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like fluid…

by Staff on March 6, 2008

(Trav: You should all know by now that if I find a new artist I like, I tend to push their music on the blog pretty hard. There has been Storm Davis, Archetype, and The Smile Rays. The latest MC that I have been singing the gospel about has been Has-Lo. I’ve mentioned him often on WYDU since he sent me his EP right around Christmas. I pushed it on Eric at WTR and I still tell people to check it out when I have the chance. Funny enough, Has emailed me and wanted to know if he could use WYDU to write down some of his thoughts, so with great pleasure, I present the newest member of the WYDU staff…..)

i thought about this post long and hard.

i racked my brain about it for days on end. what could i possibly write about? how do i make an impact? i only get one first impression…

you know what? fuck it. the good folks here at wydu already gave me the best first impression i could have asked for:

shameless i know, but so what? dame dash said that i have to be annoying for my career, and he’s married to some half dutch/indian chick, living it up in europe somewhere. so yea…by some twisted logic…i’ve justified plugging myself-

anyway, where was i? oh yea, hip hop clubs! poor transition aside i have to speak on these places real quick…

real talk people. i’m more of a home body. but every once in a while, when the mood strikes…i’ve gotta get my boogie on. i’ve gotta to exercise my instincts as a natural predator of all things food, female and liquor related and get carnal.

allow me to paint the scene: iCON picks me up in the whip. he is not drunk yet, but somehow he’s rapidly swerving and shimmying thru traffic, managing a series of close calls as we work our way from northeast illadelph to south street to hit club fluid. i am afraid but the “no homo” statute does not permit me to show my fear outwardly. we hit up ishkabibble’s for cheese steaks. this provides us with the proper amount of sustenance to safely drink ourselves stupid (note: cheese steaks, while famous and delicious sandwich, will not actually make drinking one’s self stupid safe. thank you, management).

we finally make it to fluid. as we ascend the staircase i notice something. there is a common trend among “hip hop” spots. they are for some reason extremely small compared to virtually any other club in existence. i mean they’re house party in a one bedroom apartment small. most of the club is liable to be the dj booth. a large portion will without saying go to libations and such with the remaining space lending itself to a dance/debauchery area. thus we all juggle and jostle for a comfortable spot while the 13 people that can fit on the dance floor work up a sweat. good times. good, good times-

sparing the pieces of my story that are uninteresting in print, it’s a flo-nominal scene that you must find in your town and take in. iCON and i practiced our wingman game, i forfeited drinks unintentionally ALL night, and for some reason every girl i had contact with had an enormous ass. *sigh* they know not how i love them…in every way.

also thank god for that law that prevents people from smoking in clubs and bars…it allows me to stay fresh and clean. sorry smokers.

anyway that’s all for now. i’ll leave you with this:

the reintroduction mixtape by my wingman iCON the Mic King. spread the word.

some of you know me as Has-Lo. i’m download friendly: (shameless. i know)

1. Prelude
2. Calibration
3. Fuck Has Day
4. The Usual Way
5. Unsigned Emcees
6. Hands
7. Molotov Cocktails
8. All's Fair

but i’ll show you my other sides if you’re interested…


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