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The Source "Fat Tape" (1996 Version)

by Eric on April 1, 2008

Note: “Put It In Ya’ System” updated with new tracks

The Source “Fat Tape” (Sept. ’96) to DL

1. “Mainstream”-Outkast f. Goodie Mob
2. “I Can’t Call It”-De La Soul
3. “One For The Cuties”-Yo-Yo f. MC Lyte
4. “Politics As Usual”-Jay-Z
5. “Tell It To The Judge”-Crucial Conflict
6. “Get A Hold”-A.T.C.Q
7. “Hit The Highway”-3-2 f. Too Short, 8Ball & MJG
8. “Bordaline”-Wise Guys
9. “Up To No Good”-8Ball & MJG
10. “Larry O Meets Iceberg Slim”-Real Live
11. “Bird’s Eye View”-Xzibit f. Tha Liks
12. “The Message”-Nas
13. “Hey Love”-D Moet aka King Sun
14. “Have U Ever”-MC Lyte
15. “Industry Is Wack”-Ultra aka Kool Keith & Tim Dog
16. “Firing Squad”-M.O.P.

…Who’d have known that it would be soo incredibly difficult to track down the “Phat Beach” motion picture soundtrack (for 8Ball & MJG’s “Up To No Good”)? Also, The Source didn’t make matters easier by labeling King Sun’s (aka D Moet) “Hey Love” as “My Love”. I’m assuming that this is correct, even though “Hey Love” was released in…..what, 1987?? And, once again, surprise, surprise Benzino finds yet another spot for his crew with the Wise Guys’ less than steller “Bordaline”.

The Source “Fat Tape” (June ’96)

1. “Affirmative Action”-Nas f. AZ, Foxy & Cormega
2. “All Right”-The Lost Boyz
3. “Still”-Geto Boys
4. “Actual Facts”-Lord Finesse f. Sadat, Large Pro & Puba
5. “Dog Eat Dog”-De La Soul
6. “LA LA” (Remix)-Capone N Noreaga f. Trag & Mobb Deep
7. “My Kinda Ni*ga”-Heather B f. M.O.P.
8. “War’s On” (Remix)-Almighty RSO f. Prodigy
9. “Runnin’ Em”-Whodini f. Lost Boyz
10. “Doe Or Die” (Remix)-AZ f. Raekwon
11. “Thug Passion”-2Pac
12. “Shine”-Mr Voodoo w/ Natural Elements
13. “Apopalypse Now”-Above The Law
14. “The Bitch In Yoo”-Common Sense
15. “Who Dat?”-All City
16. “Real Live Shit” (Remix)-Real Live f. Ghost, Lord Tariq, Killa Sin, etc.

…June’s “Fat Tape” is perhaps my favorite compilation from The Source’s ’96 catalog. Albeit, the inclusion of Benzino’s posse with “The War’s On” (remix)…you just had to throw that in there ehh Benzino?? The true gem on this “Fat Tape” is Mr. Voodoo’s “Shine”, even though the track isn’t the best quality, this is one track that you don’t want to miss out on. Common’s “Cube” response “The Bitch In Yoo” also shows up here, that is one Pete Rock produced track that I’d never guessed he laced if I didn’t now any better…..a totally unexpected sound from “The Soul Brother #1″.

The Source “Fat Tape” (Nov. ’96)

1. “The Promise”-Foxy Brown f. Havoc
2. “Things’ll Never Change”-E-40
3. “Drugs”-Lil’ Kim
4. “Rough, Rugged & Raw”-Lady Of Rage f. Snoop & Daz
5. “Hurricane Starang”-OGC
6. “Steady Rising”-Yo-Yo
7. “Manifique”-Keith Murray
8. “Gravity”-Bush Babees
9. “Playa’ Like Me & You”-Do Or Die
10. “Scientifical Madness”-Jeru The Damaja
11. “Brick Life”-Wise Guys
12. “King Of The Hill”-Westside Connection
13. “Eclipsin’ Niggas”-Punk Barbarians
14. “Stakes Is High” (Remix)-De La f. Mos Def & Truth Enola
15. “The Quickening”-Lateef The Truth Speaker
16. “The MC”-Krs One

…Yet another case of “mislabeling” as Foxy Brown’s collabo with Havoc of Mobb Deep “The Promise” (from her debut LP, “Ill Na Na”) was listed as “Kiss Of Death”. Also, Lateef’s “The Quickening” later appeared on his collabortive album with Lyrics Born simply titled, “The Album”. Of course, yet again is the noticeable inclusion of Benzino’s pals, the Wise Guys with “Brick Life”.

The Source “Fat Tape” (July ’96)

1. “East Coast/West Coast Killa’-Dr Dre f. Group Therapy
2. “Sean Price”-Heltah Skeltah
3. “Respect Rude”-FaceMob
4. “4 More”-De La Soul
5. “Bow Down”-Westside Connection
6. “Who’s The Champion?”-Ghostface Killah & RZA
7. “Pillow”-Richie Rich
8. “The Rap World”-Pete Rock & Large Professor
9. “Street Dreams”-Nas
10. “Listen To Me Now”-8Ball & MJG
11. “Wild Cowboys”-Sadat X
12. “U Can’t See Me”-MC Breed f. Erick Sermon
13. “Decisions”-Organized Konfusion
14. “Tha Turnaround”-Real Live
15. “Illegal Life”-Capone & Noreaga
16. “My Crew Can’t Go For That”-Trigger, Smoothe & DV Alias Khrist

…Many “Fat Tape’s” also seemed to include their fair share of soundtrack cuts. On this month’s compilation Ghost & RZA’s “Who’s The Champion?” (The Great White Hype), Richie Rich’s “Pillow” (Nutty Professor), Large Pro & Pete Rock’s “The Rap World” (High School High), 8Ball & MJG’s “Listen To Me Now” (not really a soundtrack…but, “American Is Dying Slowly” likewise with Organized Konfusion’s “Decisions”) and Trigga’s posse cut “My Crew Can’t Go For That” (again, Nutty Professor) accounted for nearly half of the tape’s tracks.

The Source “Fat Tape” (May ’96)

1. “Time Taker”-Geto Boys
2. “Firewater”-Fat Joe f. Rae, Pun & Armageddon
3. “Jazzy Belle”-Outkast
4. “Move On”-Sadat X
5. “Dopefiend Lullaby”-Mac Mall
6. “Ghetto Vampire”-Chino XL
7. “Worldwide”-Royal Flush
8. “On The Grind”-The Click
9. “All The Critics In New York”-Westside Connection
10. “The Bizness”-De La Soul f. Common
11. “Got My Mind…”-2Pac f. Red, Meth & the Dogg Pound
12. “Paparazzi”-Xzibit
13. “Undastand”-Heltah Skeltah
14. “Murdafest”-Smoothe Da Hustler
15. “Masterz Of The Zooniverse”-Brooklyn Zu
16. “Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad”-Busta f. Jamal, Redman, Keith Murray, etc.

…For the May ’96 “Fat Tape”, Royal Flush made an appearance with “Everyday Dream”. Unfortunately, I’m ninety-nine percent sure that this should have been titled as Flush’s biggest hit to date “Worldwide”, since their is no info to be found regarding “Everyday Dream”. The Brooklyn Zu’s “Masterz Of The Zooniverse” was a surprise to me, I’d never heard of the track before compiling this tape. I’m assuming that there is some sort of Wu-Tang affiliation to be found with Brooklyn Zu?

The Source “Fat Tape” (April ’96)

1. “Right Back At You”-Mobb Deep
2. “Abandon Ship”-Busta & Rampage
3. “Never Talk Down”-Too Short f. Rappin’ 4-Tay & MC Breed
4. “My Brother/My Ace”-Smoothe Da Hustler f. Trigga
5. “Rivals”-FaceMob
6. “Cella Dwellas”-Cella Dwellas
7. “Keep It Real”-MC Ren
8. “Stakes Is High”-De La Soul
9. “Geto Boys & Girls”-Geto Boys
10. “Fuck Em’ All”-MC Eiht
11. “Recognize & Realize”-Big Noyd
12. “The Hop”-A.T.C.Q.
13. “Mad Scientist”-Large Professor
14. “Out That Boot Camp Click”-Mystikal
15. “Ready Or Not”-The Fugees
16. “Killaz In The Park”-Above The Law f. MC Ren

…I must admit, I’ve never been able to stomach too much Too Short during one sitting. However, “Never Talk Down”, Short’s collabo with Rappin’ 4-Tay & MC Breed is surprisingly pure flavor. After listening to April’s “Fat Tape” late last evening I also forgot just how incredibly dope Tribe’s “The Hop” (from their heavily scrutinized “Beats, Rhymes & Life”) was!

The Source “Fat Tape” (Aug. ’96)

1. “Brooklyn’s Finest”-Jay-Z & Big
2. “Hay” (Remix)-Crucial Conflict
3. “World Famous”-M.O.P.
4. “Hit Em’ Up”-2Pac
5. “Open Bar”-Sadat X f. Grand Puba
6. “Fool Get A Clue”-Digital Underground
7. “Ain’t No Love”-Real Live
8. “Nas Is Coming”-Nas f. Dr Dre
9. “Baby Bubba”-Dru Down
10. “Therapy”-Heltah Skeltah
11. “Where Ya’ Love At?”-Mr. Mike
12. “Find That”-The Beatnuts
13. “Wu-Wear”-Wu Tang Clan
14. “Soul Food” (Remix)-Goodie Mob f. 8Ball & MJG

…Not much exciting for August’s “Fat Tape”, many of the inclusions for this issue’s compilation were less than stellar performances from the contributing artists.  The Dr. Dre produced cut from Nas’ “It Was Written”, “Nas Is Coming” was almost as big of a letdown as his work on “The Firm” album.  Dru Down’s “Baby Bubba” and Mr. Mike’s “Where Ya’ Love At?” were somewhat “skip-worthy”.  Even Jay’s “Brooklyn’s Finest”, M.O.P.’s “World Famous” and Real Live’s “Ain’t No Love” couldn’t save this tape from relative boredom.

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Nonchalant Misfit April 1, 2008 at 5:53 pm

putting these together seems like hard work.


Dirk April 1, 2008 at 8:55 pm

Many thanks for all the fat tapes. You’re taking me back.

Do you happen to have that Knuckleheadz track “All She Wanted”? My tape snapped a few years back and haven’t been able to replace that gem.

Keep up the great work //dirk

Dirk April 1, 2008 at 9:44 pm

Ignore my previous request. I found that Knuckleheadz album in an archived post. //dirk

nyps April 1, 2008 at 11:12 pm

True indeed. Thanks for sharing this stuff!


Mister J April 18, 2008 at 8:23 am

I just want to thank you for all the hard work. I grew up reading the source and I never had the resources to listen to all of the songs they suggested on their “fattape” section. I had some but there was always that one track that i could never get. I just want thank you for taking it back for me. You continue to make my day. It is greatly appreciated. HIP HOP WILL NEVER DIE.

Blacktop April 19, 2008 at 6:48 pm

Nice post from ’96. Enjoy this stuff, peoples.

Urkel Moe Dee May 5, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Royal Flush’s “Everyday Dream” may have been “Rotten Apple” or “Movin’ On Ya Weak Productions”. I made a mix tape (an actual tape) in 1996 including the latter record, and mislabeled it because of that Fat Tape.

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