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"WTR meets WYDU" presents: The 1995 "Fat Tape" post

by Eric on March 17, 2008

The Source (Nov. ’95) “Fat Tape”

Track Listing

1. “Mo Money…”-AZ f. Nas
2. “Killa Hill..”-Cypress Hill f. RZA & Cappodonna
3. “The Natural”-Mic Geronimo
4. “Friend Or Foe”-8 Ball & MJG f. Big Mike & E-40
5. “Freak Out”-Erick Sermon f. Redman
6. “Bullshit”-The Pharcyde
7. “Rappaz R N Danja”-Krs-One
8. “Thought Process”-Goodie Mob f. OutKast
9. “Broken Language”-Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler
10. “Bust A Nut”-Luke f. Biggie
11. “Say Word”-Fat Joe
12. “Da Hood”-Menace Clan f. Bushwick Bill
13. “Divorce”-Mack Da Maniak f. Essence
14. “No Complex”-Chino XL
15. “Mix Of Action”-Almighty R.S.O.
16. “Up Against The Wall” (Getaway Car Mix)-Group Home

The Source (July ’95) “Fat Tape”

Track Listing

1. “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz”-Lost Boyz
2. “Mack 10′s The Name”-Mack 10
3. “Rough 2 The Endin”-Special Ed
4. “A Little Of This”-Grand Puba
5. “Good Times”-Twinz
6. “How High”-Method Man & Redman
7. “Sea Of Bud”-MC Breed
8. “Respect Due”-Naughty By Nature
9. “Eye For An Eye”-Mobb Deep f. Nas & Raekwon
10. “The Hood Got Me Feeling…”-Havoc & Prodeje of S.C.C.
11. “Only God Knows”-Bushwick Bill
12. “Got The Flava”-Showbiz & AG
13. “Broke Ho’s”-Luniz
14. “Criminology”-Raekwon

In this issue of “The Source”, Show & AG’s “Got The Flava” was incorrectly listed as “Who Got The Flow”…not sure if the incluison of “Got The Flava” is acurate, but after peeping Discogs it appears that Show & AG never recorded a track titled “Who Got The Flow”. I’m assuming this is it, if you have heard “Who Got The Flow” hit me up and I’ll make the correction.

The Source (Dec. ’95) “Fat Tape”

Track Listing

1. “Tha Realness”-Group Home f. Smiley The Ghetto Child
2. “Exercise Yo Game”-Coolio f. E-40
3. “Investigative Reports”-GZA f. Raekwon & Ghostface
4. “Hip Hop”-LL Cool J
5. “Stoned Raiders”-Cypress Hill
6. “In The Line Of Duty”-8 Ball & MJG
7. “How It’s Goin’ Down”-L Swift
8. “Wannabemceez”-Krs One f. Mad Lion
9. “Rain”-The B.U.M.S. f. Saafir
10. “Temperature’s Rising”-Mobb Deep
11. “Curb Servin”-WC & The Maad Circle
12. “Buddah Blessed It”-Supernatural
13. “Life Check”-Mic Geronimo
14. “Riiot!”-Chino XL f. Ras Kass

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Okocha2002 March 17, 2008 at 2:38 pm

still the best

hotbox1 March 17, 2008 at 5:16 pm


jrrider March 17, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Damn I love these phat tape posts!!! Thinking back to 95 we had: Cypress Hill – Black Sunday, Rae & Ghost – Only Built for Cuban Linx, Mobb Deep – The Infamous, GZA – Liquid swords, Group Home and of course Chino Xl – Here to save you all. Riot and no complex are still bangers today. And while he has never came close to reaching that level again his shocking lyrics opened a lot of people’s eyes at the time (I bet you Marshall Mathers bumped this album many times). Chino XL, WU, Mobb deep and Cypress 95 was another great year in hip hop. Damn we were blessed.

Umar March 18, 2008 at 3:41 pm

It makes me sad seeing megaupload links. Can’t you upload the Fat Tapes in mediafire or something besides megaupload/rs??? How about Sharabee??? It hosts the .rar file on 4 different sites. Seriously though I really wanna hear everything on these tapes but I can never download it from megaupload, can you do something about it?

hotbox March 18, 2008 at 5:16 pm

I like megaupload for the pics :)

Eric, I’ve turned at least a dozen people on to your site. You probably have no idea how many cats from our era still haven’t discovered the internet hahah. I introduced an old friend last week to all these blogs and he went out and bought his first computer for blog surfing purposes only.

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