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A lil' "headz up"…."Each Dawn I Die"-Little Vic

by Eric on April 4, 2008

(April 4th, 2008 Brooklyn, NY)

Peep the DJ Premier produced single “The Exorcist”: HERE

“Little Vic is set to release his album, “Each Dawn I Die” on Tuesday, April 8th. Hailing from Long Island, Little Vic is ready to redirect rap’s focus back on New York. His EP, Each Dawn I Die, features 2 singles that saw great success on the college radio charts: “The Exorcist” featuring DJ Premier and “Caked Up” featuring Kool G Rap. Armed with the release of his long-anticipated follow-up to those singles, Little Vic is proud to release Each Dawn I Die on his own Orena Records.

Little Vic became involved with music at a young age, laying tracks in the studio with his Uncle Paulie, Big KO, and his cousin John. John, who became DJ John John, now works closely with major music forces such as Shadyville Entertainment and is known on the New York music scene for his explosive mix tapes, often featuring tracks and freestyles from Little Vic. DJ Whoo Kidd, DJ Domination, DJ Woogie, DJ Front and DJ Eclipse have all brought Little Vic’s celebrated lyrical style to the streets on their impressive mix tapes.

What others are saying:

“The album in its entirety is a pretty dope tribute to that 90′s rap we all grew up to love..”-Sit Down, Stand Up

“Vic’s seasoned flow proves he’s no newcomer, as he seamlessly wraps his rhymes around the quality beats he employs for his backdrop”-Lost at

8/10-Rap Reviews.Com

Vic’s Bio at Audible Treats

Vic’s MySpace

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leroi April 6, 2008 at 4:35 am

This track is solid…if the whole album is like this then there is some promising potential for this Vic dude.

P.S. Just wondering…does Eric still run this blog? This

eddie one April 13, 2008 at 7:51 pm

this album is a classic in my eyes nevcer heard of him untill now

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