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New Music

by DJSoulClap on March 24, 2008

Whattup World?
Got some news that I wanted to share with y’all! Last weekend a homie from the states visited me. Asphate Woodhavet aka Skatterbrayne. We had a lot of fun, we went to a jazz, funk & soul party with live music and music from the turntables, went record shopping, went to the studio, to the beach, drank a lot of beer, chewed on some kind of roots, played NBA 2K8 and hung out with my people. We are in the process of recording an EP, we finished 4 joints during his time here, like 3 more will follow. I just edited a short video clip with videos and pics of the weekend, to one of the tracks we did, it’s called Time Benders, I think you will feel it!

Besides that, The Soul Occs are on the rise! Tony will come to Germany in about 2 weeks. I just put a new Track on my myspace page featuring Punchline, called “Dedicated to the B’s” which will be on our album called “Soul Brothers”
We will open for Torae and eMC in at least one show when they are coming to Europe and I’m really ooking forward to that!
By the way, “The Show” will be out on CD tomorrow, cop that!!!

SoulClap Myspace
Soul Occs Myspace

Hope y’all had a good Easter holiday!

Peace & One


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