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Requests & Re-Ups…Part One

by Travis on March 21, 2008

This has been a crazy week and I’m seriously dragging some ass. Top that off with some computer issues and it’s amazing I’ve gotten as much done this week as I have. We are taking a short break from the Philaflava posts, but expect them to return at full force this weekend or maybe even tomorrow. Then again, I’m going straight to the bar to watch Boise State more than likely get their asses handed to them in the NCAA tournament after work, so maybe there won’t be anything tomorrow.

I hate doing this, but for now, I’m just going to post up some albums that have been requested by some visitors. I still have two more I’m looking for (Guicci Crew II – So Def blah blah blah and Masta Ace – The Lost Tracks) so I haven’t forgotten, just going through boxes of CD’s and hope to have them up by this weekend.

High Performance – All Things Considered (Nastymix, 1989)

1 It’s Just Funky (5:09)
2 I’m Like A Caddy (4:05)
3 All Things Considered (4:19)
4 Here’s A Party Jam (5:34)
5 So You Wanna Be A Gangster (4:18)
6 The Hill (5:20)
7 Pushin’ Dope For The Man (4:01)
8 Do You Really Wanna Party? (5:38)
9 Black On Black (4:22)

Dope album from one of the Nastymix crews. Another Seattle crew, it’s kind of simplistic in the terms of music, but it’s still rather dope.

Daddy O – You Can Be a Daddy But Never A Daddy-O (Polygram, 1993)

1. Intro Joint
2. Swung It, Blunted, Brung It
3. Brooklyn Bounce
4. Dat Vs DJ
5. Kid Capri
6. Come for Mine
7. Flowin in File
8. How to Beat a Bootleg/God Don’t Like Ugly
9. Ihatefonies (The Truck Drivers Song)
10. You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O – Daddy O, YZ
11. Fanfare
12. Buc Buc Buk
13. East Coast Funk
14. Bass Knotts (Sunbathing on the Roof)
15. Nobody Move
16. Funky Worm Outro Joint – Daddy O, Funky Worm

As much as I liked Stetsasonic, I didn’t really care for Daddy-O’s solo joint. Maybe I should sit down and listen to it again, because it’s been a while. Also, I have to apologize, I’ve been on a big bitch and rant session about fucked up tagged mp3 files that I’ve been downloading and the amount of time it takes to change all that shit. Well, these aren’t tagged at all, so you have some work on your hands. I’m just a bit lazy and want to go to bed.

Fat Boys – Fat Boys (Sutra Records, 1984)

1 Jailhouse Rap (8:30)
2 Stick ‘Em (4:26)
3 Can You Feel It (6:38)
4 Fat Boys (6:50)
5 The Place To Be (4:26)
6 Human Beat Box (2:16)
7 Don’t You Dog Me (5:50)

I’ll admit, I like the Fat Boys dammit. They can be grouped with Whodini, LA Dream Team, UTFO, LL Cool J, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys as who I mark as the first hip hop artists I really listened to in 1986. Hell, I still have the vinyl for “Big & Beautiful” around somewhere (I didn’t buy the vinyl because I was collecting vinyl, I bought it because at 12 years old in 1986, that’s the format I listened to music on). This is their Kurtis Blow produced debut. Good shit, but if you don’t like the “old” sounds, then this isn’t for you.

Mystidious Misfitss – A Who Dat? (Label?, 1995)

1. I Be (Interlude)
2. I Be
3. Trix of a Misfit
4. M.I. Crooked
5. Streets, Avenues,and Boulevards
6. A Touch of Mush (Interlude)
7. Upside Down
8. Difficult Reality (Interlude)
9. Son Of Sam
10. Misfit Love
11. Who Dat (Interlude)
12. Nu Sounds
13. Tuning (Interlude)
14. Gimme the Boom
15. Hard Rock
16. What’s the Password (Interlude)
17. Ooo Wee!
18. I Be (Buckwild Remix)
19. Open Your Eyes (Interlude)
20. Red Light
21.Infertile Spermicide (Interlude)

This is a pretty rare little ditty that I haven’t seen around much on the blogger circuit. It’s a shame, because this a quality album that deserves to be heard. I can’t remember how I first heard of this crew from Brooklyn, but it was an album that I was desperately searching for when the blogging thing took off. Long time visitor and sorry ass Cleveland Brown lover, GO14 came through with the album back when we were doing our now infamous “Request Fridays”. If you only download one album from this batch, this is the one to hit up.

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