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New Kurious Joint….

by Travis on April 3, 2008

When thinking back to ’93-’94, one of my favorite MC’s was Kurious Jorge and his “Constipated Monkey” LP. His voice and flow were always top notch and the beats he had backing him were suited perfectly for him. The album was well received by the hip hop heads such as myself and it was looking as if Kurious would have a long and prosperous career in front of him.

Fast forward to 2008 and Kurious never released another album. In fact we’ve heard very little from him since then. A guest appearance here and there, but that is just about the jest of it all. Much to my surprise this evening when I opened my email to find an “exclusive” new track from Kurious courtesy of the guys at Amalgam Digital off his upcoming new album “Monkey Madness….The Real Prosperity”. The track is “From Up Under”, it features Max B and is produced by Dame Grease. I know what you are thinking….but just hold up. Honestly when I saw the guest list, I was kind of expecting some kind of day late April Fools joke at the end of the email, but this actually works. The beat is something you’d expect Kurious to be on, a mellow, old school sounding, up to date tasting beat by the man that produced the Dark Man X in the past. Then you have Max B of the Dipset, which….well we’ll just say there is a reason you never see me mention anything about Dipset. But dude hooks the chorus up just right. I’m really digging the track and it looks like Kurious will avoid curse of “old school” artists trying to make a comeback.

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