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Hidden Goodies

by Travis on April 2, 2008

Didn’t have much time to do Part Nine of the Philaflava post, was working on a future post (read: interview) and doing some other stuff. There for, I’ll do a quick write up of some things I’ve found around the net the past six months or so.

2nd II None – The Shit (The Lost Death Row Album?)

1. 01 Into (0:35)
2. 02 Getcha Clown On (4:23)
3. 03 The Dogg N’ Me (4:19)
4. 04 The Message (0:23)
5. 05 I Can Tell (The Nasty Song) (4:11)
6. 06 Nuthin’ Has Changed (4:04)
7. 07 Let’s Get Higher (5:29)
8. 08 Kant Wait To Do This (3:49)
9. 09 Tha Shit (5:58)
10. 10 Get Ya Hot (4:29)
11. 11 Funny How Things Change (4:08)
12. 12 B Alright (4:01)
13. 13 If U Ain’t Fuck’n (How U Gonna Ge (4:44)
14. 14 Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (4:41)
15. 15 Funny How Things Change (Remix) (4:12)
16. 16 Theo Commerial (2:13)



I can’t remember where I got this from, I’m thinking on the Bust The Facts boars, but I could be wrong. Regardless, I thought it might be more rare than it actually is. When I started looking for info on this I realized it’s been on quite a few sites. I guess I’m slippin’ in my old age. Not sure if they are releasing this in a proper format. I only saw one site (a forum) selling it for $30 bucks.

I was a big 304 fan back in the day (not as big as WYDU contributor Brian) and consider 2nd II None’s debut album near classic. I’ve only listened to this only a couple times, and nothing really jumped out at me, but I’m going to tive it a few more listens before I write it off.

Ace Lover – Ya Gyrl’s Favorite LP (Bootleg, 2002)

1. What I Be
2. Weed Spots feat Uncle Paulie
3. I’m Coming
4. CM Famalam Live
5. Area Code 1-212
6. Stop Stressin’ Me feat Intalect
7. Lucky 7
8. Ace’s Strange Thoughts
9. Part of Something Classic
10. Classic Characters feat Writers Guild
11. Whatz Ya Name feat Oktober
12. Verses Vs Beats
13. How To Treat A Lady feat Antonio B Blacklyn
14. Bell Tones feat Life Long
15. No One Lives For Ever (Snippet)
16. That’s The Way It Is feat Flaco Navaja

I probably should save this joint, since I’m going to have a cut from this “mixtape” appear on my own “Obscure Joints” that is going to follow up the Philaflava series. I couldn’t not share this though as I’ve been a big fan of Ace Lover since first hearing one of his singles on Underground Hip back in the day. He is mad witty, with a wicked sense of humor and the true essence of what I picture a New York MC to be. He was a winner at the Braggin’ Writes MC battles and put an album as 2 For 5 with Oktober that is HEAVILY slept on.

This is just a collection of some of his earlier material. Some originally his, some just stuff he appeared on. I had heard about this a long time ago, but only just recently bumped into it (and no, not on the internet), so I was happy to see it. I haven’t heard anything from Ace Lover in awhile, but he has a myspace which makes it sound like he has something up his sleeve in the near future.

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