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Used CD Shopping Trip: March 29th and Amazon

by Travis on March 30, 2008

If you read this blog at all, you know one of my favorite things is to go shopping for used CD’s. Nothing is more exciting (that is legal and involves keeping your clothes on) than finding that rare diamond in the ruff at some CD store or pawn shop. Denver was a great place for finding used CD’s. I had five different stores that I would rotate weekly and I found some great deals for some CHEAP prices. That all changed when I moved back home. There are five stores, but only one is decent, the others are all the Hastings chain, and what used to be a great place to pick up used stuff has turned into a overpriced glut of the same crappy CD’s. Needless to say, I haven’t even back to a Hastings since my last trip in February. With my new found job, meaning I’m getting money and actually getting my finances somewhat under control, I’ve had some extra money during the week. I haven’t been drinking as much since moving back, so money that was going toward my bad habit of mass quantities of beer have been going to trying to get my CD collection back to its once grand standards before I started losing CD’s over the years. With no quality stores to lean, I’ve been leaning on the past couple weeks. It’s not as fun finding stuff. It’s kind of like having someone telling you about a great new beer instead of finding yourself (yeah, shitty comparison), it just doesn’t have the same satisfaction. Anyone could be buying these albums. But, I’ve been on a kick lately have buying music again, just like I said I would if I ever got money again to spend.

But there is still that one Mom & Pop record store here in town that I’ve been going to for the past twenty years, The Record Exchange. I hit that up tonight while doing some things. I was in luck, they were having a sale on used hip hop CD’s. There was a lot of…..I won’t call them good albums, but stuff that I picked up because they were only $2.99 a piece.

M-Boogie – Laid In Full 2 (Ill Boogie, 2001)

1. Intro – M-Boogie
2. A Different Design – Yeshua DapoED/J-Hon
3. Yeshua Representin’ – M-Boogie
4. Someone To Hate – Born Allah
5. Buckshot Representin’ – M-Boogie
6. The Real – Buckshot
7. Erule Representin’ – M-Boogie
8. Mind Wars – ERULE
9. Hot Ya Hot (Remix) – Akbar
10. Triple Seis Representin’ – M-Boogie
11. New York, New York – Triple Seis
12. World War I – Mykill Miers
13. Laid In Full – Born Allah
14. Rasco Representin’ – M-Boogie
15. Can I? – The Honeydark
16. Jean Grae Representin’ – M-Boogie
17. How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend – Jean Grae
18. Tellin’ You – Sandman
19. Patience Intro – M-Boogie
20. Patience – Born Alah/DJ Melo-D
21. Patience – Grand Agent/DJ Revolution

M-Boogie was hot for a brief second around the turn of the century, but quickly fell off with a “Wanna be Primo” label. I didn’t mind him, but he did do an excellent imatation of the Gangstarr DJ/Producer. Just not as good of course. This joint has a couple decent songs on it, namely Jean Grae’s “How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend”.

Wreckx-N-Effect – Rap’s New Generation (MCA, 1996)

1 Intro: New Generation (2:11)
2 Tha Show (5:10)
3 Top Billin (5:09)
4 Criminal Minded (6:45)
5 Harlem (Interlude) (1:42)
6 Planet Rock (3:59)
7 Move Da Crowd (3:55)
8 Funky (Interlude) (0:40)
9 Funk Box (4:44)
10 Somethin For Da Radio (4:06)
11 Da Vapors (5:30)
12 Rap Acting School (Interlude) (1:46)
13 Boomin System (4:36)
14 Grandma (Interlude) (2:09)
15 Sucka Mc’s (5:25)
16 It’s Yours (Play On Playa) (4:22)
17 Outro (0:19)

This joint is straight up wack, but I bought it anyway. I have never been big on Wreckx anyway, even if it is for a stupid reason like they gave Q-Tip an eye jammie. But even if that never had have happened, it wouldn’t change the fact that this LP sucks. Yet, I still bought it.

Candyman – I Thought You Knew (Capital, 1993)

01 – skinz on deck

02 – sex it up

03 – wat eva u lyke

04 – do me right

05 – first date

06 – just like candy

07 – life goes on

08 – dont cry dry your eyes

09 – return of the

10 – i thought u knew

11 – get respect

Wow, looking back at these purchases, and I realize I was in a “buying frenzy”. This too isn’t that great. Candyman gets knocked for being pop rap, but I thought his debut album was much more in depth than alot of those “pop rap” albums from 1989-91. This though, isn’t all that great.

Quad City DJ’s – Get On Up And Dance (Atlantic, 1996)

1 C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)
2 Work Baby Work (The Prep)
3 Let’s Do It
4 Quad City Funk
5 Hey DJ
6 Stomp-N-Grind
Featuring – 69 Boyz
7 Get On Up And Dance
8 Summer Jam
9 Party Over Here
10 The Bass
11 Move To This
12 Ride That Bass
Featuring – 69 Boyz
13 C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) (Dance Remix)

I told you I liked the bass sound. This joint isn’t all that good either, but it did have that damn Train song that was one of my anthems for the summer of ’96.

Three Times Dope – Da Sequel (Acknickulous Records, 1998)

1. Intro
2. Hell Yeah It’s On
3. Off Da Head
4. Gimme Dat Beat
5. Answering Service
6. I Got Da Cash
7. Free Style Mania
8. Est Anthem
9. Da Sequel
10. Kick Dat Style
11. Sadly Missed (Intro, Tribute)
12. Sadly Missed
13. Tryin See You
14. Reel Skillz

The sadly medicore third release from Three Times Dope. They were hoping to come back to their fame they found on “Original Stylin’”, they even apologize for their sophomore album in the liner notes, which wasn’t ALL that bad. This has a couple shining moments, but nothing great.
Amazon Purchases

Apache – Apache Ain’t Shit (Tommy Boy, 1993)


I always thought Apache was kind of a hack on the mic, but I still liked this album regardless. It has that Flavor Unit style from that era, with a couple dope tracks. Cheap as well.

Rumpletilskinz – What Is A Rumpletilskin? (RCA, 1993)

1 What Is A Rumpletilskin? (1:03)
2 Attitudes (4:12)
3 Hudz (3:39)
4 Mad M.F.’s (3:31)
5 I-N-I (3:35)
6 Sweet Therapy (3:37)
7 Snikslitelpmur (1:07)
8 Earthquake (3:49)
9 Mushroom Talk (3:58)
10 Is It Alright? (3:00)
11 Theramixx (3:17)
12 Dacumin (0:25)
13 Hi Volume (3:33)

This was one of those things I always meant to buy back in the day, but for some odd reason never did. It’s nothing ground breaking, but good quality hip hop from that time period.

2 Too Many – Chillin’ Like A Smut Villain (Jive/RCA, 1992)

1. Where’s The Party
2. My Imagination
3. Me And My Monkey
4. If I Had
5. The Way It Really Happened
6. Life Is
7. Chumpie On The Flip Side
8. Pump Ya Fist
9. Rumors
10. Call Me
11. My Imagination (Afrhythmix Remix)

I don’t remember much about this album, I think the cover kind of shied me away from ever giving it a chance. But Bust the Facts posted it up and I kind of liked it after listening to it. Sure it has a couple New Jackish R&B crappy songs on it, but also some dope shit as well.

Future Sound – The Whole Shabang Vol 1 (EastWest Records, 1992)

1 Intro (0:52)
2 This Is A Game (3:34)
3 The Function (3:20)
4 Flashback, Relay & The Whole Shabang (5:07)
5 Star Struck (Caterpiller Style) (3:53)
6 Thread (1:35)
The Bop Step (3:01)
8 Lady/What’s A Bro To Do? (4:08)
9 Pixie Groove (4:00)
10 Scriptic Cryptic (4:15)
11 Primates In Stitches (3:48)
12 Flashback, Relay & The Whole Shabang (Wig Out Mix) (3:24)
13 Sucka Set (3:50)
14 Jungelo (3:37)
15 When The Ends Meet (Life Of The Futuristic B-Boy) (4:51)

Another album that I never got around to getting, although I always liked “What’s A Bro To Do” when they played it on Yo! back in the day. Some smooth shit on this, almost Native Tongue sounding. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t do better, especially with Dame Dash behind them.

Steady B – V (Jive/RCA, 1991)

1. Girl’s Gonna Getcha
2. Warpath
3. How I’m Living
4. Journey Through Funky Sound
5. Pay Me Baby
6. Keeper of the Funk
7. Steady and Cool
8. U-Za-Flea
9. And U Don’t Stop
10. Licence to Kill
11. Hustler Mac
12. Get on Down
13. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
14. Funky One

I’m a Steady B fan, always have been. So I’m on a mission to get all his releases on CD. Now this could be difficult since some of earlier CD’s (including the great “Let The Hustlers Play”) are going for a pretty damn and I refuse to spend more than $20 bucks on a used CD. This would be Stead’s last solo joint, and while it’s not as good as some of his earlier ones, if you like Steady B, then you should like this.


Mathematik – Ecology (Beat Factory, 1999)

1. Intro

2.Everyday Movement






8.My Enemy

9.On My Mind

10.Ta Each Iz Own


12.Rhyme Trainin’ Remix

13.Step Lightly

14.Strive On

15.It Was I

16.Learn To Earn

17.Better By the Letter


19.Following Goals f/ Bahamadia

20.Space and Time


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