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WYDU Classics March 08

by Travis on March 8, 2008

“It’s Friday Night, Ain’t A Damn Thing Funny….B*tch Betta Have My Money”…….AMG.

What’s good y’all? Hopefully everyone is having/had a good Friday night. I skipped out on working on some projects and had a few drinks with a good friend of mine and am just getting home. Figured I might as well throw up the WYDU Classics for this month before I called it a night.

The classics are MY personal classics, stuff that I want to hear. If you are new to WYDU, it’s a monthly thing. I know that downloading someone else’s compilations isn’t usually a cool thing to do, but if you are down for some old school hip hop, or just want something to throw on the ole iPod, these do the job just fine.

WYDU Classics March ’08

1. Black Sheep - Still In The Ghetto
2. OC - King Of New York
3. Kurious feat MF Grimm & Kadi - Baby Bust It
4. Punk Barbarians - Hooptie Car
5. YZ - Crocodile Dundee
6. Little ShawnI Made Love (Big Bottom Mix)
7. Kid SensationRide the Rhythm
8. MC Nas D & DJ Freaky Fred - It’s My Cadillac (Remix)
9. TupacTemptations (Battlecat Club Remix0
10. 415 - Groupie Ass Bitch
11. Above The LawCall It What U Want
12. Snoop DoggAin’t No Fun
13. Murs24hrs
14. New Kingdom - Good Times
15. Masters Of Cermony - Dynamite
16. Raw CorpTroopers On The Mic
17. Supreme NybornIt Gets No Smoother
18. T Max - Relax Your Mind
19. 2 Too Many - The Way It Really Happened

This month, I kind of stuck with some fairly common stuff. I’ve had the Black Sheep joint “Still In The Ghetto”, which was originally a b-side only track on the “Similak Child” 12 inch, stuck in my head for the better part of two weeks. At one time it was fairly hard to find. The horn sample is ill as fuck.

O.C.’s “King Of New York”, is one of those joints that played while I had the iPod on shuffle (yes, I finally got an iPod) and while I heard it before, it just stuck in my head this time around. Classic OC , in all shapes and forms. Dude just RIPS it on this track. It’s tracks like this that make me miss New York hip hop and realize that NY has slipped a long ways over the years.

YZ is one of the most overlooked MC’s and every bit as Treach and Wise Intelligent from New Jeres, and that’s not dissing either one of those MC’s. “Crocodile Dundee” is one of my favorite joints from him.

You know I love single only remixes, and I had to toss up the “Big Bottom Mix” of Little Shawn’s “I Made Love (For Da Very First Time)”, since I was a big fan of the original. This version isn’t near the quality of the original, as it comes off a little sparse and clumsy, but still worth a listen if you have never heard that.

After talking to Xola Malik, I realized I hadn’t put up the ORIGINAL version of “Ride The Rhythm” up on one of these and I had to rectify the situation. I did however, put up the remix before, but so be it.

If I had to rank my five favorite west coast producers (excluding Dre), it’d be Sir Jinx, DJ Pooh, E Swift, Bobcat and the cat that remixed possibly my all-time favorite Tupac song, Battlecat. I’ve never been big on Tupac, and a lot of that has to do with all the Tupac fan boys. I do appreciate his place in hip hop and what he did for the art form, but I refuse to listen to cats that say he was the best ever. That being said, I disliked “Me Against The World” immensely after enjoying his first two albums when it first dropped. These days though, I would probably claim “Me Against The World” as his best over all project and possibly my favorite Tupac album.

I’m not a big Living Legends fan in the least. Most of it I avoid like the plague, especially the early stuff and that goes for their members solo efforts as well, including Murs. I wasn’t down with Murs until the first 9th Wonder album. Then there was the Felt album, which sold me on Murs. So I went back and “previewed” his past work. For some reason, the track “24 Hours” was a favorite of mine.

I mentioned New Kingdom back when I accidentally bought their sophomore joint. I meant to buy their debut, which “Good Times” appears on. The track is just hard and raw, although I still think the MC sucks.

Raw Corp is one of those groups I don’t know much about, but I had to include it just because it’s from my favorite era of hip hop, 86-88. If my buzzed memory serves me right, these cats were the last produced by Scott La Rock before he passed away.

I know next to nothing about T Max, but I think I ran into this track on Illustrious
‘ “Time 4 Sum Aksion” blog and his player. Instead of automatically hitting “pause” on the player, like I usually do, I was paralyzed and had to listen to this track after the first five seconds. True, isn’t nothing ground breaking, but damn, it’s just smooth.

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