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New Artist Spotlight (March 10th)

by Travis on March 11, 2008

Welcome to a new weekly feature here at WYDU. I often get some rather intriguing music from some up and comers and recently haven’t felt like I’ve promoted it to the best of my abilities. Therefore, we’ll have a weekly post highlighting a NEW artist (meaning hasn’t gotten that “big break” as of yet). One of the aspects I enjoy the most about running this blog is hearing some quality music from an artist that is striving to make a name for themselves. Of course, I’m only one small cog of the equation in helping push music, but I think one of the new responsibilities of the blogs is to help push new music that is quality material. Let’s face it, the face of the music industry has changed and the internet does play a critical part in it all now. Since I have a voice, I might as well use it. Feel free to submit any material to the contact email on the top right hand side. With that said, let’s introduce our first New Artist.

Edreys (pron – E-drees).Coming from an area that isn’t exactly known as a hip hop hot bed in the form of Buffalo, New York, Edreys has already started to make some noise around the scene appearing on numerous blogs, popular youtube videos and the “Deep Thinka Rebel Radio 3″ mixtape.

Edreys’ wordpress site describes him as an artist in the same vein as Lupe, Common and Nas. Normally, anyone compared to Lupe would probably immediately turn me off, but I played the “I Like It Video”, which got over 300K views in one month, and quite honestly, I was both surprised and impressed. He does contain some of the same qualities as the aforementioned artists, but he’s got his own steez as well. On “I Like It”, he showcases some quality mic skills, with a nice even flow that is rather easy to follow along with. The beat was head noddin’ material as well. I could see this garnering some main stream attention if given the right push. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not on some radio MC bullshit, but he would fit into the more radio friendly “real hip hop” moniker that few are able to reach.

“I Like It” is actually the b-side to “D.U.I. (Dumb Under The Influence) “, which (and I know I’ve used this comparison before, but…..) sounds like some dope shit from the mid 90′s without sounding dated. He once again displays even more of the talent found on “I Like It”, if not more, over another funky beat with an killer guitar loop and some oldschool sound bites. This double sided single alone as got me anticipating more material from dude. One to keep your eye on for sure in the next few months. He has some big things going on and some major labels talking along with some work with Zune and some contests which can be seen below.

Subscribe to Edreys Blog Newsletter and enter to win The I Like It Contest and run some goods! Prizes include a customized IWZL collectible, limited edition 7″ DUI single, Zune mp3 players, authentic New Era fitted caps and more….Check the Contest Video for more info.


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