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Quick Apology…..

by Travis on April 2, 2008

I’m the first person to admit when he is in the wrong and I fucked up last week. There was a somewhat offensive remark in the Street Dreams K-Def remix write up directed toward people of a particular nation. Unfortunately the person who pointed it out didn’t read the whole write up and see who wrote it and therefore pointed the finger at me. That particular write up was part of the original Philaflava write up that was done when the list was released, NOT me (I did do four or five of them, but I have made note of the ones I did).

I will take the blame though for not thoroughly reading through those write ups to make sure something like that was not nestled in there. I don’t want anyone offended on the site, regardless if they are from a particular country or race, and I take that very seriously and I would not have posted the write up as it was, had I caught it in my half assed attempt at editing . Hopefully anyone that reads this site on the regular knows that kind of thing is not I want this blog/site to represent. My bad for not catching it before I posted. My apologies go out to anyone that might have been offended.


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