Aphorodite feat Big Daddy Kane – Off Limits
11. Little Brother feat Big Daddy Kane – Welcome To Durham
12. Big L feat Big Daddy Kane – Platnium Plus (produced by DJ Premier)
13. Big Daddy Kane – Entaprizin
14. Big Daddy Kane – The Man The Icon
15. Afu Ra feat Big Daddy Kane – Stick Up
16. Prince Pau
l feat Big Daddy Kane – Macula’s Theory
17. Tony Touch feat Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & KRS One – Class Of ’87
18. Big Daddy Kane – Hold It Down
19. Big Daddy Kane – Any Type Of Way (Cookin’ Soul Remix)

had to come correct after posting up that Aesop, so we’ll bring some collabs and rarities from one of the top 5 M.C.’s of all-time with some Big Daddy Kane. This little nuggest of pure hip hop bliss has been on albumbase for awhile now, but it’s still alive. There is some pretty good material on this comp, worth checking out if you are a BDK fan.

Stetsasonic – In Full Gear (Tommy Boy, 1988)

01 In Full Gear
02 DBC Let The Music Play
03 Freedom Or Death (1)
04 Float On
05 Stet Troop ’88!
06 Pen And Paper
07 Music For The Stetfully Insane
08 We’re The Band
09 Rollin’ With Rush
10 This Is It, Y’all (Go Stetsa II)
11 Extensions
12 Sally
13 Talkin’ All That Jazz
14 It’s In My Song
15 The Odad
16 Miami Bass
17 Showtime
18 Talkin’ All That Jazz (Dominoes Vocal Remix By Daddy-O)
Remix – Daddy-O
19 Talkin’ All That Jazz (Dominoes Instrumental Remix By Daddy-O)
Remix – Daddy-O
20 Talkin’ All That Jazz (Dim’s Radio Edit.)

Before the Roots, there was Stetsasonic, the hip hop band. This group deserves more props than it gets. Daddy O, DBC, Fruitkwan and a young Prince Paul were all very talented artists and you mix a beat box artists and the instruments, this group was ahead of it’s time for sure.

Tony D – Pound For Pound (Grand Central Records, 1997)

1 Flavour (2:23) Featuring – Funky Fresh Few , Mark Rae , Mark 1* , Mr. Scruff

2 Back To The Basics (4:01) Featuring – Low Key (4)
3 Crystal Maze (0:30)
4 Come Round Here (4:19)
5 Don’t Want To Lose You (5:02) Featuring – Veba
6 All I Have (4:55) Featuring – Buffy Brox Trumpet – Josef*
7 Phonebeat (4:39)
8 Erase The Pain (4:51) Featuring – Spikey T
9 Walk Like A Man (4:31) Featuring – Lorna Harris
10 Queen Of My Dreams (4:02) Featuring – Low Key (4)
11 Crystal Meth (0:37)
12 Piano Grand (4:49)

Yes, THAT Tony D aka Harvey Wallbanger. I didn’t even know this album existed until last year. It’s aight, give it a listen. The files say it’s from 2000, but discogs says 1997. Maybe it was rereleased in 2000, I’m not sure.

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